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JUST FOR TODAY -- One Day at a Time .... Daily commitment thread for 2019



  • HEGoddard0928HEGoddard0928 Posts: 487Member, Premium Member Posts: 487Member, Premium Member
    Okay let's try this again. I've lost 2 posts already!

    I'm Hannah. I'm 30 years old. I've been a part of this group since 2017. When I joined I weighed 183lbs. 3 years before I weighed 105. A mix of finding love, getting married, and quitting smoking helped put the weight on. That and a slowing metabolism. I lost my job in October of 2017. I was able to really focus on weight loss at that point. I got a new, sedentary job in March of 2018. Over the last 9 months I put on 15 of the 30lbs I lost last winter.

    I have 2 goals for next year...

    1. Lose 30lbs
    2. Finish the rough draft of my novel

    That's the only two big things I want to accomplish this year!

    Onto simple goals for today...

    JFT, 1-1-19(how weird!!!)

    1. Drink 2 more waters
    2. Go to home depot(re staples)
    3. Make something for dinner
    4. Dishes!!!(newcombers...this is the bane of my existence!!!!)
    5. Bed early.

    Have a great day.
  • FaebertFaebert Posts: 1,216Member Member Posts: 1,216Member Member
    Faebert wrote: »

    Recap on today (Tuesday)
    Portion and freeze batch cooked meals ✅

    This caught my eye in your goals earlier and I was wondering what kind of meals do you batch cook that freeze well? I'd love to do something like this for the week but I am a horrible cook and have no imagination for recipes either! :)

    @PackerFanInGB I’ve got really into batch cooking veggie dishes that can be sides with a quick lean protein (like grilled chicken or stir fried prawns or something) or that I just top with cottage or feta cheese and some toast or pita bread. So I make big portions of ratatouille (made with olive oil spray so super low cal), roasted root veggies, a version of a baked aubergine dish called imam biyaldi and stuffed courgettes or squash. These all freeze fine and can be taken out the night before then zapped in the microwave while I cook the chicken or whatever. I also make large volumes of bolognese sauce and lasagne then portion these out for meals for the kids on busy nights as they are real favourites.

    Basically as long as you like Mediterranean type flavours its pretty easy to start with a base of onion and garlic sautéed in olive oil spray, add passata or tinned tomatoes and herbs and then use that to cook with whatever veggies you like.

    Hope that helps x
  • cschmitz110515cschmitz110515 Posts: 2,204Member Member Posts: 2,204Member Member
    Happy new year, JFTers! Love seeing all the returning faces and the newbies. Welcome! JFT really does work, and I recommend keeping things as simple as possible, at least to start. A little about me: I'm Carmela, 61 years young, first time married at age 46 (his first too, at age 44).

    No kids but beloved fur-children Kitty (she refuses her given name Midnight) and dog Cayenne, who loves to go walking 3-4 miles with me, which is my primary form of exercise. Unfortunately for both of us, roads are slippery with our recent snow since we live in Green Bay, WI, and my walks are now on the treadmill. Sad dog & sad me.

    I strive to keep my daily goals to 5 or 6, want daily net calories as close to zero as possible (I always eat back exercise calories), and usually drink 12c water per day ~ it's wonderful for keeping my skin soft & smooth. I'm sure I'll share more as the year goes on.

    Late logging in today, but still going to post JFT goals 1/1/19 T:
    1) Treadmill = walked 3 miles 49:50 + cool-down ~ Fitbit thought I was on an elliptical... I'm sure it's b/c I swing/pump my arms as I walk :smiley:
    2) Shoveled snow = hubby snowblowed (blew?) driveway and I shoveled the front walkway, curb by mailbox, driveway edges & patio ~ more exercise calories to eat :smiley:
    3) Make scalloped potatoes & ham for supper / net calories green / 12c water
    4) Find last weekly weigh-in post & update ~ I have committed to posting my weekly (Sat.) weigh-in on JFT to keep me accountable
    5) UNPLUG 9:00 / FLOSS / RETAINERS / set/verify early alarm / bed & tv off 10:30 (x-train before work W a.m.)

    Goal #5 was blissfully ignored during my 12 straight days of stay-vacation and I want to get myself back on track ~ returning to work tomorrow, and the early alarm will be difficult, but only 3 workdays this week, so do-able.
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    Happy Healthy New Year everyone! I'm late hopping on today. Had kind of a restless night and slept too late this morning. Not a very encouraging start to my goals for 2019! LOL!

    Welcome to anyone just joining us! :flowerforyou: I love seeing new faces and love seeing friends made on here from the last year or two. New Year's are just so exciting to me. I hope not to let it fizzle out on me this year.

    For those who are new, my name is Tracie and I live in Wisconsin. I'll be 59 in March. I'm married to my 2nd husband and we each have 3 children from previous marriages. So together, we have 6 adult kids, 18 grandkids and 5 great-grands. I've been on this thread with @mytime6630 since I think 2016? In that time, I have not attained my goal to "lose weight", but I have made very significant life changes such as leaving a job I'd been at for 25 years which was so stressful that I felt like it was slowly killing me, and taking a position with a new organization to get rid of that *kitten*-TON of stress. That was in 2017 and I was scared to do it, but this group was so awesome with their support! It made a tremendous difference in my life, my husband's life and my family's life because I no longer work 60 or 70 hours per week and I have close to no work stress now. In 2018, once again my goal was to lose weight, but instead I had surgeries and physical therapy for injuries I'd just been living with for almost 7 years....which again was life changing as I can now take walks and do things I hadn't been able to do for a very long time! So I don't feel I failed. I feel like I'm making life changes in the order I need to, to get where I want to be. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. I am very interested in reading, gardening, fishing, and doing anything outside. Lately, I've been dipping my toe into minimalism and decluttering, and have been really getting into journaling and meditating lately too.

    Wow..sorry if I just bored you all! LOL! Did I mention I'm a Pisces and my favorite color is blue? Bwahahaha! :mrgreen:

    I'm still listing out my goals for 2019, so I will post those separately and just stick to today's goals here.

    J4T ~ 1/1/2018
    1. Journal every single bite, good or bad
    2. Drink half my weight in ounces of water
    3. Eat only when sitting down - be mindful
    4. Recognize and give myself credit when I make good choices
    5. Take Maddie for a walk
    6. Take measurements and weight and log it for 2019 - Done :smile:
    7. Begin decluttering clothes (closet / dresser / storage bins)
    8. Set sewing room back up in basement
    9. Start Donate box
    10. Prep for tomorrow, tonight
    11. Evening: Pamper my hands and feet / Unplug by 8:00 p.m. / Gratitude journal / Inspirational Book / Simple Abundance (yes...reading it again for 3rd year in a row! LOL) / meditate or read until lights out.
    12. Get up tomorrow when alarm goes off and NO hitting SNOOZE!!!!!
    Talk to you all later!

    2019 Word for the Year: Tenacity

    as if we've been speaking for 2 years and I didn't know you were a pisces too! and one of my favourite colours is blue (I dont really have a single favourite colour) and I'm incredibly sarcastic too. I cant help it. LOL
    no wonder we get on so well hahaha pisces is the best! in a completely unbiased way hahaha🐟🐟🐟
  • cllagercllager Posts: 9Member, Premium Member Posts: 9Member, Premium Member
    Log all my meals.
    Drink 8 cups water.
    One 15 minute walk and 10 minutes on bike.
    I love the accountability and support. Thank you for doing this.
  • kkcruickshankkkcruickshank Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    This sounds great! My big picture goal is to stop feeling bad about myself. To do this, I'd like to lose 40lbs and spend more time doing things I enjoy.
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Posts: 3,244Member Member Posts: 3,244Member Member
    JFT, Wed, Jan 1
    1. log all my food -- stay within 1300 calories :) 1292 calories
    2. concentrate on water. 8+ glasses :/
    3. look up and find some go-to recipes for days :/
    4. 5 servings of fruits and veggies :) Salad for both lunch and dinner, and a orange. So did good on this one today.

    Had a pretty lazy day. Took my daughter out ... bought her a few things for her apartment. Then came home, and watch the Simpsons on TV with hubby!! And I don't even like the Simpsons... but I was tired, and its good to have a lazy day every once in a while.

    Convinced hubby to go to the Garden Glow after seeing @cschmitz pictures!! It was beautiful -- loved it, and got about 60 minutes of walking in (slow walking though, but thats OK).

    Goals for Thursday, Jan 2
    1. log all food
    2. concenrate on water!!! 8+ glasses
    3. get out my new notebooks
    4. write down go-to recipes for busy days
    5. plan menus for at least for the rest of the week
    6. go to the gym
    7. think before I eat ... am I hungry, or just thirsty
    8. get back on here ... be accountable
    edited January 2019
  • achagparachagpar Posts: 210Member Member Posts: 210Member Member
    My goals for this year:
    Track, and be in the green
    Exercise at least 30 min each day
    8 glasses of water each day

    For today, all goals met! Yay!
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Posts: 4,083Member Member Posts: 4,083Member Member
    I saw this in a Facebook group Of Cricut users I am a part of. This lady put this in vinyl on her fridge door.
  • PackerFanInGBPackerFanInGB Posts: 2,674Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,674Member, Premium Member
    Bex953172 wrote: »

    as if we've been speaking for 2 years and I didn't know you were a pisces too! and one of my favourite colours is blue (I dont really have a single favourite colour) and I'm incredibly sarcastic too. I cant help it. LOL
    no wonder we get on so well hahaha pisces is the best! in a completely unbiased way hahaha🐟🐟🐟

    HA! Well, THAT explains a LOT! You have made me laugh since we've been on this thread. No wonder I feel such a kinship with you. Blue is one of my favorite colors, but (SURPRISE!) I also don't have any one favorite color either! On any given day, I could have a different favorite color depending on my mood and the shade of the color...

    (and I agree...Pisces rock!) :mrgreen:
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Posts: 3,244Member Member Posts: 3,244Member Member

    edited January 2019
  • PackerFanInGBPackerFanInGB Posts: 2,674Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,674Member, Premium Member
    @Faebert Thank you for the ideas! I hadn't thought of doing that with veggies or side dishes. I'm going to do that this weekend.

    @mytime6630 I'm so glad you got to go see your botanical gardens lights! I don't know how long ours are up and open but I'm hoping to go this weekend. Sounds like a really peaceful nice evening.

    @toaljasa TOALJASA!!! YOU'RE BACK! I love what you posted. It is so true. This group has helped me so much in the emotional and spiritual piece of my wellness journey. xoxo

    I'm so excited about this year!
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Posts: 3,244Member Member Posts: 3,244Member Member
    toaljasa wrote: »
    Greetings my fellow Sojourners!!!

    We are beginning 2019 with great enthusiasm and determination!

    SO happy to see you are back!! You are such a great motivator! And I love the quotes .... so true!
    edited January 2019
  • PackerFanInGBPackerFanInGB Posts: 2,674Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,674Member, Premium Member

    1. Drink 2 more waters
    2. Go to home depot(re staples)
    3. Make something for dinner
    4. Dishes!!!(newcombers...this is the bane of my existence!!!!)
    5. Bed early.

    Have a great day.

    Hannah, I had to laugh at your dishes really do hate doing them, don't you! LOL :mrgreen: I thought about you and your honey last night while I watched the Minnesota Wild game against your Pens. It sure got exciting at the end there....

    @Snowflake1968 That sign is so insightful, isn't it? I'm excited to see the things you make with your cricut. I have never known anyone who had one before!

    @cschmitz110515 Maddie and I took a walk tonight, and it was really stinking cold!!! I wore leggings under sweat pants and layered my sweatshirts. Maddie didn't seem to mind, but I think I need to get her a sweater...I was afraid she was going to freeze! Some slick spots on the road, so I tried to stick to snowy areas and wore really good boots. Sure is beautiful walking at dusk and looking at all the houses lit up with pretty lights...

  • clicketykeysclicketykeys Posts: 3,612Member Member Posts: 3,612Member Member
    Checking in from Tuesday
    1. Therapy exercises. Tea. Meds. Log 1 item.
    2. Wash dishes and put away. Wash laundry and put away.
    3. Write another blog post.
    4. Go for a run at 3:00.
    5. Begin planning for a class that I just got assigned. Happy freaking new year. Ugh.
    6. Check fridge and pantry and make grocery list.
    7. Grade the last bit of late work. Work on Caesar vocab.
    8. Therapy exercises. Chop celery. Meds. Floss, rinse, brush teeth. In bed by 9:45; devices off by 10.

    JFT Wednesday
    1. Therapy exercises. Tea. Meds. Log 1 item. ADDED: Introduce me! :D
    2. Head to Y by 8:15. Zumba. Strength. Notes on exercises. Take keys and go by parents' house and take the mail in. Get milk.
    3. Prep for English I. Choose works? Groceries? Remember to look for doll and sweater (see below). GRADING.
    4. Leave for therapy by 1:15. Sketch out semester for English I. Write another blog post.
    5. Pay for next class. Go to library and pick up book on hold. Cookbook? Need a copy of On Writing.
    6. Therapy exercises. Chop celery. Meds. Floss, rinse, brush teeth. In bed by 9:45; devices off by 10. Alarm set for 5:50.

    Scale goals
    End of 2017: 174.6
    February 2018: 173.6
    March 2018: 179.6
    July 2018: 189.6
    August 2018: 187.4
    September: 186.4
    October: 185.4
    November: 188.2
    Today: 189.2

    Ongoing plans/ideas behind the cut
    1. Go to Mac store and see if they can retrieve the files off the iMac. Look for an "ugly Christmas sweater" and a long-haired doll at thrift stores. Practice French braiding.
    2. Create vocabulary lists for each unit that come from the texts used: Animal Farm, Julius Caesar, Wes Moore, I Am Malala. Find a way to incorporate changing words from one part of speech to another. Students need to know how to review multiple sources and synthesize information in order to draw a conclusion. Regular: needs practice with quoting & paraphrasing sources, identifying claims that would need support, use of last names for reference, and capitalization practice (common/proper nouns, titles). Honors: practice subject/object pronouns (my friend and I / my friend and me).
    3. Find out if a second masters pays the same as an EdS (email HH). Connect standards to assignments and include them in titles and in gradebook.
    4. Develop writing mini-unit. Review scholarly research on 5PE. (I think I can have this as an intro to the research unit so that they also get exposure to how quotes are integrated and cited.) Parallel structure; use of emotional language, specific detail. Use "Write About a Pebble" lesson from Atwell. Use the UDHR and the Declaration of Independence to study paraphrasing; use that to front-load Machiavelli and how to deal with challenging texts.
    5. Write next blog post. Comment on 3 posts each week -Tu Th Sun? Barn order: stapler, pencil sharpener
    6. Keep track of medical stuffs. Dentist? Also Feb 7 9:30 w Ac Int. Sub already set up. Apr 22 McC. Need sub. Call to set up checkups with Dass (October). GET MAGAZINES FOR COLLAGES FROM DOCTORS.
    7. Gifts for dad and DH - look for licorice puffs (Dollar Tree), cookbook. Fix laptop bag. Find a recipe for squash soup that looks good.
    8. Do research on characteristics: curiosity, persistence, resilience, creativity, responsibility, optimism, courage, integrity, authenticity, leadership, self-awareness, humility, compassion - others? Can poetry unit be condensed?
    9. Go to used bookstore and look for Design for How People Learn (Julie Dirksen), On Writing (Stephen King), Dying for a Paycheck (Robin Hardman), The Prince (tr. Tim Parks, Russell Price, Harvey Mansfield, or Robert Adams). Check on alternate translations for The Prince.

    Went to see Green Book tonight. Put me past my bedtime, but it was an awesome movie. And I got another blog post written! WOOO! Here's hoping I can keep the scale going down.
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