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    @BCLadybug888 Hahaha, see? I posted here, and now all the posts have stopped! Been gone 3 months, and when I come back and post somewhere, it pretty much kills the thread. :D:D:D
  • SbetaK, I am really impressed at your dedication to your food plan. I would love to experience an off grid camp. I’m starting today after two failed attempts. Need to lose 25 pounds. Welcome back.
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    Gorgeous flowers, @AnnPT77. Maybe I’ll post some of mine, though I’ve been quite lazy in the garden.

    I’m taking the feedback from another thread about possibly thinning hair to heart and upping my protein, so I’m feeling fuller and generally better. I’m struggling with exercise, though. I’m not super-active but usually ride a stationary bike three times a week and do some stretching. But my exercise buddy in my beloved former US city (we talk on the phone while I bike in leisurely fashion and she does a muted walking video) is in Scotland for a few weeks and I haven’t kept up.

    Biggest problem - and I’m certain this is age-related - is that I wake up multiple times in the night, have trouble getting back to sleep, and then am too tired to exercise if I get up early or too busy with other things if I sleep late. I know I have to exercise on the early side if it’s going to happen, so this is a real dilemma.

    On the up side, I started this about 2 1/2 months ago at around 183-4 (was 190 at an med appointment in January) and weighed in today at 174.2, a pleasant surprise I wasn’t expecting. Initial goal is 160. After that, we’ll see. Slow and steady, with a lot of education and inspiration from this place along the way.
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    @history_grrrl, I've had sleep interruption insomnia for a couple of decades now (since chemotherapy, which brought on menopause, so I'm not sure of the trigger).

    Sleep is a little like weight management, in that different people will benefit from different tactics.

    For me, if I have trouble getting back to sleep, one of two things usually helps:

    1. A relaxation breathing activity like The Relaxation Response (done in bed in a comfortable sleeping position, not sitting as in the standard form):


    2. Progressive relaxation (scan the body briefly part by part, relaxing each area) followed by counting backwards from 100 synchronized with natural breathing. (If you lose track, don't stress, just start over wherever you think you were. If you get to zero, go back to 100 and repeat.)

    Those may not help you, but one will usually work for me.

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    @AnnPT77 Thanks for those excellent suggestions. My go-tos are Headspace and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s body scan, but I’m glad to add to the repertoire. Last night wasn’t too bad, probably because I went to bed pretty early instead of doing my usual night-owl routine.
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    Hey, glad to see responses! I usually lurk more than I comment! Love your unique flowers, @AnnPT77. I grew a few edible flowers over the summer, but they're so pretty I usually just admire them. Hope to see more people "dropping in" here, have a good day!

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    Hello, hello 👋
    My (mild) concussion is much improved, so allowing myself more screen time lol. Still having headaches but not severe and more sporadic, yay!

    And my Bursitis is also much improved, to the point where I went to physiotherapy yesterday, and my leg pain has predictably been agitated, but more so my knee than my hip...go figure. I am delighted to have moved onto this stage of healing nonetheless 😃

    Our weather turned to Fall exactly timed to the calendar, we have had glorious rainfall all week and I am so relieved for all the plants and trees especially.

    I have been eating at maintenance level for about 6 weeks now (since the Bursa inflammation & not sleeping due to leg pain) so thinking it's time to reign that back in - but just decided on a last minute cruise vacation so probably sticking to maintenance level makes more sense - should have it booked by Saturday and then we'll leave the following Friday! Just wasn't well enough to commit until this week.

    Normally I wake up to pee a couple times a night but go right back to sleep - but not lately, as pain nags at me so I take a painkiller and sit up for a bit, 45 minutes or so is the plan but can end up being 3 hours if I start watching something on YouTube or find I need a 2nd painkiller. Hoping my normal pattern returns now that pain is not much of a factor. No way on the cruise will I be up all hours without my daughter cracking the whip lol!

    Once I get it booked I will be gearing up for that in a more meaningful way, which includes building up some walking stamina! I bought some hiking sticks and have been using one as a staff as I was so nervous about falling again if the ground was uneven or even at a curb. My foot and outer calf are still partially numb (probably because I'm walking funny due to Bursitis, or maybe due to whatever misalignment that led to the Bursitis in the first place) which combined with my muscle weakness from being basically on bed rest for so long contributed to the fall. The stick folds down easily and is adjustable in height yet feels sturdy in use and I really like using it. I wanted something taller than a cane.

    Anyway, reached my screen limit lol, take care everyone 😘
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    Oops, meant to comment on @AnnPT77 flower pics - so cool how it looks still in the bud stage AND at the flower stage - love it!
    Is this grown outdoors in your garden or inside?

    And welcome back @SbetaK, what a challenging food environment you were in! You can't kill us off that easy 😉
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    @BCLadybug888, the double purple Datura is outside in a good-sized pot, with some Petunias below. It's not Winter hardy here, so grown as an annual. The blooms are pretty big, maybe 3" (7cm) or so wide, and also rather tall.
    Even the seed pods are interesting. They start as a small purple ball then blow up to these 1" (2.5cm) or so green balls with raised purple dots.

    Wishing you continued good recovery, and have a wonderful time on your cruise!

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    Hello pals! Stopping by from somewhere on the Pacific, 28 hours out of Seattle, cruising our way to Hawaii. This has been good for me working on improving my step count after my long bout with bursitis! I am pretty wobbly, and very glad to have brought one of my trekking poles with me for stability but really (finally, thankfully) seem to be on the mend.

    Which reminds me - Happy Thanksgiving from Canada 🇨🇦 ! I am having a family dinner after returning home, at the end if the month.

    Brought my scale to keep an eye on my wright but not tracking my food, as having lots of nibbles of multiple items. First time going without tracking at all in 2 years - hoping all I have learned sees me through!
    @CrazyMermaid1, you did great!

    Keep on keeping on. Our health is worth it!
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    What a great idea! I’m turning 65 in December and it seems I’ve been trying to loose these same pounds for the last 15 years! I’m a yo-yo. I think this will help a lot!
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    Hi I’m 61 and am prediabetic. I started on an anti inflammatory diet with the help of a nutritionist and have lost 12.6 # in 27 days. I go to see my PCP on oct 31 and will have repeat blood work. I am really excited to see what everything shows. There is not a cracker or piece of bread in my house. Just whole real foods. I started a thread I’m going to post my meals to help me remain accountable. We can do this!!