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    Also - for anyone who's posted pet pictures.......are you doing that via the MFP app on your phone or on your computer? I've seen a cat in a window, a cat in a lap, and a dog in a bed. My cat has been jumping from box to box and just sitting there. He's so cute! Wish I could share. :smile:

    I haven't shared yet, but I saw a cute one with the cat in his round striped bed yesterday that I wished I had my camera for. Anyways I would take the pic on my phone and upload to the computer with the cord plugged from the computer to the phone. Save the pictures to documents perhaps. At the top of when you are typing a message here you will find an icon "attach files", press on that to start attaching the file you want. Let us know if you need more help. It is probably easier with the app, but I am on the computer most often.

    @SarahG626 The cat in the window is my guy, Mike. I have posted pics from both my computer and my iPad using the photo icon as @salleewins describes.
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    Jan 31 - 180.4 - I really need to stop the late night snacking and either go to bed or walk.
    I'm guilty of late night snacking too, but have started making better choices. When I just HAVE to have something, I'll reach for a handful of sliced almonds (or tblspn peanut butter), some blackberries or an ounce of cheese with some tea. Found it usually takes the edge off without my feeling full or guilty.

    Any other suggestions for a good snack substitute?

    I like to snack on half an avocado with a little garlic salt. I have that sometimes when my husband has his ice cream.