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    Round 66
    I am doing an elimination diet, The Plan as my inflammation is high.

    You killed it this round!

    Thanks. I started the elimination diet because I knew I was having inflammation issues. I lost a bit of water weight, but most of this drop was inflammation. I definitely feel better. It helps everything, including now being able to sleep more than 5 hours a night.
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    hello ladies!! excited to start R67 with you! join us on the new board!
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    SW 376 – Round 66 (1/23/19)
    GW 362 – Jan 31st
    GW 299 – End of 2019 (6.2)

    01/23 376 (+0.6) - Yesterday at home, did not do steps but had a good eating day. I should have did a Leslie Sansone DVD.
    01/24 374.8 (-1.2) - back on track! Now to keep it going. Back at work today. Had a salad for dinner. Overall good day today.
    01/25 373.2 (-1.6) – A so so today. Got 7000 step goal in. A little over my WW points. Goal to maintain weight loss over the weekend.
    01/26 no weigh in
    01/27 373.2 (0.0)
    01/28 370.6 (-2.6)
    - I had a good weekend. Weather is terrible here in shy town. Got to go get prepared for shut in. This will be a challenge but I am up for it because I want to get back in the next decade and stick it. I was thinking about having some good old Chicago home run inn pizza to celebrate weight loss today, but changed my mind. Took out some meat and will have a healthy day today. I have to get out of that cycle of celebrating weight losses with food because if triggers binges for me. To many other times to splurge when eating out to do it just to celebrate a weight loss. It is counterproductive for me. I probably already will not hit 362 but I can get close as I can get and pizza will not help me reach that goal. :smile: I have to do some house walking, cleaning, dvd's, etc to get my step goal since working from home because of in climate weather and frigid temps coming. I am going to keep my 362 goal before me to help keep me on track while I am sequestered.
    01/29 372
    01/30 371.2
    01/31 373
    02/01 373.6

    <3 ”Consistency over a day - no problem. Consistency over a week - ehh. Consistency over a month is hard. Now think about consistency over six months or a year. That takes grit, accountability and preparation.”— Author Unknown <3

    Round 64 - SW 373.4 EW 369 (-4.4)
    Round 65 - SW 370.8 EW 375.4 (+4.6)
    Round 66 - SW 376 EW 373.6 (-2.4)
    Net change 2019 = (+0.2)

    • Daily weight fluctuations are normal, and can be as much as 2 lbs a day for no apparent reason.
    • A general downward trend is what we are looking for.
    • Eating out can cause apparent weight gain because of high sodium levels, but usually goes quickly. Drinking extra water helps with this.
    • The human body does not react instantly to what we do to it. Sometimes it can take several days to see results.
    • Plateaus are a normal part of the process. The body is consolidating and adapting to your new way of eating/exercising.
    • The closer you get to your goal weight, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight, as your body becomes more efficient at using what you feed it.
    • When you exercise you build muscle, which takes up less space than fat, so use measurements as well as weight to assess your progress.
    • Getting/Staying fit and healthy requires a lifestyle change for most people.

    :flowerforyou: SW 373.4 - 1/3/19 GW 299 - 12/31/19 :flowerforyou:

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    @IsMollyReallyHungry you can do it! Just think of how good you"ll feel hitting the next decade :smile:
    @aFit50 A friend of mine keeps telling me I’m “tiny” but I still see that FAT girl in the mirror. On Friday, when we met our friends for lunch, they both mentioned how slim I am. I have to admit I can see it when I look at my side view in the mirror but straight on, I’m still MENTALLY the fat girl. We’ll get there mentally but it takes time.

    I'm not tiny yet, lol but finally finished my comparison photos for the year and OMG .... I wasn't going to share any until I was further along, but ~ it is what is ..... and no making fun of my bras!!!! Panties are the same but I needed a similar color for comparison.

    Obviously still have lots of fat in need of firming, but it's damn sure motivation to keep moving, lol! Hoping to lose another 30-40 pounds and 10% more jiggly stuff by June. Pray for me please.


    WOWOW!!! This is why I love this challenge.....you go girl! This is so inspiring for me to see....keep up the good work my friend!! and thanks so much for sharing. So glad I came back to post my last 4 weigh ins for this challenge. If I had not I never would have seen your post :smile:

    Again Keep up the good work!!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:

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    aFit50 wrote: »
    @IsMollyReallyHungry you can do it! Just think of how good you"ll feel hitting the next decade :smile:

    Thanks! :) That is my goal this month, to get to the next decade...

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    Fresh start for me after a break


    02/26—156 Lots of exercise yesterday. Gym, walking, etc.
    02/27—155.4 Feels good being back on plan. One day at a time!
    02/28—155.4 No exercise yesterday except walking and 10k steps, but didn’t do bad on food.