My bf cheated on me



  • djjeffa
    djjeffa Posts: 117 Member
    Stay single! Lol
  • nooshi713
    nooshi713 Posts: 4,873 Member
    OP, are you guys back together ?
  • newmeadow
    newmeadow Posts: 1,295 Member
    Did he ever get you earrings to match the Ethiopian necklace?
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,346 Member
    OP, I'd be willing to bet that the further out you get from this situation, the more you will see what nutjob this guy really is. Be aware that your emotions will fluctuate, and don't make any rash decisions (other than the universally accepted one of staying as far away from this guy as possible).
  • trex_hates_pushups
    trex_hates_pushups Posts: 358 Member
    Op, may I send you flowers too? B)