My bf cheated on me

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My bf is 36 and I'm 24. We started dating in Feb 2018. 1 week before our anniversary, he said we needed time apart and that " time will heal our relationship"... This came out of nowhere. I just found out today that he sent flowers and chocolate to one of my friends and asked her out and even told her that he can't get her out of his mind. My friend rejected him. She told me to not tell him that she told me about it. She even asked him " why are you doing this? Aren't you hurting your gfs feelings?" And his response was " don't worry about her". I'm so sad right now. My heart is so broken. I just need some people to talk to.


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    Idk... younger years, there’s been friends intermingled with bfs.

    Yay for your friend telling you, however being that bold sending stuff to her work and asking her out? mmmm either he’s beyond stupid, or she’s not as much as a friend that you think she is. Did you see evidence or just what she shared. She could feel guilty, in a role she played with talking to your bf.

    I went through a female feeling guilty, crying about my bf and how he lied to me ect. I ended the relationship and also, pushed our friendship to this chick can’t really be trusted. She ended up “smashing” him years later and shared that with me. I’m pretty sure in those teen years, they were both “guilty parties”. Peep the red flags..

    OP, I’d want to know all the facts from both parties and be done with it all, since she placed your feelings into it all.

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    Move on. Don't look back. If you do you might miss what's right in front of you.

    What he said.. you're attractive lady shouldn't have problem finding the right one.
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    She's a friend I truly trust. She told me she doesn't want to start drama but is only telling me because she thinks I should know. She rejected him and even threw out the flowers and chocolate he got her. He gave her the silent treatment for a few days but talked to her yesterday about how he can't stop thinking about her and how much her rejection hurt him. Today he messaged me asking if I want the valentines day gift he had ordered for me before he had asked for time out. I said no and that I'm coming to get my own stuff this week from his place. He was shocked by this. Asking me why I was planning to do that. I told him " you've told me before that all things done in the dark will come into the light" and that I didn't love him anymore. He started acting stupid at this point hence I know he was trying to keep this whole thing hidden. With his " what are u talking about???". At the end of the convo he said " so you're giving up on me like everyone else has??" All I've done for the past year is love him and support his decisions and been there for him. This just hurts too much

    Run, don't walk. Move on.
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    Go with your gut kid , it usually right - people will always show you who they are - believe their actions not their words - the hurt will fade with time - good luck