My bf cheated on me



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    What a freaking jerk. you can message me and I will be happy to help you out or you can cry in my lap if needed. anything for a friend. It is what MFP was created for.


    Come on bro...Why you gotta play games?
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    Fairly simple.
    At this point, especially. You don't need this. Any of it.
    Once you realize that, you will be better off. And it will be very easy to walk away.

    I don't really care who did what or who asked who out. The second the words "we should take a break" came out, should be the biggest clue that he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. He clearly doesn't care about your feelings judging by everything he is texting you. Based on that alone, it's enough for me to call it quits, and to walk away without looking back.

    But when I was your age, I probably would have held on longer...
    I guess that's something you learn with time from your own experiences, or other people's experiences.

    But this is your relationship and your friendship and your choice to make.
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    Posting your problems here is like googling your health symptoms. It's always cancer

    As opposed to it never being Lupus.

    OP, it's almost comical how much of an *kitten* he is. You definitely dodged a bullet with this jerk.

    And geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, you guys. I love chocolate more than anything but if a sleazy (on a break from my friend) guy gave me chocolates, I'd throw them back in his face....hard. What *kitten* nerve!
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    A 36 year old single guy wanting to a date a 24 year old? That's a huge red flag right there.