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GrandmaJackieGrandmaJackie Posts: 23,330Member Member Posts: 23,330Member Member
Round 71

Please join us! Starting on 03/14 JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS, we will begin Round 71
Anyone can join us at anytime during the round.

Join us! If we stay mindful we can do this, you can do this.

Welcome back past members, welcome new members, let's keep each other accountable for another 10 days!

Here is what you do: Post your daily weight and add little comments along the way of how your day went. Post everyday to let us know how you're doing! Copy and paste the days in your response--tell us how much you lost and other non scale victories (NSV) you'd like to share.

FOR NEWBIES - I find it easiest to copy the dates to a document or note in my device and edit it each morning. Then copy and paste to the message board. MFP will return you to the spot on the board where you left off on your previous visit which is nice to know if you like to scan all of the posts.


👍🏼👍🏼 This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE. 👍🏼👍🏼


  • wild_rider2wild_rider2 Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    HW 236.8# on 1/1/17
    SW 217# on 1/29/19
    GW 210# UGW 150-175

    Age 40
    Height 5’6”

    Round 56: SW 208.8# (10/15/18) EW : 208# AW: 208# (-0.8#) This round I'll concentrate on: more home cooking, less eating out.
    Round 57: SW: 207.8# EW: 206# AW: 207.5# (-1.8#)
    Round 58: SW: 205.8# EW: ? AW: ? This round I'll concentrate on: seeing the scale get lower. 5.8# until goal weight is met.
    Round 66 (1/29/19), SW 217#, EW 213# (- 4#), AW 214.6#
    Round 67 (2/8/19). SW 219.8#, EW 215.6# (+2.6#), AW 217.3#.
    Round 68 (2/18/19). SW 216#, EW 215.8#, (-0.2#), AW 216.1#
    Round 69 SW 214#, EW 216#, (+2) AW 216#.
    Round 70 (3/4/19) SW 216#, EW 211.4#, (-4.6) AW 213.8#.

    03/04/19 216#. I was gone for a bit, but I'm starting back up with y'all. I look forward to joining back at round 70. I've been tracking on my own for about 4 rounds, so my days are starting over on 3/4/19 😉. I didn't eat very well today. Was completely stuffed at dinner.
    03/05 217#. Third workout. It's Fat Tuesday. Lent starts tomorrow. Changes await me. I ate terrible again today. Got over 10,000 steps.
    03/06 217# Ash Wednesday. A day of fasting and abstinence from meat. I guess this good makeup for Fat Tuesday. Did good today. Fought many urges to eat at the potluck. 4th workout.
    03/07 213.8#. 4.2# down. I think I've made the best homemade mac n cheese yet! Went over in calories, mom brought dessert into work. How do I say no? It was all homemade though...
    03/08 214#. It's Friday! No meat. Fasting.
    03/09 212.6#. Gave into my cravings last night. Only went over my calories a little bit.
    03/10 213.2#.
    03/11 211.4# Ate when I was hungry today. I almost waited too long.
    03/12 211.4#.
    03/13 211.4#. 3 days in a row. I don't think I have ever had that happen.
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