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Keto diet= good or bad



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    Its the best thing that ever happened to me!
    70lbs down in 3 months and I feel better than ever

    I fast every-other day, I'm pretty much never hungry and always full of energy!

    People who say its hard to eat basically have no creativity in the kitchen
    I have the most amazing healthy meals each and everyday

    LOL I had to laugh at the healthy meals each and every day when half of those days you don't eat. :)

    Either or carry on and congrats on your weight loss to date. Also, don't be afraid to switch things up if you find what's working for you right now stops working -- many find that after a significant weight loss they're hungry. If that happens to you don't go off the deep end eating everything in sight but re-think your diet. Eating every day would be a good place to start! Best wishes for continued success.
    Well if he had no meals in a day, every meal he ate that day was healthy. Also every meal he ate that day was unhealthy.
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    I suspect de minimis amounts may not be sufficient.
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    For me, any diet that severely restricts a complete food group just can't be sustainable.

    Humans are meant to eat grains, fruits, and vegetables....all of which have carbs.

    I also don't think it would work long-term because at some point you would eventually go off the diet, and just gain all the weight back. Or continue on the diet forever, and you would be deficient in a lot of the vitamins and minerals and fiber that come in those foods you have to eliminate to do keto.

    There are some errors in this.

    Is is sustainable to restrict carbs - a non essential macronutrient. Some prefer not to, and few seem to have problems using fat for fuel for some reason.

    There is no evidence that humans are meant to eat grains and veggies. Fruit is meant to be eaten but perhaps not by people in their current hybridized forms.

    Almost all diets fail long term. Most people do stop their diets. For keto, i believe the virta study shows over an 80% continuation with the diet past 2 years. I've been keto over 4 years. I do have days I don't eat yo my diet, like any diet, but I've used it for longer than most people can maintain a weight loss.

    I'm just wondering if maybe you and the quoted person are just using meant in a different sense? If one were to say there was no evidence of modern humans having an evolutionary history (what I would take meant as meaning in context) that included eating grains, I'd say the person is misinformed.
    Now if meant were being used as diets having some inherent purpose and meaning, well now that would be odd to me, but sure, we don't have anything we're meant to eat - to me a person has to create their meaning. Usually though, I'd take it that people have some desire for either hedonic pleasure of eating, increasing certain physical traits we'd tend to call health, or maximizing life span. I think we also have at least some evidence grains and vegetables being involved in that.
    Though I'd admit, I don't feel I have a solid principle for what makes something a fruit and something a vegetable in a nutritional sense.

    Fruits have seeds in them an come from the flowers of plants. Technically speaking, legumes, nuts, cucumbers, peppers, squash, olives, avocados, as well as the usual berries, apples, bananas, melons, etc.... as I understand it. Humans may be some of the animals that eat those seed bearing foods.

    Vegetables are stems, leaves, stalks, and storage parts of plants like celery, carrots, mustard plants and their hybrids. They tend to have more defenses and the plants are damaged by being eaten. While some are nutritious, others seem to be able to do some harm to people. TBH I have never seen a study that shows vegetables, or grass seeds, improve a diet by replacing animal products or naturally occurring fruits (not the larger, sweeter hybridized varieties). It's by far a better food choice than highly refined and processed foods, imo.

    They do taste good though. I love cakes, sugars, and some root vegetables. Vegetable fruits are my favourite - love snap peas.

    Yeah, you're quoting the botanical sense of what makes something a fruit. I'm well aware of that, which is why I qualified: in the nutritional sense.
    See, saying a tomato, and particularly a cucumber are fruits isn't going to work in the nutritional sense - you'd get odd looks making a tomato and cucumber fruit salad.
    An even stronger break is when you look at mushrooms - there is no "fungus" category in almost a food / nutrition categorizing system, so they'll be classed as vegetables. But I don't think I would get any odd looks at all to say "here's a vegetable blend" and it includes mushrooms.

    As far as vegetables and grasses for health, well it seems you're now placing an overly exacting definition on what is evidence - that's what you said you weren't aware of before. As you're now saying a study (I think you mean more specifically an RCT or at least CT) with replacement. There are epidemiological studies that show people eating a fair amount of whole grains are healthier than other diets, even diets higher in animal products. My recollection is there is a rather large and significant effect for health outcomes for people eating an average of 400 grams or greater a day of vegetables (it may include fruit in that).

    I'm just choosing the correct use of the terms. Some don't, usually from never learning that.

    I would be interested to read any study that shows replacing animal products (I'm thinking of whole foods here - for both sides) with grains, or even vegetables, is healthier. I've never found one.

    I believe there is a spectrum of nutrition when it comes to food. Some foods are healthier than others. It doesn't mean that the unhealthy foods can't be eaten, or even that they will cause harm to every one (it will not). I do think that they foods that people hold up as the pinnacle of health is based on very little good science and more on dogma. It's unfortunate.

    The biggest issue is that you severely limit the scope of what a study can have, which makes it impossible to demonstrate. And even if there was such a study, you would immediate discredit it. There are absolutely studies that show replacing SFA with whole grains (including cereals) and fibrous plant based foods provide improved health but have yet to see any study replacing meat with fibrous foods.

    Could you share it?
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    I do drift out of ketosis for 36-48 hours a few times a month when I do carb refeeds without any major issues. However I do notice a bit of flareup in my lower back and hips due to arthritis and my lower back being fused.

    I've always wondered if I was crazy when I began associating high carb intake with arthritis flares. I have other things that cause them too, but no one ever took me seriously. I've used "carb conscious" eating since December and I have found it has helped my arthritis significantly.

    That's one of the main reasons that I limit carbs.
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