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Keto diet= good or bad

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I’m doing it for 2nd time right now. First did it for 2 months bf I got married 2 yrs ago. Lost 10 pds and I was not totally strict. First year of marriage and I gained 12 pds. In Jan 2019, I started back logging food and exercising 5 x per week consistently and keeping to a strict 1200 diet. I have doing my measurements and weighing in every Friday. In 3 months I only lost 4 pds and the scale just keeps going up and down the same few pounds. I got so fed up last week I decided to go back on Keto and be strict with it. It’s been only 5 days but I’ve lost a lot of water weight ( don’t know how much yet as I weigh in tomm). Carbs hold water so when you stop eating them your body let’s go of all the water. Anyway, after months of perfect eating and being active to only see minimal movement on the scale was frustrating. I’m close to menopause and feel this is why I’m having so much trouble. I believe Keto definitely helps when you have metabolism issues or other conditions. You have to understand it though. It’s no joke of a diet. But works great!
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    I struggle with the Keto diet, the idea of eating a lot of fat to lose weight goes against everything I know.. I have weight issues and have had success watching my carb intake and working out on a regular basis. For the Keto diet are you doing the bullet prof coffee?
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    hhbb1978 wrote: »
    I struggle with the Keto diet, the idea of eating a lot of fat to lose weight goes against everything I know.. I have weight issues and have had success watching my carb intake and working out on a regular basis. For the Keto diet are you doing the bullet prof coffee?

    It really is weird at first, imo. Lol.

    I drink something similar to it. It's a treat. Added fats are usually not needed and may end up displacing protein. I think it us often best not to force fat. Jmo.
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    jakea1963 wrote: »
    I have lost 24lbs on Keto since first of year. 10 of that came off through Feb. Since last week of Feb I combined IF and have dropped 14. It works for me is all I can say. Fat and protein fill me up and I like veggies. So far no downside. I don’t miss the carbs too much. When I travel I eat carbs out of convenience but it’s easy for me to give them up once back home. I don’t do funky coffees or any of that. Just lots of veggies with good protein and good sources of fat. Every two weeks or so I have a giant plate of pasta and get back at it. I also track on here to make sure I am not blowing through excess calories. Which can be easy to do and stall with the fat. So you have to be careful. But by and large I find it really easy and I feel way better when on it. All bloat and stomach issues are gone. Workout levels we much “

    I’m, by no means KETO, but I do IF which I started from 1/1/2019 through today and am about down 33 lbs. I am super low on carbs, but probably 20-35% of my calorie intake which is not enough for KETO. I drink normal coffee, cut out all processed carbs, cut out all the low fat crap and switched to tons of cheeses / nuts / more veggie based dinners.

    Weight has been rolling off and my cravings have changed. I crave Fat the most, and have lost all desire for sugar / sweets / dessert. I’m the most satiated with them. I try to only eat meat 2-3 times a week now tops.

    Sometimes I’ll eat lunch, if I’m not hungry I’ll just go to breakfast. IF has been life changing for me.

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    I am 36. I've lost 85 pounds in 9 months. Every single marker of inflimation is gone. All of my aches and pains are gone. My mind is magnitudes more focused and clear. I have energy all day and jump out of bed with more vigor than when I was a kid. My grocery bill has been cut by 75%. I can smell now, which I could never do for my entire life. And, everything tastes better. My sexy drive is amazing. I haven't been sick since starting, yet everyone around me has been sick mutiple times. All of these wonderful side effect with NO EXERCISE!

    Technically "keto" is any intake in nutrients that puts you in a state of ketosis. Which is pretty hard to do sometimes with carbohydrates. As far as I'm concerned, through my experience and personal research, being in ketosis or even having more metabolic flexibility is probably the most optimal way of being for 90% of humans.

    Other than the smell thing, which is odd, that all sounds normal and common for people who need to and lose 85 lbs.

    If you had a lot to lose or are a big guy, 85 in 9 months isn't that surprising either -- although great job!

    Point is that there are lots of ways people do that besides keto. Keto may have been the easiest way for you, but for many of us it wouldn't be, or we tend to eat healthier diets not doing keto. So once again, keto is neither good nor bad. It's a way of eating that works well for some people, but likely not most people.

    I agree that it may not be for everyone. With that said. There are many factors that come into play when trying to optimize yourself in any way. Emotions, habits, cravings, schedules, social cues, medical problems, etc. If we take the weight lose aspect out of it right, and only focus on what happens to our bodies when we are using minimal glucose, then there isn't any evidence left that we need any sort of carbohydrates for any reason. There are no essential carbohydrates. If a person wants their body ran on the dependency to eat what and when they want for any reason other than optimization, then so be it. But, again. Through the research I've done, fueling the human body on fat and ketones seems to be optimal for the majority of the human population in almost every aspect.
    What research have you found? always looking for more sources.
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