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Keto diet= good or bad



  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 5,654 Member Member Posts: 5,654 Member
    Psychgrrl wrote: »
    jremy69 wrote: »
    Without exercise, you can not eat 90 carbs a day and reap ALL of the benefits of ketosis.

    As stated before. There are always exceptions. And, indeed there are people with food allergies. As well as type 1 diabetes. And, a lot of other problems. I'm speaking of the majority. And, the facts pretty clearly state that there is absolutely no benefit from eating carbohydrates unless you are an elite athlete. And, even they have to be metabolically Flexible to maximize potential.

    The thing I really don’t get is that you seem to be emphasizing you lost weight without exercise, as if not exercising is a good thing. Exercise is a very, very good thing!

    Excellent point. I didn't catch that.
  • tmpecus78tmpecus78 Member, Premium Posts: 1,233 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,233 Member
    tmpecus78 wrote: »

    vegan keto sounds miserable.

    I think this is the one thing that the average vegan and the average keto'er can agree on.

    agreed. o:)

  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 5,654 Member Member Posts: 5,654 Member
    tmpecus78 wrote: »
    lemurcat2 wrote: »
    The sources you are citing are sources who are widely understood to be not credible on this topic. They are not backed by the actual research. Many of them do not even claim it is somehow better to be as low on carbs as possible, so don't support what you are citing them for.

    I did not "give up" on keto. I tried it out of curiosity as an experiment when I was already at maintenance. I WAS forced to limit my non-starchy veg (I eat a lot), especially if I ate nuts (which I like to eat every day) and/or some greek yogurt/cottage cheese, even though I ate no other sources of carbs (other than the tiny amount in eggs). I also missed healthy staples I used to include in my diet, like beans and lentils and pulses, fruit, not to mention potatoes and sweet potatoes and the variety of starchier veg that I used to eat (other root veg, winter squash, so on) -- those could fit in, but they'd take away a lot of the carbs I'd otherwise use on less starchy veg (brussels sprouts is one veg that can really add to the carbs if you aren't careful, also).

    I am not saying you can't have a healthy diet on keto, but I felt like mine was becoming less healthy by those changes, and I also experienced no benefits to justify the limitations -- I felt fine, my energy dipped for a while but then came back, but I didn't feel better than I had before in any way.

    Re veto keto'ers, I know there are a very few who do it, but I can't see how they get enough protein unless they are relying a lot of certain meat replacements or protein shakes. I personally think they'd also be stuck getting too many calories from sources I think of as low nutrient, like oils or fat-based sauces. For me, the healthiest way to do keto that allowed me to limit veg least and make the carb restriction was:

    Breakfast: vegetable omelet with avocado on the side for breakfast (or maybe some cottage cheese or yogurt) (this is similar to the breakfast I was having before).

    Lunch: big salad with some kind of meat on it plus some nuts or seeds and a full fat dressing (similar to one of my favorite options now, except I often use tofu or chickpeas or beans for the protein and I might use less fat in my homemade vinaigrette, although not always).

    Dinner: meat (could include fish) + vegetables, plus some kind of added fat to boost calories (similar to now except I often do meatless and will include a starchy side and don't worry about added fat beyond whatever I cook with).

    Bigger issue is that there's no evidence that there's some benefit to humans generally to being consistently in ketosis. The evidence that exists seems to be to the contrary (the genetic adaptation), although I think it's likely perfectly fine and better than being overweight or unhappy or stressed (if it's the easiest way of eating for you).

    vegan keto sounds miserable.

    I think this is the one thing that the average vegan and the average keto'er can agree on.

    And most others!
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