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Things people say when you lose weight



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    mtaratoot wrote: »
    nitalieben wrote: »
    I hear most of the comments you guys have said, one in particular that confuses me.
    When they ask what I have done I explain "stopped eating junk food, exercise more, and log every meal on an app.:

    Like its a bad thing.. iv had some pretty significant results since I started logging, It's not the only thing iv been doing and I don't count super accurate, more like just to keep track...

    But I don't get why people think counting calories is a bad thing.

    I've had people ask what I do.

    I reply "I count and track my food"

    And usually I'm met with a long, confused look, then a laugh, sometimes a "nah, it can't be that simple" or a "you almost had me there".

    It's not QUITE that simple. I could count and track while eating too much and gain weight. In fact it happened from October through February! It's the third part that is NOT easy; keeping within a calorie budget. I guess that's assumed, but counting and tracking alone misses that one most important step. So that dialogue should be closer to:

    "How do you do it?"

    "I measure my food, track the calories, and strive to eat no more calories than I burn."

    Or something like that.

    The good thing is WE know that it works, and we can just keep doing it.

    Oh, sure. I mean, the concept is simple enough. There just never seems to be sufficient opportunity for those discussions to progress. People seem to lose interest real fast if you're not naming some "get slim quick" pill or some popular fad diet, or some hectic exercise routine, which is what they seem to expect.

    Even just getting started tracking, I found that seeing how much I consume vs how much I was supposed to consume was a real eye opener. But maybe next time I'll start with the "eat less than I burn" bit and see if I get any further with that conversation :)
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