Women 200lb+, Let's Slay This May!!!



  • kathskelly53
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    Lost 1lb this week looks like I’m yo-yo ing off the the gym this morning goals for this week log all my food eat less carbs be kind to myself good luck everyone,
  • cmsavells
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    Welcome to all the newbies!!

    I feel like it has been a good month so far. Hoping to finish strong!!
  • cmsavells
    cmsavells Posts: 257 Member
    My daughter and I had an evening without commitments. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I ate 2 rolls, but kept everything else healthy! It was yummy, and we enjoyed the night out!

    Tomorrow - no rolls!!

    I did work out tonight too.
    Connie in KY
  • Banana200211
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    How do you become a member ?
  • Banana200211
    Banana200211 Posts: 11 Member
    How do you become a member ?

    Nevermind lmao. I guess I'm coming in a little late...
    My sw 217
    My CW 217
    my gw 170
  • emagee77
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    SW- 222

    I need to stop with the sweets. I crave them so much, and I keep finding myself in situations where there are a lot of sweet unhealthy things around me. When I'm at my house I do well, my boyfriend and I will cook every night and we don't buy junk food when we grocery shop. But the other day I went to my parents and was just surrounded by sweet treats. I do the "all or nothing" kind of eating where I either eat super healthy, or binge on sweets. Once I've had that first cookie all bets are off. Started going to the gym this week and while I definitely hate it while I'm doing it, I can't deny the wonderful high I get after exercising. Had my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner last night and they brought a pie for desert ! I had a piece but stopped myself from having another. I wish he had taken the pie home with him but he didn't. I'm worried the next time I feel sad or emotional I'm going to finish off the half that is left in the fridge.
  • cmsavells
    cmsavells Posts: 257 Member
    Welcome to all the newbies!

    This has been a good month for me. The only May goal I’ve missed is one healthy new recipe a week; however, I have cooked more at home. Still need to try some new stuff!!

    Sweets are a huge problem for me too. I usually go for sugar-free gum or sugar-free Jolly Ranchers.

    Connie in KY
  • Bewitchedmommy77
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    Been a beyond stresses lately and my depression has spiked,so i guess eating an entire pack of mini chocolate dougnuts didnt help(the ones that are packaged like a row of 8?for $1-2/. Hopefully i made up for it today by deep cleaning my entire place and decluttering.Def felt good after! I just get discouraged also when i log all my food/exercise in,and I see"if you eat like this etc.etc youll weigh(alot less)in 5 weeks ",yet i keep going up and down the same 3-4 lbs
  • cindymcconnell1966
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    Been at a standstill since March so need to kick into gear
    SW - 259.2
    CW - 238.8
    GW - 160
  • MissKristy35
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    I'm new, but this isn't my first rodeo.
    SW (this time) : 316
    CW: 314
    Short term goal: to get below 300
    Long term goal weight :150