What's a food you're currently obsessed with?



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    My favourite Chinese dessert as a kid was Eight Jewel Rice Pudding which I haven't had for over 20 years. We used to order it on festive occasions, because a restaurant sized pudding served 8-12 people. Mom never made it at home.
    I had been craving it and was happy to discover with the help of google that it is actually easy to make. You can cut calories too by omitting the fat mixed in with the sticky rice (which does make it harder to handle). The fat specified varies by recipe with traditional versions using lard. I used coconut oil for greasing the bowl. A fat that is solid at room temperature is convenient because you can grease the bowl heavily and then stick the dried fruit and nuts into it. Although 8 is an auspicious number in China (it sounds like wealth), modern recipes say a judicious choice of 3 to 5 ingredients tastes better than using all 8 traditional ingredients.
    A spectacular dessert that only uses store cupboard ingredients and doesn't need to be prepared several hours in advance is a useful thing for unexpected guests. It's really like a Chinese version of Christmas pudding, but easier to make. I made a mini pudding for Friday as a test, and a bigger but sloppier one for when friends came round to dinner last night. Assembling a larger full fat version today for when out of town guests come to dinner on Wednesday.

    Ditto — beauty!
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    I'm obsessed with my chickpea powdered peanut butter and sf maple mix on toasted Ezekiel, Carbonaut bread. Wasa rye crisps and rice cakes
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    Coconut Nugo bars. Soooooo good. Better than a Mounds bar and nutritious, too?! 👍🏻 Took a buttload to Europe for family.

    Pickwick green lemon tea and Kusmi White Berry tea. Brought back a buttload.

    Customs Officer lady: “ma’am, what’s in the box?”

    “Tea, Lindt chocolate, and hagel”.

    “What? We don’t have tea here?”

    “Not as good as this tea!”

    “And what the heck is hagel?”

    Explained that it’s Dutch chocolate sprinkles.

    I noticed she didn’t even question the Lindt chocolate bars. I guess it’s a given that European chocolate is better than ours. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I would have had a hard time explaining the 20 lip balms had she opened the box. Y’all, if you have access to Albert Heijn, their Care brand lip balm is utterly amazing. That’s my other current obsession.
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    I just had Arrowhead mills puffed corn, loved it. IDK if. It's going to be obsession yet..lol
    I'm back on the PACHA Buckweat bread. So good!