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Unexpected downsides of losing weight

MrsBradyBunchMrsBradyBunch Posts: 174Member Member Posts: 174Member Member
Not that I'm trying to put a negative spin on it or anything, but I'm thinking "forewarned is forearmed." Better to expect these things and be mentally prepared when they happen. I'm seeing a few. Be it known, however, that the benefits are far greater and make it worthwhile.

So, the unexpected downsides:
1.) You may feel cold a lot, even when nobody else is. I never did like wearing heavy fabrics and layers. But I have to. It's late May, I'm in long sleeves and jeans with socks on, and I'm chilly. I feel more like it's late November.
2.) That infamous Shar Pei sag. Your body shrinks, but your skin doesn't. Your stomach hangs down in front of you like an apron, and you develop "bat wings." If I wave hello or goodbye to somebody, my upper arm flaps will keep waving five minutes after I stop. I even have mini bat wings on my *lower* arms.
3.) People will, not may but will, "concern troll" you. Some with good intentions, and some with malice because they're threatened by your success, will try to coax you to "live a little" or "not be such a fanatic." You're not even out of the "obese" category yet, and they warn you not to "get too skinny." They act like they're afraid you're going to develop anorexia if you keep losing weight. You will have people shoving desserts at you, having difficulty taking "no" for an answer. I, for one, find I'm not experiencing nearly as much of this as I used to. I don't know why, for sure, but I'm thinking it's because I finally got mad enough that I made it clear I won't be putting up with that anymore. So, for the most part, it stopped.

And probably the one that bugs me the most:

4.) When you've made a lot of progress, but you've still got a way to go, this will start happening. Someone who didn't know you when you were heavier will see you making healthy choices, eating vegetables, passing up that dessert, and exercising. They don't know about the weight you've lost already. They only see the weight you still need to lose. So they assume you're just beginning, and here comes the unsolicited and completely unnecessary advice. They'll inform you that you need to "start" doing things you've been doing for a good year now. Or they'll tell you you're doing it wrong, and you should be doing something else instead. Try to tell them how long you've been at it, and how many pounds you've lost, and it doesn't register. They don't even care what your doctor or your dietician says. They'll straight up argue with your results.

Does anyone have any others? What should I prepare myself for?


  • guil0095guil0095 Posts: 265Member Member Posts: 265Member Member
    #4, well said, well said!!!
  • jan110144jan110144 Posts: 987Member, Premium Member Posts: 987Member, Premium Member
    All of the above! (Except for the lug nut issue :smiley: )
    edited May 25
  • ogtmamaogtmama Posts: 1,401Member Member Posts: 1,401Member Member
    A minor thing, but "small" tops I always find the sleeves are too short. Like I'm smaller in the body but I'm still the same basic proportions. My wrists poke out of a lot of long sleeves.

    I order tall t-shirts even though I am 5'2 just so they will be longer and have longer sleeves
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