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    Autism symptoms reduced nearly 50 percent two years after fecal transplant

    There goes nearly half our progress in software and science.

    How do you think that is factual?

    You're asking me how a prediction I made about a possible future is factual? Really?

    For the record, Bill Gates is an Aspie. The guy who invented the concept of bit torrents is an Aspie, too; he had an insight about how data moves through the cloud based on how bees swam, and basically dropped everything until he saw his idea through. At Microsoft we have a team whose job it is to hire autistic devs and testers, because it's good business. The "interview" lasts two weeks, it's set up like a coding camp, applicants get to play with all kinds of cool technology and talk about what they like and what they can imagine.

    But, sure, sticking other people's poop inside humans sounds like a great future too. :frowning:

    The procedure reduces the symptoms that are currently recognized as part of the autism diagnosis - speech issues, behavioral issues, social issues. It doesn't change a person's ability to create or imagine, it merely helps with the barriers that a lot of people with autism face. Many of the "famous ASD individuals" who we hear about also became famous from something they worked on individually or with a close friend or colleague, not as part of a larger organization, because the symptoms can make it difficult to get hired or keep a job in an environment that is built around neurotypical behavior being acceptable and expected.

    I'm not sure how a procedure that could reduce the symptoms and allow the creative part of flourish more effectively would reduce our progress in any area.

    Nonsense. These things are too interconnected. We don't (yet) have the ability to be as precise and selective as you're describing. If we did, no treatment would have side effects ever.

    And autism doesn't work the way you seem to think it does.

    I have a child with autism.
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