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    Karen in VA: I am glad you’re home! :star:

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    Beth near Buffalo: I am in sympathy for your needed hearing aid adjustment. DH has them, too. We go to a local audiologist and she’s very good about tuning the hearing aids when needed. He has had hearing aids for many years and is used to them. I think it must be really challenging for a “newbie.” That said, DH sometimes takes his out because he needs to rest from them. :star:

    Heather: I’m sorry your friend hurt herself. I hope the upcoming visit is filled with fun and good times. :flowerforyou:

    DH is scheduled for an appointment with his surgeon next week. They will make plans together and figure out what is best for him. I am hoping that there will be relief from chronic pain in the long run, and that he will be able to enjoy life again.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Buffalo Beth- Go back have them retune it make sure their right for you! Uncle got a bad pair won't wear them! Memaw (grandma) went well said take this 💩 back get me something I can hear out if!!! They did her 2nd try pair fits magnificently she’s says they were made for her! Made my Uncle go back try a few pairs too get a newer model he’s loving it. He thinks hers needs turned up more lol 😂. They both have been deaf as a door nail forever now! They tuned his old one got it better so he uses it for work cause it tends to echo well sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hear the bosses mumbles twice he jokes lol.

    Amber Tx
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    Janetr--Prayers for you, your sister and her husband.

    Katla--Sorry DH is having to wait so long to get his surgery even scheduled. Pray it get all worked out soon.

    Barbie--I hope your lunch went well and was short.

    Heather--Not a lot of places put much stock in customer service anymore.

    Carol--Pray DBIL is doing better. One thing I know about drinking is a person gets better at hiding then we realize.

    Terri--Thanks I needed to hear that positive message.

    RV Rita--I understand, more month then money.

    KJ--How terrible for Trentin and I agree I hope it is his meds and they can get it worked out soon. How scary for his mom.

    Barbara--Hugs and prayers

    Debby--prayers for her and you. It is so hard to watch our children have something like this and not try to take over and protect them.

    Well I am up to page 47 and out of time.

    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
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    106* here y humid Hubby working Construction 🚧 job today outside he’s miserable dressed in heavy pants,hard hat,vest,y heavy shirts y steel toe boots for safety.
    Saw Raccoon outside this morning before 5am didn’t think nothing of it..just looked outside saw our new rug!!!! He tore it to pieces this is a rubber fiber heavy duty Matt!!! Nothing stronger out there other than pure plastic only which is slippery on wet -to icy ❄️ days!

    Just finished a 1 hour battle with JR to get him to stop jumping hitting the floor!
    2yr olds argument is Superman can fly so he Special has Powers too!
    My argument Superman not real (Daughter accepted Truthful factual arguments )
    JR - TES HE Is!!!!!!
    My argument your from Earth 🌍 so you can’t he’s from Krypton.
    Then he saw Super Grover flying on KIDS YouTube (yes there’s 2 YouTube’s one for small kids y 1 for older teens y adults) so Thankyou PBS for backing up a 2yr olds argument! Then he showed me his super bunny app started trying to fly very unsuccessfully again.
    So now everyone who flies is from Krypton
    Folks who cannot are from Earth 🌍
    He bought it for now most unfactual argument I have ever had in my life.
    Exhausted cooking was him trying to escape the house to climbing so I spent more time at the baby gate than cooking finally stuck him in the high chair so I could finish. He figured out how to sit in the edge of the tub 🛁 insisting of brushing his teeth there which I managed to stop 🛑 . Only a year of this to go wooohooo!

    Amber Tx
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