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  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 3,771 Member Member Posts: 3,771 Member
    Beth when we put new carpet in our basement we went for wool. Fortunately never of us are allergic to it. Our basement has little fresh air coming in. I wanted a carpet that did not give off the new carpet smell. I also used low votive paint.

    If others of you are considering new carpet I do recommend wool. It can be a bit more, but I used to work in a chemical lab so I try to minimize my exposure to man made chemicals both in the products I use and in our home environment.

    Unfortunately because of the plethora of man made chemical more and more people are becoming sensitive. When I was growing up perfume was common. Now many ask for a perfume free zone.

    :heart: Margaret
  • klanders30klanders30 Member Posts: 2,569 Member Member Posts: 2,569 Member
    Rita sending strength and peace your way Rita. You’ve come so far in taking yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Sending ((( <3 ))))

  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 10,731 Member Member Posts: 10,731 Member
  • ydaileyydailey Member Posts: 485 Member Member Posts: 485 Member
    Today is National Prosecco Day!

    "Today we celebrate and drink Prosecco, which is the most popular sparkling wine in the United States and is also the most popular wine in Italy, the country where it originated. Prosecco is made with Glera grapes, which were traditionally known as Prosecco grapes, and may also be made with grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir. It is principally made in the Veneto region of Italy, especially in the town of Valdobbiadene, where it got its start."

    Amber - Philip is fine with what we're eating, he's just (so far) failed at the task of picking a week's worth of meals from the box of recipes and making sure we have the ingredients on hand. He agreed to do that if I'd do all the cooking. (Which is a good thing, because if we ate the way he does when I'm not around that would definitely not fit into my nutrition goals!) Hopefully we'll get there with a little more practice.

    Katla - I got out of practice with those months of reporting daily on Noom but I'll get back in the swing of reporting here soon enough. Remembering to do it on the weekends has always been a bit of a challenge.

    Tracey - If I thought for a minute that Philip was deliberately slacking with the knowledge that I'd do it myself if he did a bad enough job, I'd have pressed the issue long ago. But the truth is, if I weren't around he'd live in a pigsty and eat nothing but cereal and cookies, and he'd be perfectly content. So I've been willing to accept that about him and take the lead on household administration tasks.

    Rori - Your pool party sounds like great fun! I keep thinking about trying to organize a block party here. We know the neighbors across the street, but that's it.

    Rebecca - Love the scooter! I'll bet it's fun to drive. Maybe when I'm too old to ride the motorcycle I'll trade it in for a scooter and terrorize the neighborhood.

    Connie - You and your mom are in my thoughts.

    Allie - You are made of sterner stuff than I am... I'd never have been able to go back to sleep after hearing a crash! Bet you can find a cute replacement vessel for your air plant at a thrift shop. A teapot? A sugar bowl? An old bucket or boot?

    Barbie - I love that your husband shops with you! That gives me an idea about the meal planning thing. Maybe I need to do it for a couple of weeks but sit him down next to me and talk him through what I'm doing. He does most of the grocery shopping because the studio in Austin is next door to a grocery store, but sometimes we go together on days when we're both off work.

    Carol - I'm sorry to hear your brother-in-law isn't doing well. You and your family are in my thoughts.

    Just enjoyed a nice spinach and chicken breast salad with the BEST chevre from the farmer's market. It's left over from my dinner last night when Philip was working late. Might have made myself a mimosa if we'd had any prosecco, but it's probably just as well we didn't!

    It looks like I am going to have a short work day today for the first time in, oh, several months. Philip is off today so maybe if we can bear the heat we'll get that catio installed today.

    -Yvonne in TX
  • bwcetcbwcetc Member Posts: 1,844 Member Member Posts: 1,844 Member
    Terri ... love your post today!

    Margaret ... I didn't consider wool. Can wool carpet take excessive traffic and moisture? The area we put the carpet down is the first entrance into our home from the garage (and the weather) and the place where our son does a lot of turning with his motorized wheelchair.

    NYKaren ... I have no school supplies to buy, yet found myself fingering .25 spiral notebooks at Walmart today. Something about office supplies ... :D I've always found that those who do well at their jobs are often those who get nervous as well because what they do and how they do it matters to them.

    Carol ... I, too, am sorry to hear your brother-in-law is struggling.

    Conni ... thinking about you and your mom.

    Tonight I am making a "Chicken Pozole Salad" ( for my husband and I for dinner. We'll see how well my meat and potato man accepts a dinner salad. He's game to try things once. We'll see.

    Machka ... 14 people ... I don't know what the names would be.

    Beth near Buffalo
    edited August 2019
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 4,558 Member Member Posts: 4,558 Member
    Beth Chicken Pozole Salad recipe looks delish! t1917.gif
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Member Posts: 1,319 Member Member Posts: 1,319 Member
    Kelly ~ So sorry to hear about Trentin! And, sorry for him mom...she must be worried sick.

    Carol in GA
  • Poerava14Poerava14 Member Posts: 855 Member Member Posts: 855 Member
    Carol in GA: So sorry about DBIL. Be glad he is in a safe and protected place to detox from alcohol. It can be brutal.

    Machka I'm floored by what an organizer charges in Oz. I have to research this in my area, as if I were ever to hang out my shingle as a sole proprietor, that's a job I could do. My guess: 20 people, with 3 named Chu.

    KJ: Horrible news about Trentin. Did you find him different since changing meds?

    Bath makeover hit a glitch today, but seems it has been worked out. Shower will be done today, but we can't use for about 3 days because the glue has to dry. 😒😒😒 Tomorrow my handyman Reuben will be in to change out the countertop and sink faucet. If I get my act together, he will repaint the walls this week. Can't decide on a color.... white is the default, as I know I will be adorning the walls with bold and bright nature photography from my niece's vast portfolio.

    So, it's back to internet for a little color inspiration. Stay well friends. We can do this.

    Colorado Foothills
  • megblair1megblair1 Member Posts: 1,186 Member Member Posts: 1,186 Member
    OMG I just noticed...that's quite the face I am making! Not sure what that's about!
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,084 Member Member Posts: 2,084 Member
    Getting my walk in but HRs building a wall of toys so for how long lol.

    Beth - Good recipe I think I can tweek it make a meal .

    KJ- Hard at his age to get medication level with growth spurts to surges of hormones it will be hard for them until they stumble on the correct meds luckily or his growth y hormones level out.ADHD causes pre-teen y teen hormonal feelings to be so magnified . Luckily law enforcement to the medical profession understands more about the condition than ever before,but it will be a few more generations until they perfect childhood treatments.Schools well haven’t caught up in every area yet. Here’s hoping he gets what he needs.Luckily ADHD adults hold jobs to are more calm since medication work better then.The behavior now is not permanent it will be a blip in time someday. My Daughter serves with members with ADHD so it does improve a lot. Finding a babysitter who has had a bipolar/ schizophrenic /special needs child’s her best bet they’ll be more calm know tricks tell her behavior updates. Or like my Coworker who had 2 sons with it did she had to leave them with family members to go to work.Just an iPad y their school bags with grandpa.
    Amber Tx

  • bwcetcbwcetc Member Posts: 1,844 Member Member Posts: 1,844 Member
    Kelly ... I hope it's the meds too ... :/
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