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    The first day of school started today and our temperature is going to reach 103 degrees. Poor kids. Yikes

    Janetr OKC
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    Making Corn Bread-
    Betty Crocker packet 6 servings 110cal pouch (with ingredients listed 160cal prepared but Im not using their suggestion so mine will be way lower.
    1/3cup unsweetened almond milk 10cal
    Egg whites (less cal y cholesterol) 25cal
    Pam zero cal cooking spray
    A tbls water
    1 Tbls olive oil 120cal
    1Tbls margarine 70cal
    Total : 147cal approx each. Can skip butter y olive oil but I want some flavor.It might be less still new at calculating calories.

    Egg whites to go with it for hubby maybe
    Pizza 🍕 for JR with corn bread to try
    2oz chicken y a Apple 🍎 salad with mine y 0cal Chipotle dressing
    Amber Tx
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Posts: 898Member Member Posts: 898Member Member
    Watched video
    They suggest to weight meat With Less to No Cleanup!!! 🧽 use the Tupperware lid you keep your cutup meat in or ziplock bag your going to toss anyways or Saran Wrap or even butcher block paper or etc.

    Healthier version of Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken cut up place in air fryer no pieces over lapping . Start outside rim work your way in leaving spaces for air flow. Season as desired .Cook temperature your fryer suggests y time.If over cooks still good.Pam spray zero cal before starting. Makes crispy chicken to eat like nuggets ,salad crispy add in,or to dunk in 10cal bbq sauce G Hughes hickory smoked. Tastes good with microwave veggies
    Amber Tx
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    🍾🥂Belated Birthday Greetings🥂🍾.
  • coastalgosgalcoastalgosgal Posts: 2,710Member Member Posts: 2,710Member Member
    Katla, My portion of a cabinet, is my food. Its easy to eat the same things, especially for breakfast. Its the one thing I can control in my life.👍. When I look in the other kitchen cabinets it for son and husbands meals. Then I just play chef!
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  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Posts: 898Member Member Posts: 898Member Member
    Dinner 2oz chicken with 2Tbls cheese., 4oz tea,10 cal g Hughes bbq sauce, spinach,carrot,apple,cucumber,0 cal Chipotle dressing,cornbread made with egg whites to unsweetened almond milk.

    Vicki here’s hoping the glaucoma heals up with the treatment plan.Runs big in my family not fun thing to get.

    Yvonne Tx- Takes time to get family on board with dieting. Venting is a stress reliever which keeps weight down. If need be write what you are on paper 📝 stick with a few recipes you like so you know the calories ahead of time. Check out or other food sites that home deliver by mail (I’m not big on Uber versions only feel safe with my postwoman y young man). $35 it ships free can buy some diet food in bulk. Might not get everything you want since can’t get meats or veggies but you can get canned food to zero calorie dressings even tortillas.Can get the non-freezer department almond/soy mills etc to seasonings. I got myself 2 bottles zero cal Walden Farms Dressing,10cal g Hughes hickory bbq sauce,y special K Bars in the mail Saturday already digging in!
    Amber Tx
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