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For the newbies, here's what it's all about: if you feel like you're self-sabotaging by munching/binging after dinner or like you're doubling your in-calories at night :/ , then join us in fighting late night snacking :wink:!

How this goes:
- each of us decides what late night snacking means to them (could be either binging, if you're inclined to it or simply eating anything at all after a certain time; some may find that having a healthy snack after dinner is perfectly alright and be upset only when they go overboard)
- we post by the formula: Me: X vs. LNS: Y, where X is "how many evenings you stuck to it" and Y "the times late night snacks won"
- additionally, you may want to add a * to the latest number.
- feel free to also post streaks of how many days you've managed to be free of late night snacking

It's as simple as that. Or as complicated :wink: , as you will discover. Nevertheless, the persistence and good results of some of our "old" members (and some people keep coming back) show that the battle is worthwhile! :smile:



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