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Do you accept that you'll have to log for the rest of your life(or atleast the foreseeable future)?

AddicteadAddictead Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
I've been thinking about this because I've wondered if I could stop and still be successful and honestly I don't think I can. It's always been count calories to lose weight, slack off and regain 7, 15, 30 pounds. I accept that I'll have days where I won't or cant log, maybe even longer. But if I don't want to regain what I'm holding onto now I HAVE to log enough so my portions and snacking won't creep up like they always do without accountability of logging. It's so easy to think that "one bowl" was the same as it was a year ago except wait, you got a bigger bowl so it's 3 cups of soup not 2! Or your breakfast of one slice of toast has now grown to two because "it won't hurt".

I guess from here I just need to learn how to make long term logging successfully simplistic and ride it out for a very long time, It sure beats having to lose the weight again and again.


  • BoondockpatrolBoondockpatrol Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Yes, I have accepted this! At least until I have a 6 month habit or so going and I KNOW what I am eating and portion sizes.
  • VioletRojoVioletRojo Member, Premium Posts: 592 Member Member, Premium Posts: 592 Member
    I'm about two years into maintenance and only log sporadically, maybe once every two weeks. I only do it as a check to make sure my portions aren't creeping up without me noticing.
  • sardelsasardelsa Member Posts: 9,834 Member Member Posts: 9,834 Member
    No I never accepted it for me personally. I have no issue with check-ins once and a while or if I am trying to meet a particular difficult goal (weight gain at a high intake or getting ultra lean) otherwise I use the scale and adjust my intake accordingly since I am pretty good at estimating.
  • tcunbelievertcunbeliever Member Posts: 8,007 Member Member Posts: 8,007 Member
    I think I will likely track forever, for different things.

    When I'm lifting and gaining then I track to make sure I am getting enough protein since in my natural eating I tend to eat more veg and less meat.

    When I'm trying to be less fluffy, then I'm more focused on still getting enough protein, but also keeping the calories down.

    I usually don't get more than 5-10 lbs out of maintenance range before I will do something about it. If your clothes don't fit then there's really only two choices, slim down, or buy larger clothes...I always opt for slimming down.
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