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Do you accept that you'll have to log for the rest of your life(or atleast the foreseeable future)?



  • elisa123galelisa123gal Posts: 3,587Member Member Posts: 3,587Member Member
    no, I do not accept that fate. I've learned so much losing weight and totally realize now how I gained it. I now know what to eat, what not to eat. I realize the evils of processed foods, the hidden fats in restaurant and fast foods. I've learned so much about nutrition and what the human body needs for health and longevity. I've learned the simple wisdom in drinking a lot of water.

    I'm not helpless. I just got lazy and didn't give the proper attention to what I was putting into my body. So, no I am not going to log my food forever.
  • 2t9nty2t9nty Posts: 1,194Member Member Posts: 1,194Member Member
    I am also a T2D, and I manage my glucose levels with my diet. I expect I will always log.
  • wendyheath32wendyheath32 Posts: 39Member Member Posts: 39Member Member
    It honestly doesn't bother me. Helps me eat soundly and also helps me plan my meals so I feel more in control of what I'm doing. I do log everything as it's a habit now
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,207Member Member Posts: 1,207Member Member
    I'm not to maintenance yet, but history over the past 5-8 years has shown me that I cannot give up my weigh-ins, and logging when I will need to nip things in the bud (which I know is going to happen) is probably going to be a requirement the rest of my life.

    Maybe this would change if I got a super active job and was on my feet doing physical labor all day again, but I don't see that very likely to happen, and even then I'll need to keep an eye out for scale creep. As long as I have a desk job, regular logging and tracking will be a requirement. Every time I quite, the numbers start to creep up again (I just like to eat far more than I use sitting on my butt all day).
  • Sabine_StroehmSabine_Stroehm Posts: 19,370Member Member Posts: 19,370Member Member
    Nope. I don't, generally, and don't plan to.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 2,929Member Member Posts: 2,929Member Member
    I don't log that often now -- off and on at Cron to see my nutrients, especially if I'm experimenting with something like 100% plant based or lower carb or what not. So no, I don't think I need to log, although I still weigh many foods as a spot check or just for fun. I also find logging for a while can help me if I feel in a rut.

    That said, if I decided I did better logging I wouldn't consider that something I had to accept, as in a bad thing.

    For example, I am much more consistent with exercise if I am training for something, have a formal (self-created) plan, and keep track of what I actually did each day. I find it helpful. For me that's fun, not a bad thing. Same with logging during the times I am doing it.
  • GaleHawkinsGaleHawkins Posts: 7,569Member Member Posts: 7,569Member Member
    Addictead wrote: »
    I've been thinking about this because I've wondered if I could stop and still be successful and honestly I don't think I can. It's always been count calories to lose weight, slack off and regain 7, 15, 30 pounds. I accept that I'll have days where I won't or cant log, maybe even longer. But if I don't want to regain what I'm holding onto now I HAVE to log enough so my portions and snacking won't creep up like they always do without accountability of logging. It's so easy to think that "one bowl" was the same as it was a year ago except wait, you got a bigger bowl so it's 3 cups of soup not 2! Or your breakfast of one slice of toast has now grown to two because "it won't hurt".

    I guess from here I just need to learn how to make long term logging successfully simplistic and ride it out for a very long time, It sure beats having to lose the weight again and again.

    @Addictead the only way to know is to do an n=1 trial and find out. After under eating and going hungry and experiencing a 100%+ regain of the weight lost for 40 years I totally stopped trying to lose weight ever again. I made improving my health my goal (specifically lower joint and muscle pain).

    On a hunch from out of the blue (if there is such a thing) I stopped eating calorie sources containing added sugar and or any form of grain and make up many of the lost calories with coconut oil, nuts and dairy. I tracked only my weight. For the first 45 days I did not lose a pound but my pain level started to drop after 15 days. Lost 50 pound in about a year and I have maintained that 50 pound loss for the past 4 years.

    I eat when I get hungry until I am full and there is nothing I log other than weight and that is more to track my level of hydration.

    There is nothing wrong with logging like there is nothing wrong with cleaning the blinds every day. I do neither because I have not found a valid reason to do either in a medical sense. Now if cleaning blinds daily was part my my daily physical activity then that would be a different story.

    It is our lives so we get to do it any way that it meets our physical/mental needs. Best of success in finding "Your Way!"
  • psychod787psychod787 Posts: 2,138Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,138Member, Premium Member
    I haven't posted for a while, but this is something I am interested in. I think tracking for me, is a great cognitive tool. When you have a WOE that is far outside the American norm, it might not be necessary to weigh everything, but humans are horrid at remembering what they put in their mouths. I am NOW a true believer in a lower reward, lower energy density diet is effective. Its actually too effective for me. I am trying to push to a happier weight/bf right now. I can't eat! My stomach is telling me to, but belly won't let me! Lol...I'm reloading this week, so no "extra" for me, but to increase weight, I have to. Nuts i tell ya! Carry on...
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