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Do you accept that you'll have to log for the rest of your life(or atleast the foreseeable future)?



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    sijomial wrote: »
    I don't see the problem is logging or not logging food but rather that you "slack off and regain 7, 15, 30 pounds".

    That you don't intervene until you have re-added a whole lot of weight is what you need to fix IMHO.
    30lbs didn't happen overnight, it's the mindset you need to get right first. There are more ways than just food logging to reduce your intake but first you have to decide you need to.

    (I haven't logged my food in years, but I have to intervene when I hit my upper limit to stop a drift becomming a slide.)

    i understand most of my issue is that I get frustrated. Logging, What I can/can't eat calorie wise, Weighing even. All of it just really catches up and I quit because mentally I get into a spiral and it ends up sending me into a depression.

    Which is why I'm concerned about making it as simple and non stressful as I can since I'm going there again, it sucks

    Yes I have anxiety, yes I'm getting help for it.
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    I don't weigh or measure anything; just estimate it, but I still log it.
    I step on the scales almost every day to notice trends, but record it only once a week.
    On days when I go over my calorie budget or my weight creeps up, I compare my intake with several days back and adjust downward a tad for a few days.
    That ends the 'it won't hurt' for a while ... because it DOES hurt if not arrested.
    Logging is no big deal. If it's getting close to midnight, I take a minute to log stuff.
    If I'm not home, I'll use my phone.
    Doesn't take long, & it's worth the long-term benefit.
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    I think I need to for awhile longer. I notice when I do log I tend to eat more 'normal' meals because it makes me be more mindful. When I don't log it's easier for me to grab handfuls of random things. I might maintain my weight but my macros can be pretty unbalanced, and then eventually weight creeps back on. Or sometimes I get stressed and don't eat enough, so it's a way to catch it on the other end, too.

    I'm relatively loose with it though, just trying to get an idea of what ballpark I'm into. When I'm on holiday and some weekends I don't log.
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    OP - is your goal really to stop calorie counting, or just to not log in the app?
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    It would be lovely if we just got into the habit of automatically eating the right types and amounts of foods every day without logging, but hey, I'm over 50 and haven't magically developed that habit quite yet (and I for one have been fighting my weight and impulse eating since I was 11), so I for one am not counting on good habits to protect me. Maybe if I'm in goal range for 6 years I'll change my mind. But I've never been there more than a year.

    Every time I have stopped doing logging and weighing, pounds have crept or sometimes flung themselves back on. I think for me, slacking in logging and weighing is a sign that I'm already starting to slack in paying attention to nutrition and exercise, not a cause of it.

    So yep, I think it does indeed have to be part of my life forever. Fortunately, I find it kind of interesting if not quite fun.

    This is me as well (age 53). I’m only successful maintaining if I log, but honestly, I can’t imagine being 80 years old and weighing and measuring everything I eat. I feel that, somewhere along the way, I need to learn how to eat “normally” without logging. I’m not quite sure how to go about that, though.
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    I log my food for the data! I like looking at monthly trends & comparing.

    I used to weigh 228-237 for decades, and for 7 months (Dec-June) my average wt was under 155lbs (top of my maintenance Range). I got sick & it lasted 6 weeks. Scale went up, and I’m now turning it around. Currently 156.

    I don’t get clear hunger or not hungry signals, so I will track & weigh unless that happens in the next 6 lbs. I don’t mind it. I know it’s my lifeline, my secret weapon.

    If I do develop a reliable approach to food/exercise in the coming months/years, I’ll reassess.

    No reason to worry about “doing it for the rest of our lives.” Just today!
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