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Yay for Menopause



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    beckyrpl wrote: »
    I'm 53 - three years since I've had a period. Cons of menopause: I've REALLY had to watch what I eat. I've always had to - I'm very petite and small-boned - but since menopause 'hit' - like rhtexasgal mentioned -any body fat I had has 'shifted' to my mid-section....and it's NOT a good look! I workout 6 days a week, do weights 3 days a week, I weigh around 118, and I STILL have this horrendous inner-tube-of-fat around my mid-section......! The hot flashes have diminished......Pros of Menopause - no more periods (WOOT), no more migraines (I was getting about 10+ a month - GONE)! No more mood swings, no more mood cravings.........I guess the 'pros' outweigh the 'cons', but I still hate the mid-section inner-tube-of-fat........LOL! I guess if I ever fall off of a boat, I'll float forever......

    I hear you on the "inner tube" thing! I've never had a small waist. But since I had a twin pregnancy at an "advanced maternal age" (kind of slid right from postpartum into perimenopause - good times!)..... no matter how light I get, I carry my special kangaroo pouch around with me! :smile: I try to view it as a badge of honor.
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