Lose 5lbs + in September 2019

Hello again.... so sorry I’m late with the challenge this month for those who come back every month. Trying to rush around last minute for my sons school things and uniform etc, I lost track of everything else :o

Anyways - back again for September. Anyone can join or leave whenever they please.
Post as often or as little as you like.
Use the format below for your weigh-ins so you and everyone can keep track on your progress - that way we can all cheer you on :)

Original starting weight -
September starting weight -
September goal -
Ultimate goal -

1st -
14th -
21st -
28th -

Total loss for September -

Please be respectful and kind to each other. This is a hard journey that we’re all on, so let’s not make it harder for each other by being negative nellys lol.

Have a great month guys! Work extra hard with it being halloween next month and we all sneak our kids candy while they’re sleeping haha.

Let’s smash it! x


  • Seems after doing this for 3 years someone else has decided to start their own challenge with the same titles I use

    So, if no-one wishes to continue with mine then I wish you all the luck in reaching your goals and I will discontinue after this month so there will be no confusion with 2 challenges with the same title :) x
  • Lenamarshae
    Lenamarshae Posts: 57 Member
    September SW: 154
    September goal: 149
    Ultimate goal: 140

    1st: 154

    Good Luck Everyone!
  • Connie7355
    Connie7355 Posts: 496 Member

    63 years old; 5’7” tall
    Original starting weight 2015 -236
    Starting Weight June, 2018 - 219.4
    September 2019 starting weight - 181.8
    September Goal - 178
    Ultimate goal - 170 for now

    Total loss for September
  • lalabank
    lalabank Posts: 1,009 Member
    2017 Starting Weight - 242
    September 2019- 151.8
    September Goal - 146.8
    Ultimate goal - 121 (1/2 of my former self)
    5th- 151.8

    Didn’t realize the other group wasn’t ours!!! I’m guessing someone was just trying to help.
    I’ve been doing this specific challenge for one year now and it’s important to me. Knowing and trusting that Samantha keeps it going is super important.
    I’m sticking to what works😁

    Feeling really refocused so far this month after a summer of maintenance I’m ready to take it to the next level.
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    Thank you Samantha.
    Glad that you are okay.

    Yes, someone was just trying to help - we hadn't seen a post from you in August, or a new month posted by the morning of September 4th. I started to get antsy when there wasn't a new thread, I have become so dependent on it as an aid. I must say that I was happy and relieved that someone got one going.
    I have seen other threads where people stepped up to keep the posts going and am appreciative of that.
    We really get used to checking in, and for me it is daily and has become part of my routine. I believe that it has really helped me.

    I have been on this thread since October 28.18, so coming up on a year.

    Going to be 59 years old this month.
    Start weight 191 October 28.18

    September 01 - 158.6
  • jenn990205
    jenn990205 Posts: 1,207 Member
    I will be here again, but I think I am taking a diet break for the next couple of weeks. I didn't really get anywhere in August because to be honest I lost my motivation. I have been on this journey for over a year now and have lost just over 35 pounds, but I am tired. Last month was a really rough month with some family issues that needed to be taken care of and now my birthday is coming up in a couple of days. So I am eating at maintenance until the 15th and will get back to my losing routine and finally get rid of these last couple of pounds. My ultimate goal is 135-138. I have been hovering between 142-145 the last month, so I am super close, but exhausted at the same time.

    Original starting weight - 178
    September starting weight - 8/30 weigh in 143.6
    September goal - 141
    Ultimate goal - 135-138

    1st - 143.6 on 8/30 before I left for FIL funeral in Texas
    5th- 145.1 still working on restaurant and water weight from 4 days in Texas
    12th -
    19th -
    26th -
    30th -

    Total loss for September -
  • Cassandraw3
    Cassandraw3 Posts: 1,214 Member

    Original starting weight - 167 lbs April 2018
    September starting weight - 148.8 lbs
    September goal - 146 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 144 lbs

    1st - 148.8 lbs
    15th -
    22st -
    29th -
  • Aliced1007
    Aliced1007 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Ladies - I am new to this forum. I am encouraged by all the success that I am reading about. I'd love to hear how you have been able to drop the weight. I am 53, healthy, eat clean, exercise 5-6 times per week and feel that I would like to lose about 15-20 pounds...but it is very difficult. My job has me sitting for most of the day, which I am sure doesn't help. I track macros and my food intake. I drink plenty of water. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance:)
  • tramaine_21
    tramaine_21 Posts: 348 Member
    I'm in!
  • deepwoodslady
    deepwoodslady Posts: 8,368 Member
    Seems after doing this for 3 years someone else has decided to start their own challenge with the same titles I use

    So, if no-one wishes to continue with mine then I wish you all the luck in reaching your goals and I will discontinue after this month so there will be no confusion with 2 challenges with the same title :) x

    @SamanthaLouiseMence Please do NOT discontinue. I agree they were probably trying to help. I'm on board & my entry is below!
  • joshgar90
    joshgar90 Posts: 1 Member
    Alright, I will hopefully be doing this for a while so let's go!

    Original starting weight - 450lbs
    September starting weight - 450lbs
    September goal - 435 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 240 lbs

    1st - 450lbs
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -
  • deepwoodslady
    deepwoodslady Posts: 8,368 Member
    Original starting weight – 253
    September starting weight – 192.6
    September goal – 187.6
    Ultimate goal – 145 to 155 (We’ll see when we get closer)

    01 - 192.6
    05 – 194.6 Up after the holiday.
    12 – xxxxx
    19 – xxxxx
    26 - xxxxx
    30 - xxxxx
  • annshandle
    annshandle Posts: 68 Member
    Oh, this is exactly what I need! I hope it's okay to join.

    September starting weight - 202.8
    September goal - 197
    Ultimate goal - 157

    1st - 202.8
    5th- 200.8
  • amya71006
    amya71006 Posts: 26 Member
    Pretty new to this so hoping these challenges help keep me on track. Especially since I continuously fall off the wagon.

    September starting weight -179
    September goal - 174
    Ultimate goal - 135

    1st -179
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    Total loss for September -
  • dabbers18
    dabbers18 Posts: 52 Member
    This is what I need a good challenge that's not daunting. So here goes xx

    Original starting weight - 233.02
    September starting weight- 224
    September Goal -
    Ultimate Goal -

    1st - 224
    7th -
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    Total loss for September -
  • Now505050
    Now505050 Posts: 45 Member
    edited September 2019
    Here again for a successful September. 50 years old with a personal challenge of 50lbs in 50 weeks. Thanks for organising.

    Original starting weight - 226 week 1
    September starting weight- 220 week 7
    September Goal - 215
    Ultimate Goal - 176

    Week 8 6th
    Week 9 13th
    Week 10 20th
    Week 11 27th

    Total loss for September

  • LisaW57
    LisaW57 Posts: 339 Member
    So happy to see your smiling face Samantha! Back where I belong :) Next weigh in tomorrow!

    61 years old; 5'2"
    Original starting weight - 158.5 (12/30/2018)
    August ending weight 147.5 (August loss 0.7 lbs)

    September starting weight - 147.3
    Spetember goal -142.3 (Same as July)

    Ultimate goal - 135.0

    I generally do a Friday (F) weigh-in and am adding a Monday (M) and Wednesday (W) weigh-in for accountability. I've pinned the weekly weigh-in days for the challenge.

    📌 1st - 147.3 (Trend Weight 147.8)
    2nd (M) - 148.1 (Trend Weight 147.8)
    3rd (T) - 149.0 Ouch! (Trend Weight 147.9)
    4th (W) - 148.8 (Trend Weight 148.0)
    6th (F) -
    📌 8 th -
    9th (M) -
    11th (W) -
    13th (F) -
    📌 15th -
    16th (M) -
    18th (W) -
    20th (F)
    📌 22nd -
    23rd (M) -
    25th (W) -
    27th (F) -
    📌 29th -
    📌 30th -

    September Loss - ??

    Thoughts: Still headed back in the right direction. Activity level up - I'm 5 for 5 days of exercise!

    September Game Plan & Goals: (Use stats from Fitbit 7 Day Summary)
    • Move to 2-week meal plans 👀
    • Log meals & exercise daily in MFP
    • Focus on daily 500 calorie deficit goal
    • No calorie intake after 8pm.
    • No calorie intake before 10am, edging towards noon for a 16:8 IF
    • Hit Fitbit step goal of 5000 - 4025 ⬆
    • Hit active minutes goal of 20 minutes daily - 21 ➖
    • Hit strength training goal of 3 days on & 1 rest day - 5 for 5 with 1 mile walk on rest day

    4-Week Progress:


  • lady_bug_jd
    lady_bug_jd Posts: 220 Member
    @SamanthaLouiseMence so glad you’re still here and creating these challenges!

    Original starting weight - 230
    September starting weight - 206.6
    August goal - 201.5
    Ultimate goal - 160

    1st - 206.6
    8th -
    15th -
    22nd -
    29th -
    Total lost September: