Lose 5lbs + in September 2019



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    Original starting weight 166.6 ( 01.19.2019)
    September starting weight: 136.1....actually, it was 135.4 so I'm lowering my sept goal weight.
    September goal weight: 132.0
    Smaller fat loss goal since I am strength training and aiming at recomposition rather than strictly weight loss.

    I weigh on Sundays


    Total loss for September:
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    @mari_moulin -- if there's any way we can help over the next month(s), please ask! Personal message ok if you don't want to post.

    @gilliangaywood -- of course it's ok. Welcome, and let's get to that goal!
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    dabbers18 wrote: »
    dabbers18 wrote: »
    This is what I need a good challenge that's not daunting. So here goes xx

    Original starting weight - 233.02
    September starting weight- 224
    September Goal -
    Ultimate Goal -

    1st - 224
    7th -223
    14th - 224
    21st -
    28th -

    Total loss for September

    A little gain but been under the weather. Back on track from today so here's to a good week. Have fun everyone xx
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    So happy to "see" you.
    Missed you!

    You are only around 15 pounds away from your UGW and I am sure that you will make your September GW.
    Looking forward to your posts : - )
    mtaratoot wrote: »
    @mari_moulin -- if there's any way we can help over the next month(s), please ask! Personal message ok if you don't want to post.

    Thank you!! I’m going to do my absolute best to reach this months goal. I know that simply being back here with you all will keep me motivated to make the changes I need to make to reach them! Thank you for your continuing support! ❤️❤️🦋
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    edited September 2019
    61 years old; 5'2"
    Original starting weight - 158.5 (12/30/2018)
    August ending weight 147.5 (August loss 0.7 lbs)

    September starting weight - 147.3
    Spetember goal -142.3 (Same as July)

    Ultimate goal - 135.0

    I generally do a Friday (F) weigh-in and am adding a Monday (M) and Wednesday (W) weigh-in for accountability. I've pinned the weekly weigh-in days for the challenge.

    📌 1st - 147.3 (Trend Weight 147.8)
    2nd (M) - 148.1 (Trend Weight 147.8)
    3rd (T) - 149.0 Ouch! (Trend Weight 147.9)
    4th (W) - 148.8 (Trend Weight 148.0)
    6th (F) - 148.1 (Trend Weight 148.0)
    📌 8 th - 147.5 (Trend Weight 148.0)
    9th (M) - 147.3 (Trend Weight 147.9)
    11th (W) - 147.2 (Trend Weight 147.8)
    13th (F) - 146.9 (Trend Weight 147.6)
    14th - 146.8 (Trend Weight 147.5)
    📌 15th - 147.3 (Trend Weight 147.5)
    16th (M) -
    18th (W) -
    20th (F)
    📌 22nd -
    23rd (M) -
    25th (W) -
    27th (F) -
    📌 29th -
    📌 30th -

    September Loss - ??

    Thoughts: Up a tad. Not worried. First, we ate out yesterday, and then I always bounce up a bit after hitting a new low or amp up exercise. Shoulders and knees seemed to be feeling better, so I'm back "on" with the strength training. Today is day 2 of the three day set, and I killed it early.

    Halfway through the month and I've already bobbled up and am back at September starting weight. Hopefully downhill from here.

    September Game Plan & Goals: (Use stats from Fitbit 7 Day Summary)
    • Move to 2-week meal plans 👀
    • Log meals & exercise daily in MFP
    • Focus on daily 500 calorie deficit goal
    • No calorie intake after 8pm.
    • No calorie intake before 10am, edging towards noon for a 16:8 IF
    • Hit Fitbit step goal of 5000 - 3433 ⬇
    • Hit active minutes goal of 20 minutes daily - 38 ⬆
    • Hit strength training goal of 3 days on & 1 rest day Nearing end of round 4

    Strength Training: (with accelerated reps)
    • 9/1-4 - 20, 25, 30, Rest ✔
    • 9/5-7 - 30, 35, Rest ✔
    • 9/8-10 - 35, 40, Rest ✔
    • 9/11-13 - off with a 2 mile walk on the 12th
    • 9/14-17 - 40, 45 ✔ Next: 50, Rest

    4-Week Progress:


  • lalabank
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    2017 Starting Weight - 242
    September 2019- 151.8
    September Goal - 146.8
    Ultimate goal - 121 (1/2 of my former self)
    5th- 151.8
    12th- 157.6
    15th- 152.4

    This summer has been a lot of fun but I didn’t lose a pound. After 10 consecutive months of hitting five lbs, July and August had zero loss.
    September has been a struggle to get myself back in check but now I’m back in Ketosis, my strained calf muscle is strong enough to go hard at the gym again, my calories are in check. I’m weighing, measuring and logging every bite, lick and sip.
    There are times in my life I might have said- oh well, good enough and just accepted the 150’s as my weight. Not this time, I want to get all the way there. I don’t care how long it takes.
    The struggle feels very real getting back to it after two months off.
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    Wow @lalabank that was so close to home for me. People are like "you look great, stay at that weight" but technically I am still obese at 158.3.
    I am a work-outer like you. I hear that it is 25% exercise and the other 75% eating, but that really really doesn't work for me. If I don't put in the calorie burn I will gain weight even at 1200 calories per day.
    Really glad to see you back and going for it : - )
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    So we are both at our September starting weight now.
    Getting older is fantastic in so many ways, but losing weight is really difficult.
    One day I will be at your 147.3 : - )
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    Well, you motivate us too!

    You might remember that I was drawn to you because I thought that you were French Canadian like my parents. Still, you live in France, so I count that as some sort of connection : - )

    Really really happy that you are back with us!!