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Why Carbs Make Us Fat...

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    Wow. Did the "disagrees" even read the article?!?

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    Wow. Did the "disagrees" even read the article?!?

    Highly doubt it..
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    MikePTY wrote: »
    Good piece.

    One of the reasons I've transitioned to a carnivore way if eating is because it is so much harder to overeat meat. By removing the delicious, easy to overeat carbs it has simplified my maintenance plan and for the first time in years I'm not struggling.

    Eating meat and fats like butter/ghee are boring. It's not fun, it's not exciting. I don't look forward to meal time anymore, I don't look forward to snacking. Social events no longer revolve around food. I no longer get the emotional 'high' from eating, I don't make recipes or bake anymore. But for me it's worth the trade off for what I've gained in return. We each need to find our own way :)

    To each their own, but to me eating a diet that I don't actually enjoy and using my lack of enjoyment of food as the main motivator behind my weight loss is a pretty sad way to live. I love food and the enjoyment good food brings and I don't think that needs to be sacrificed to lose weight, only controlled. I know that I can't eat as much of everything I love every single day anymore, but that doesn't mean I still can't lose weight with food combinations I enjoy. 40 pounds down now by eating plenty of things that make me happy.

    I felt similarly to you, back when I was still fresh off of my weight loss phase. Now over 7 years into this process though, I see things differently based on my experiences in maintenance. I now understand why most people fail at weight loss adherence and almost ended up in that place myself, before I decided to go down a different path.

    Best of luck to us both as we continue moving forward in this process :)
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    Carbs ARE awesome!
    The problem is, for me, all foods I love are awesome, and I can (and did) overeat them all. While most of us (like John Candy in the “Great Outdoors”), would be unable to finish the old ‘76’er in one sitting, over days, weeks, months and years, the excess calories add up to obesity for many of us. For me, it wasn’t just from excess of carbs, it was from too much of everything, and it certainly wasn’t from food I don’t like.

    I am working on all foods in moderation, and that works best for me, including carbs. All foods are readily available nowadays for most of us. Choices are abundant.
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    kimny72 wrote: »
    J72FIT wrote: »
    IMO, as an aside, I typically look at protein and fat as minimums. When I increase or decrease my calories it usually is with carbs. Of course I understand there is a mix of all macros in foods. Carbs as far as we are used to identifying them.

    I think the overall general implication he makes in the article is for the most part true. Could it be picked apart? Of course. But for the practical application, I think it makes sense..

    If I wanted to be REALLY spicy, I could suggest that the bolded is why so many people think carbs are the problem, and why I think it's easy to pick at the article. Because the way we typically use the term is incorrect. We use it as a generic term for all the low-fiber carbs (often combined with fat), and the myriad high-fiber nutritious carbs get sullied in the process. And the practical application of that leads to people restricting their choices in ways they don't need to.

    I would not disagree with that. He could have called the article Junk Food Makes Us Fat but then that would get picked apart too. At some point I guess you just have to plant a flag and make a stand.
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