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    Which US are you in. I'm in the middle of the US and we have metric on every package here.
    My food scale is always on grams as well, unless my wife changes it to oz.

    Metric is infinitely easier than ounces, quarts, pints, cups, gills, hogsheads, or bushels.
    72 days. I think some of the other posters may be out of country since there are references to grams. Since we don’t have the metric system in US it is just easier to track in ounces, cups and teaspoons. Grams are listed on all of the packages but then more work to convert.

    my us also has metric on the packaging as well
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    psychod787 wrote: »
    My last ramble on this topic. I will never deny CI vs CO is the sole driver or weight gain or loss. People can try to deny thermodynamics, but nope. I have spent the last 2 years trying to understand what controls CI, because I think that is where we can best control things. People can out eat any level of activity usually. We humans do better on a higher energy flux. In most studies, people who are more active are better at controlling intakes. I also think there is something about the sedentary state that makes us over eat. Now here is where I get the WOO'S... I think what we eat can be just as important as how many calories we eat for control of CI. Kevin Hall's study on hyperprocessed vs minimal processed food was a good one. Higher protein intakes seem to control CI as well. Where I think flexible dieting can help is the AVE. Abstinence Violation Effect, or the I ate a cookie so my diets blown... might as well eat the whole bag. Teaching people that they can have SOME fun and not be failures is important.

    I agree with your post. You'll get no woo's from me because my n=1 experience had shown that I do way better when I'm focusing on whole foods (lots of fruit, veg, some cheese, lean meats) but also having some balance in my diet (small treats but not going overboard).

    My personal their, which may be wrong but seems to be what happens for me, is that there are cycles. If I'm being more active I naturally want to eat "healthier" because my body craves it and the better I eat, the more active I want to be. The worse I eat, the less I feel like being active which leads me to eating more "junk" food.
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