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Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2020- One Day at a Time



  • MissMayMissMay Posts: 1,411Member Member Posts: 1,411Member Member
    That's my goal also.

  • wine_n_weightswine_n_weights Posts: 253Member Member Posts: 253Member Member
    @cavatinne - I prefer something not so sweet as well. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • looneycatbluelooneycatblue Posts: 338Member Member Posts: 338Member Member

    Fry's cocoa - 1 tblsp
    Stevia - 1 packet
    Peppermint extract - a splash
    Candy Cane.

    Stir it up.

    20 calories total.

    I actually prefer peppermint schnapps, but am attempting to drink less alcohol : - )

    Is Fry's cocoa, just unsweetened cocoa powder? Do you add about 6-8 oz of hot water to this? I need to try this!
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