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Women 200lb+, Let's Jump-Start This January!!!



  • cory17cory17 Member Posts: 613 Member Member Posts: 613 Member
    When I walk during lunch, have been listening to the Halfsize me podcasts and finding alot of value in them. There's one on stopping emotional eating which brings up changing our lens about daily lives and how we react to things and people. To stop judging ourself, or to change our self talk. Not saying we all have to be Stepford positive pollys but advocate for reality needs.
    It hit home for me.

    @terytha On the topic of ice cream - make it lactose free, sugar free/calorie free (& not erythitol as that just makes you too gassy) please!! Could gladly have it every meal.
  • fitchick37fitchick37 Member, Premium Posts: 119 Member Member, Premium Posts: 119 Member
    I managed to get my protein points up to 77g today but still failing miserably at fibre on 11g. Will endeavour to do better tomorrow.
  • L2HSL2HS Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member
    sharpdust wrote: »
    @Tarzan37 I wonder if maybe the app needs to be updated. I know when my apps start acting funky its usually because they need to be updated. Either way, do what you need to do to be successful

    @L2HS You can use this calculator to help you calculate your caloric expenditure in a day (how much calories you burn just by being alive plus exercise). It will calculate your maintenance calories, or how many calories you need to maintain your weight where it currently is. By seeing your maintenance caloric levels you can then subtract some calories (like 500 is a good start) to get a deficit and go from there. As you lose weight you can to adjust your levels, because the lighter we are the less we calories we need to consume. Hope that is helpful.

    Thank you for the link! I’m getting different numbers from different sources so I’m trying to logic my way through it.

  • L2HSL2HS Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member

    @L2HS, great progress! I wish I was able to provide some advice about eating too little, but echoing everyone else, I was also told to make sure I am eating at minimum what my BMR (basic metabolic weight) since that is what your body needs to exist.

    Thanks for responding! I’m researching BMR after reading your comment.
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  • CaseyloupuckettCaseyloupuckett Member Posts: 1,037 Member Member Posts: 1,037 Member
    Candyn617 wrote: »
    I know the 5 week prediction when you complete your diary is just an estimate,however tonight when I finished my diary it gave me a number I haven't seen probably in 15 years, maybe a little more. It showed 199.4lbs!!! This was so inspiring just to see it is on the horizon. After coming a good distance on my journey and having so much more to go. This was a wonderful thing to see!!! Just had to share. Have a wonderful evening!!

    That's fantastic! Congrats, it sounds like you have works really hard to get this far 😀
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