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Women 200lb+, Let's Jump-Start This January!!!



  • sharpdustsharpdust Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    Way to go @aliciap0116 !!!! Momentum moving into February, I can't wait to share my 199 scale pic :)
  • LasmartchikaLasmartchika Member Posts: 3,469 Member Member Posts: 3,469 Member
    @aliciap0116 Thanks for the suggestions!! I'm definitely going to try that!! :smiley:
  • Emilyestelle1Emilyestelle1 Member, Premium Posts: 21 Member Member, Premium Posts: 21 Member
    You guys are doing awesome. <3

    @speyerj - Wow, you're so organized about your goals. I have lots of respect for that, I'm kind of one of those people who just sort of goes with the flow. I should set a goal to set more goals.

    I have to wait till Wed to weigh in since I use the scale where I work.
  • aperfectnutaperfectnut Member, Premium Posts: 12 Member Member, Premium Posts: 12 Member
    I missed January, and February but I’m here for March!!

    Right now I’m 5’-9” and 253lbs. This is almost the heaviest I’ve been in my 44 years! Depression and stress has been keeping me down.... I let working two jobs interfere with my happiness as well.... BUT today I need to kick myself in the butt and stop this craziness and get moving!

    I’m putting me first for a change and going to get to my goal of 150lbs!
    edited March 2020
  • mmdeveaummdeveau Member Posts: 99 Member Member Posts: 99 Member
    Hi @aperfectnut!

    Here's a link to the March discussion thread:

    @RavenStCloud starts a new discussion each month, so that's where you'll find everyone now. Welcome!
  • wruperwruper Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member
    We are mid September. How is everyone doing. I started a new protocol yesterday
  • Mom2CubsMom2Cubs Member Posts: 54 Member Member Posts: 54 Member
    Is this a dead group? I only see 1 post since March. Looking for a good, active group to join.
  • LasmartchikaLasmartchika Member Posts: 3,469 Member Member Posts: 3,469 Member
    @wruper @Mom2Cubs This particular post is dead. It is a group that changes each month. This is the current post for the 200+ group: :)
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