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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 845 Member Member Posts: 845 Member
    Tuesday April 7

    I missed posting yesterday and failed to do my exercise (first day missed since the start of the bunny challenge). I need to catch up with my logging again! I Leo need to log my bunnies on here.

    @PackerFanInGB it’s lovely that you mum is happy in her new house and yes I knitted the pullover myself. My granny taught me to knit many years ago and I’ve restarted after a long break. I have some new wool and can knit while keeping my mum company.

  • cesse47cesse47 Member Posts: 662 Member Member Posts: 662 Member
    @PackerFanInGB -- thanks! I've added the Happy Yoga vid to my Watch List. It's nice to have 2-3 to choose from. I appreciate the info on the massage. Sorry to hear you have lymphedema which is causing so much pain for you. I do know how debilitating pain can be. I am interested because I have swelling in my foot, ankle, and lower calf on one leg. The doc said to use the RICE procedure which does help for a bit ... then it's back. This may be something that could help me. There is a DIY vid on Yahoo that explains how I can try to do it myself that I'll give a try ... especially since I can't get out to a doctor because it's not "essential". I had a radical hysterectomy about 15+ years ago and they took a huge number of lymph nodes. If that were part of the problem, wouldn't this issue have risen before now? Oh well, hopefully the DIY vid will help. Thanks so much for the info.

    I'll definitely let you know if I find any others. Have a good night!! :)
  • cory17cory17 Member Posts: 612 Member Member Posts: 612 Member
    So so far behind in reading posts

    @packerfan - what is the name of the new med and are you noticing any side effects

    @ABJ such a cutie - congratulations, shows how times passes too quick
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
    Morning all. It’s a beautiful day, and I have lots planned.
    I am grateful...
    • ...that we live right on the edge of the countryside where we can walk in relatively solitude.
    • ...for the resources at my fingertips on the internet.
    • ... that I have the expertise to improvise.

    Terri, this is awesome! I do a Gratitude journal at night where I list 5 things I'm grateful for that day, but thinking about it at the start of the day is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this!

    @maryrobinson40 What a beautiful picture of the sunrise! Pink skies are my favorite... I have to live vicariously through you to see the sunrise since I can't seem to get my rear-end out of bed early enough to witness it myself! :mrgreen:

    😂😂😍 Trust me Sis... I don't get up often enough to catch it either and that one made me soar.
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
    Sharing is Caring is what we teach our kids so I'm taking my own advice..5vveh6igjniq.jpg
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
    I was chasing the moon also this morning..1340qfwcrddm.jpg
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
  • Kuhl50Kuhl50 Member, Premium Posts: 273 Member Member, Premium Posts: 273 Member
    Daily habits: track, exercise, journal
    Tuesday Action Plan
    1. Wake at 0730, pill,pets, pill😀
    2. Put Apple in fridge and water bottle at desk😀
    3. Healthy breakfast—protein pancakes, apple, and blackberries😀
    4. On computer, video ready at 0855😀
    5. Cleanup office😀
    6. Setup new monitor😀
    7. Start pot roast 😀
    8. By noon decide walk or bike and do it 😀—but paid for it.
    9. squats + arm weights, abs, yoga😀
    10. Lunch= salad + chicken😀
    11. Put away 2019 files👿
    12. Organize 2019 taxes👿
    13. Dinner = pot roast + roast veggies😀
    14. Meditate😀
    15. Upstairs by 10, journal, lights out 10: 30😀

    Bunny Goal: 30 minutes of exercise or else 10k steps each day
    March 19,20,21,22,23,24,26,27,28,29,
    30,31, Apr 1,2,3,5,7

    Got exercise today but paid for it because I chose to walk. My shin splints got much worse. Iced a couple times tonight but really need to keep off now. Frustrating because I finally got back to jogging after at least 3 years and now I have to sit out for awhile and slowly build up again. Grrrr. Otherwise a nice, productive day. A little bit of work, a little home chores. Feeling my head start to clear which will be more helpful later.

    I’ve been frustrated in that I’m eating in a similar manner and exercising well, but on my walk today I realized there are a few things different about being at home that may be contributing to my weight loss stall out:

    a) cortisol up from stress—can partially address with daily meditation
    b) when I drove to work, I worked out before leaving. Now I’m exercising more middle to end of day. Maybe I’m losing the benefit of that metabolism rev and it’s just enough to keep me from losing. —can address by moving back to morning workouts
    c) when I drove to work I listened to HalfSizeMe to stay motivated, and I spent my morning exercise in deep thought. Past 2 weeks the only time I had to listen to podcasts was while out walking/jogging and I lost out on deep thought/planning sessions. I think this also affected my stress and my focus each day. —can address by having at least one silent exercise session each day (I think better when moving)

    I hope these tweaks help me out. Trying to hold on and be ok with at least maintenance but it’s gnawing at me that I can’t even blame it on fun nights out, comfort eating, or anything similar. Just my body refusing to let these pounds go!


    Daily habits: track, exercise, journal

    Wednesday Action Plan
    1. No alarm wake, pill,pets, hang laundry, pill
    2. Bike for 20 minutes silent, then finish out to 45 minutes with an episode of “The Crown”
    3. abs, yoga
    4. Healthy breakfast
    5. Lunch= pot roast left overs
    6. Organize side cabinet
    7. Fix personal laptop
    8. Put away 2019 files
    9. Organize 2019 taxes
    10. Roast chicken, pork, and veggies for “tv dinners”
    11. Dinner = salad + protein
    12. Meditate
    13. Upstairs by 10, journal, lights out 10: 30
  • Kuhl50Kuhl50 Member, Premium Posts: 273 Member Member, Premium Posts: 273 Member
    OMG...I am right there with you! I even started a new medication from my doctor that is supposed to kick-start metabolism, curb cravings and appetite and help you lose weight... Well, I HAVE really cut back on how much I'm eating, I'm actually NOT craving stuff like I used to and I am STILL at the same weight after 2 weeks! WTH? Starting to feel a little depressed about it...but am trying to be happy that I'm at least not gaining right now.

    I totally feel your pain.


    @PackerFanInGB Hi Tracie, thanks for the kind words! It is so frustrating, isn’t it? I did get my head in a better space today with some specific things I’ll try to do different (see my tasks post) but right now I can only hope the small tweaks will make the difference. But like you said—at least not gaining! Focus on our gratitude!

    So...grateful for beautiful weather, my general health, and my sweet husband! Here’s a pretty flower arrangement he made for me from the yard today.

    edited April 8
  • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 364 Member Member Posts: 364 Member
    - Homeschool🟢
    - Log🔴
    - Stay green🟢
    - Exercise (SL 5x5)🟢
    - Laundry🟢
    - Dishes🟢
    - Get outside for another beautiful day! 🟢

    I killed it on the exercise front yesterday. I walked 7 miles just looping around my house and did the lifting routine I had planned. 💪

    The weather was beautiful yesterday. The sun makes such a difference in my motivation. Today is going to be rainy, but hopefully I can at least stay green and get a little exercise in.

    - Homeschool
    - Log
    - Exercise
    - Stay green
    - Update budget
    - Organize one set of drawers
    - Set up a few virtual classes for the girls.

    Bunny challenge: 10k steps in nice weather or an indoor workout when I can’t get outside
    March 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31
    April 2,3,4,5,6

    Be well💕
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
  • maryrobinson40maryrobinson40 Member Posts: 1,077 Member Member Posts: 1,077 Member
    Morning Routine already done
    Phillip to work
    Listening to ocean sounds
    Fasting and Prayer
  • Bex953172Bex953172 Member Posts: 2,909 Member Member Posts: 2,909 Member
    @PackerFanInGB (about PM)
    You've not done anything wrong!!! I'm just worse at replying than you are so it seems!

    I WILL get back to you. I've just typed out a response twice and lost it twice so I had to stop before I launched my phone at the wall lmfao
    But everything's good :) do you use what's app?
  • teigansdadteigansdad Member, Premium Posts: 156 Member Member, Premium Posts: 156 Member
    Forgot to write my goals yesterday...
    Was in the red... oh well

    Goals for today
    Stay green
    Mow lawn
    Hang with family

    I have a meeting I could go to but with the COVID planning and what that means to my schedule I’ve been swamped with work emails and I gotta day it’s pretty much been trying to ruin my vacation.
    I feel just as stressed as if I were at work.

    Adding to my goal for today... don’t checking my email more than twice
  • Bex953172Bex953172 Member Posts: 2,909 Member Member Posts: 2,909 Member

    Me going out for bits last week all geared up haha! I took the pic for ash because he doesn't believe I wear my protective gear because he knows I get paranoid over my looks

    However. After Time of Month, I had a horrendous breakout of spots all around my lower face.
    And the mask.. covers it all hooray!!! No one knows :D

    Also can I ask you all a question...

    So I know some of you know my age. But how old would you say I LOOK. But I'm forever getting IDd for stuff. (It's THINK 25 over here so if you look under that they ask)
    Some b!t€h yesterday IDd me and she was younger than me! And I knew, she just did it to be a cow you know?

    I've temporarily lost my driving licence ID (it's somewhere in the house lmao!) and don't feel comfortable taking my passport out and that's all I have!

    Went to another shop.. no problem.. *eye roll*
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 9,080 Member Member Posts: 9,080 Member
    Love the Icelandic sweater and the beautiful irises. Mother Nature is unperturbed, as she dons her best threads.

    For those of you with kids, let them learn by doing. Get them involved in cooking. And antthing else you are doing. Any create things together. Art competitions are good fun.
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