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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,596 Member Member Posts: 12,596 Member
    @Snowflake1968 We’re on the home straight, as much as you can be as a writer. 😂 Every time I reread it, I add in something little detail. DH writes much less, so he is almost finished, but I’m proof-reading his, and collating the two, so it’s taking me much longer. It’s just as well I already had a body of memoir work to draw on or I would still be doing it next year.
  • annettehangartnerannettehangartner Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    Hello and Happy Tuesday!

    Today is going to be a scorcher! 99 expected, and still at 96 at 8pm tonight, I should have gotten my walk in this morning before work and that did not I may be in a predicament LOL

    Yesterday didn't quite go as planned, I did manage to not interfere with dinner makings when I got home from work, my adult daughter had things started and I just pulled together a salad, as that would be the primary base of my dinner. Need more water, did not work on finishing the writing of the service for this weekends wedding--that must be wrapped up tonight

    100 ounces water
    walk late at night if possible, arm weights if not
    Finish writing wedding service
    Stay on track with calories 300brk/70 snack/400 lunch/50 snack/350 dinner
    Spend 20 minutes in organization mode working on sewing studio set up
    Stay focused at the office, getting ahead of the ball, minimizing stress
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,596 Member Member Posts: 12,596 Member
    @PackerFanInGB I believe there are entries for both cooking and cleaning in MFP database. 😂
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,596 Member Member Posts: 12,596 Member
    💐 If you're feeling blue,💐
    💐 here's a gift for You. 💐
    💐 Just a little bouquet 💐
    💐 to brighten your day.💐
    I choose to feed my body the nutrition it needs and feed my mind with the quality thoughts it deserves
    To all those essential workers still going out there....
    🙏🏻 Thank you for your service 🙏🏻
    Everyone else, please stay home!!!

    What am I doing to keep busy? To name a few...
      [*] working on a Memories Project for my grandson
      [*] structuring my day
      [*] morning and evening meditation
      [*] Using the internet to ‘talk’ to family
      [*] crochet, jigsaws, journaling, gardening, reading, writing .......
      [*] HIIT videos off YouTube,
      [*] yoga/Taichi
      [*] Walks with DH
      [*] Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! 😂
      [*] Decluttering
      [*] Stress relievers (search YouTube for Paul McKenna)

      Keep your chin up!
      Turning up is the ultimate success!

      01 Aug 2019: 170.1
      31 Dec 2019: 151.2
      Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
      2020 Personal Discard Weight Challenge
      Name: Terri
      My plan is to weigh less at the end of each month than I did at the beginning
      SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
      GW: 147.1
      Jan: - 2
      Feb: - 1.3
      Mar: - 0.9
      Apri: +1.3 (not too bad, considering lockdown/Easter/Birthday this month)
      May: +0.7(working on upping my strength to,tone muscles, sonot unexpected. It's a balancing act! 😂)
      Sun 31May: 148.7
      Week 1:
      Mon 01: 148.5 😎 Happy to maintain until I sort out strength w/outs.
      Tue 02: 148.5 🌻
      Wed 03: 148.8 🌻
      Thu 04: 148.6🌻
      Fri 05: 148.5🌻
      Sat 06: 148.6🌻
      Sun 07: 148.4🌻[
      Week 2:
      Mon 8: 148.8🌻 Still holding steady
      Tue 9: 148.8 🌻
      Wed 10: 148.6🌻
      Thu 11: 148.4 🌻
      Fri 12: 148.6🌻 bad case of the nibbles tonight.
      Sat 13: 148.8:🌻
      Sun 14: 149.1🌻Silly choices yesterday!!!
      Mon 15: 149.4 🤔
      Tues 16: 149.2🤔
      Wed 17: 149.3🤔
      Thu 18: 149.2🤔
      Fri 19: 149.4 🤓 I was wondering if this uptick is connected to the fact that I have started interval walking/jogging to get my steps in. I did a little research, and sure enough, there it was, in black and white. When you start jogging, the muscles hold on to fluid for muscle repair. Can be several lbs, and it sorts itself out when the body acclimatises, so I'm sticking with it until it settles down.
      😂 Just when you think you have it all sorted, one little change throws it up in the air again. I'm guessing that this is temporary.

      Sat 20: 149.5
      Sun 21: 149.2
      Mon 22: 149.7
      Tue 23: 149.5

      JFT Tue 23 June:
      Daily goals:
      Sleep: 🌷
      Intentional exercise: > 50🌷84
      Cardio: > 30🌷Walking, jogging
      Strength: > 10🌷Legs
      Flex: >10🌷General stretches
      Prelog: stay in the green🌷
      Weight: < 150🌷
      Steps: > 7500🌷8600+
      Fitbit > 6 active hours 🌷10
      Mood: 😎
      Activities I got to do:
      🌷meditation: :relaxed: ✅ journal: ✅
      🌷Walk/Jog: :sweat_smile: ✅ Read:✅
      🌷DGS’s birthday project: ✅
      🌷declutter: dining room ✅ sewing ✅
      🌷crochet: ✅ Watch TV: ✅ Puzzles: ✅
      🌷Plan grocery shop for Wednesday ✅

      JFT Wed 24 June:
      Daily goals:
      Intentional exercise: > 50
      Cardio: > 30
      Strength: > 10
      Flex: >10
      Prelog: stay in the green
      Weight: < 150
      Steps: > 7500
      Fitbit > 6 active hours
      Mood: :sunglasses:
      Activities I get to do:
      🌷meditation: Write journal:
      🌷Walk/Jog: :sweat_smile: Read
      🌷Shop for essentials
      🌷Watch TV: Puzzles: crochet:
      🌷Birthday project for grandson
    • RuthanneBowersRuthanneBowers Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
      For today:
      1) Prep for classes
      2) Pick up for 10 minutes
      3) Get 5 hourly steps on stairwell
      4) Wash a window
      5) Cook some broccoli
      6) Practice the piano
      7) Do some Duolingo
      8) Get at least 8,000 steps
      9) Cross-stitch for 15 min
      10) Read my book
      11) Do arm workout and stretching videos
      12) Clear 5 emails from my inbox and 5 tabs off browser
    • jenwalkingfurtherjenwalkingfurther Member, Premium Posts: 225 Member Member, Premium Posts: 225 Member
      JFT - Tuesday
      15k steps👍
      Log everything 👍
      Stay within calorie target 👍
      7hrs sleep 👍
      Online Pilates 👍

      @snowflake1968, not buying them is the only thing that works for me too! I got some as my brother came over for a bbq but I think I’ll have to find other snacks or make sure he eats them all in future! Hehe!

      JFT - Wednesday
      15k steps
      Log everything
      Stay within calorie target
      7hrs sleep
      Plan menu for the week

      Have a great day everyone x

    • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,671 Member Member Posts: 1,671 Member
      Tuesday 23 June

      Log :/
      Stay in the green >:) cheese and chocolate!
      5 fruit and veg :)
      Water :)
      Fitbit exercise goal :)

    • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,671 Member Member Posts: 1,671 Member
      Wednesday 24 June

      Stay in the green
      5 fruit and veg
      Fitbit exercise goal

    • littleblackskirtlittleblackskirt Member Posts: 583 Member Member Posts: 583 Member
      @Snowflake1968 , let us know how your covid test goes. There are very differing reports here about how it feels to have one.

      JFT Tuesday 23rd June

      Log everything yes
      Stay in the green yes :)
      Back exercises no
      5 fruit and veg 5
      Walk if it dries up yes
      Parents weekly shop yes
      Iron bedding no
      Cut vinyl and fit in cupboard no

      I was so lazy regarding chores yesterday, just didn't do them. Did parents shop, and a few bits for myself. I bought their bread and forgot my own. I can't manage a whole week without bread! So when the rain stopped I walked back into town to buy it. Was out over an hour but forgot to time it. I seem to be forgetting quite a lot this week!

      JFT Wednesday 24th June

      Log everything
      Stay in the green
      Back exercises
      5 fruit and veg
      Leave car at garage and walk home
      Do chores
      Toddler-proof my house, in anticipation that they will soon be able to visit again (I still have stuff lying about on the floor from the move and decorating)
      Enjoy the garden, it's sunny today :)

    • teigansdadteigansdad Member, Premium Posts: 308 Member Member, Premium Posts: 308 Member
      Stay green✅
      Pick up raspberries and rice✅
      No beer✅
      No M&Ms✅
      No bagel✅
      Healthy fruit snacks only✅
      1 hr easy tempo spin on trainer✅
      Clean race bike✅

      Wednesday goals
      Stay green
      Eat pre race meal at 3
      Win race
    • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 568 Member Member Posts: 568 Member
      - Log everything 🟢 stay green🟢
      - Exercise (cardio)🔴
      - S to friend’s house🟢
      - Computer work:
      - - Go through school paperwork🔴
      - -Continue clearing out Gmail🟢
      - -Taxes, 🔴Budget, 🟢Product Reviews, 🟢Resume🔴

      Mixed bag yesterday in terms of goals, but I stayed green again, so that’s good!

      - Log everything/ Stay green
      - Exercise (weights)
      - Library pick up
      - Laundry / dishes
      - Clean dining room
      - Continue computer work:
      - - School paperwork
      - - Continue clearing gmail
      - - Taxes
      - - Resume

      Be well! 💕
    • fstricklfstrickl Member Posts: 867 Member Member Posts: 867 Member
      Good morning afternoon or evening wherever you are! It’s rise and shine for me so JFT I will:

      - stay at or under my calorie goal
      - Finish and post about my article for school
      - Drink 1.5 L of water
      - GO TO BED ON TIME!

    • merope2merope2 Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
      Tuesday: everything logged!
      Wednesday: log everything.
    • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 1,061 Member Member Posts: 1,061 Member

      JFT Tuesday
      - Protein Bar for breakfast :smiley:
      - Meeting at 9:00 :smiley:
      - Start looking at development on new method. Nasty chemicals with this one. Dangerous and stinky. I gotta make it safe for the workers before I'll release the test. :smiley:
      - Scrounge for lunch :( Waited too long for lunch and ended up haing a slice of pizza when I got home
      - If not raining, leave work early and set up for ride so I can go straight from appt to ride :neutral: It was raining
      - If raining, Peleton or rowing :smiley: Rowing & walk in the rain
      - Dinner with friends post ride :( No ride
      - Max 2 beers :smiley: 0 beers
      - No candy/cookies/brownies :( Damn Oreos
      - Log everything :smiley:
      - Stay Green :smiley:

      Make yourselves proud!

      Food was not on point yesterday, I was under calories, but had pizza which tends to stay with me for a few days. The scale reflected that this morning. It shows a 2 pound gain which I doubt. Today is a work from home day so there is no reason my food should not be on point.

      After work today, I'm going to do the ride I didn't do yesterday, but just hubby and I. It's a nice ride, rolling hills with a climb at the turning point. I will try the hill, but I'm just not sure I'll make it. Actually I'm pretty sure I won't, but we'll see just how far I get.

      JFT Wednesday
      - Weigh, DAMN
      - Breakfast <300 cal
      - Lunch <500 cal
      - Afternoon meeting
      - Evening bike ride, accept the challenge and try the climb at the end
      - Dinner out
      - Log everything
      - Stay Green
      - Positive self talk
      - No sweets!!

      Have an exceptional day all!
    • AJB1014AJB1014 Member Posts: 1,365 Member Member Posts: 1,365 Member
      @Snowflake1968 keep us posted on your test! How is work going? My mom works at a nursing home and were in a hot spot so she hasnt been able to hold her grandbaby since he was a month old...hes almost 5 months now. Are you seeing the grands again yet?

      @hegoddad0928 im sorry about the anxiety. My depression comes out as anger not sadness. It's such a [email protected]&k! I hope you have a better day today. Also...the heat makes me angry lol.
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