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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • HEGoddard0928HEGoddard0928 Member Posts: 755 Member Member Posts: 755 Member
    @MLHC1 Thank you for your encouragement. I have a better mind set today. It's almost the end of the week and I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend!

    @PackerFanInGB I feel like it has! I don't go to the laundromat now that Mom and Dad have a dryer again. So I don't have those nice high counters so that you don't hurt your back. I usually have to spread everything out on my bed and it sucks.
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,429 Member Member Posts: 11,429 Member
    Another New day! Another opportunity to achieve great things, one step at a time.
    The only failure is giving up!
    01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    31 Dec 2019: 151.2
    Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
    2020 - Jan Discard 5lb Challenge
    Name: Terri
    SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
    GW: 147.1
    03 Jan: 151.8
    04 Jan: 151.4
    05 Jan: 151.2 This is mostly water weight.
    06 Jan: 151.2 - 0.9
    08 Jan: 150.9 - 1.1
    09 Jan: 150.2 - 1.9
    10 Jan: 150.2 - 1.9
    11 Jan: 149.9 - 2.2
    12 Jan: 149.6 - 2.5
    13 Jan: 149.4 - 2.7 Upping the intensity of workouts, being mindful of healthy choices, and reigning in the snacking seems to be doing the business. Long may it continue.
    15 Jan: 150.1 - 1.8 Water retention! Took my eye off the ball sodium wise.
    16 Jan: 149.2 - 2.9 Whoah! 😂
    Depth Year - Updates
    I definitely have way too much stuff. I need to streamline my existence, resist adding more stuff, and start using what I have already got. I have been working towards doing this for several years with my decluttering. I need to stop the march of consumerism, and putting money into the pockets of other people by buying things I want rather than actually need.
    03 Jan: This is going to be way harder than I thought. Need to work out strategies and guidelines for what I can and cannot purchase.
    1. I have a stack of books which I haven't read. I will read one of those book a month, and not buy any more books this year. I will source any other books I want to read at the library.
    2. 04 Jan: The Illusionists - Rosie Thomas > 5 chapters per week
    3. 12 Jan: finished chapter 18, so well ahead of goal.
    4. 13 Jan: finished my 1st book: Will start the 2nd tomorrow
    5. Book 2: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, Gail Honeyman
    6. I have closets full of clothes that no longer fit. I will work my way through them over the next two months, and either alter them to fit, or donate them to charity.
    7. 07 Jan: One bag already full and ready to go to the charity shop
    8. I have a lot of Craft supplies. I will optimise what I have before I buy any new supplies. Sticking to this one will be difficult.
    9. 07 Jan: Depth Year: I have Patchwork Craft this morning. I will pick out one of my ongoing projects and work on it to completion. No new projects until I have finished at least 3 ongoing ones.
    10. 14 Jan: Craft Group: working on patchwork project from last Tues.
    Daily Goals
    • Food: log All food and drink; stay under goal; balance macros/micros; Hydrate adequately; NLNS!!!
    • Exercise: Knee Physio; 7,500+ Steps daily; 30 + minutes intentional exercise
    • Other: Daily Mindfulness Practice/Meditation; Practice Self-care; Positively reframe thoughts; Live! Love! Learn!; 15 mins Daily Declutter session; keep up to date with chores
    JFT Thu 16 Jan
    Daily Goals:
    • 10.15an: Dance Group🌟
    • 15+ minutes Upper body strength🌟
    • 15 minutes Dynamic Yoga 🌟
    • Laundry🌟
    • Eleanor Oliphant: 🌟 Giving this a second chance. Finished Ch 31.

    JFT Fru 17 Jan
    Daily Goals:

    • Latin Group
    • 15+ minutes HIIT
    • 15+ mins strength
    • 15 minutes Dynamic Yoga
    • 2pm: PhotoPlus Group.
    • Eleanor Oliphant: 🌟 Finished Ch 31.

    edited January 2020
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