Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



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    Good day on Sunday and a solid week overall

    For Sunday, there are things I have to forgo to get the things I want. Exercising self discipline, moving my decision making process into a conscious process is important. Finish the week strong.

    1800 calories: 1674 for the day. 1872 for the week
    Work out for 80 minutes: 86 minutes for the day, 8 hours 12 minutes for the week. 2.62 miles for the day, 14.67 miles for the week. 2640#, 330 crunches, 96 push ups, 240 lunges
    Make good choices: Made good choices and stayed under my calorie goal for the day so I could stay under the week
    Support my bride: Got a little grouchy after my walk. I can do better
    Eat dinner at the table and walk afterwards, both unplugged:We were off on our dinner schedules and I ate on the couch watching football but exercised self discipline. Bride is feeling better so we went for a shade longer walk after dinner


    For Monday: Do the things I’m supposed to do

    1800 calories:
    Work out for 80 minutes:
    Make good choices and exceed use self discipline:
    Support my bride:
    Eat at the table and walk afterwards, both unplugged:
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    Good morning to all and to all a good day. Well I have to have a good day. I will get this thing right. No reason not to I have a big pot of veg. soup ready. And I will start with having a bowl of that for breakfast why not. No one said it had to be breakfast food. Any food will break the fast. So on to a good day. What will make for a good day staying out of the kitchen. But I need to put down tomato's and can't do that watching tv. lol.

    see you all lighter
    Linda in Northern Ontario
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    Hey guys! It's been a little while. I've been battling a killer cold. I'm off from school today for a Jewish holiday and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY so I'm able to stay home and rest some more. Lol. I'm going to go to the doctor today to make sure it isn't bronchitis. I'm a bit worried it is because the mucus I've been coughing up is yellow. My mom always said that that's the sign of an infection. Lol. We'll see.

    Turns out I'm not pregnant. I took the test yesterday morning. :'( Matt's incredibly depressed about it. I really thought I was since my flow came almost a week late. It's really disappointing but I think Matt's having a harder time dealing with it then I am. So I'm going to call my doctor this morning and set up a consult which is the first step to seeing the fertility specialist. Matt's convinced that it's his fault I can't concieve. He had an injury down there when he was a young adult man did a lot of drugs and alcohol before he met me. I think we simply don't have enough sex. But to make him feel better we're going to get tested for sterility. Is that even a word? Lol.

    Your mum is right, yellow is a sign of an infection. But yellow is an okay colour. So is green i think!
    Google what colour mucus is not okay lol! I always do it just to make sure. But even though yellow/green is a sign of infection. Its an okay colour.

    I feel so sorry for you and Matt. Not in a pitiful way, I just want the same thing you want, for you to get pregnant! Everyone does!
    Although I must admit, I never thought of it from a man's point of view, I hope matts okay, its not his fault even if there is something not quite right with him, like it wouldn't be your fault if there was something not working with you

    When my brother and sister-in-law couldn't conceive they did start with fertility tests (you were close with sterility lol) so he will have a sperm count and tbh i cant remember what they did with my SIL. I think she had scans so they discovered she had endometriosis and polycystic ovaries i think it was.

    Look atleast youve both realised something isn't working and you just need to figure out what that is and they can either fix the problem, assist you in getting pregnant or if there's nothing wrong you can both relax and get under the sheets a bit more!

    My sil had problems but now she's a mummy to lovely twin girls! Its possible, it might be harder for you, and that is tough in itself. But you'll get there. Just hang tight x
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    @HEGoddard0928 happy birthday! I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well on your birthday. Hopefully you can find out what’s going on and get the appropriate medication so you start to feel better.
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    Just for today, Monday 9/28/20 I will

    •Take some time for self-care and getting back to feeling like ‘me’ again.
    •Be kind to myself and accept the help that is being offered by family.
    •Go for a walk
    Focus on real foods
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    @HEGoddard0928 HaPpY BiRtHdAy Hannah!

    @littleblackskirt I thought your doggo looked like Border Collie. We had one once that was a mix. Crazy-bad herding instinct, and she got in trouble in exercise area when boarded because of that. We'd always find her in the "time-out" space when we picked her up.

    Recap Sunday 9/27
    1) Church service 9:00 :smiley:
    2) Grocery shop after church :)
    3) Walked dog 3.41 mi in overcast, dreary weather with some sprinkles ~ we didn't care :smiley: happy dog & happy me
    4) Enjoy hubby time :smiley:<3 (we won't see each other (awake) again until Thurs.)
    5) Prep lunch/snacks, water bottle & overnight oats for M :smiley:
    6) Seared scallops & roasted Brussels sprouts for supper / net cals zero / 12c water :) LOL thought I was red then realized I forgot to log dog walk = green & 13c
    7) Unplug 9:00 / FLOSS / RETAINERS :smiley: yay / 5:40 alarm (walk dog before work) :)

    JFT M 9/28 ~ work in office day
    1) Walked dog 3.44 mi before work :smiley: happy dog & happy me
    2) Move hourly / stairs breaks (3 floors)
    3) Net cals zero / 14c water
    4) NHC to-do list / keep up w/ emails / AJNH progress
    5) Prep lunch/snacks & water bottle for T / at least one chore
    6) Unplug 9:00 / FLOSS / RETAINERS / 6:40 alarm (rest day)

    Wahoo!!! This morning I completed the You vs. The Year Challenge on MapMyWalk. I have walked 1,022K this year, beating my goal of by my bday (next month).

    2020 Goals:
    1) Get weight below 160# (last time was 4/20/19)
    2) Plan meals most days & prelog meals/snacks whenever possible on MFP
    3) Post weekly weigh-in on JFT for accountability
    4) Take measurements & log on MFP monthly (I stopped as weight plateaued & went up) = 2.1.20 / 2.29.20 / 4.1.20 (forgot 3.31.20) / 5.1.20 (forgot 4.30.20) / 6.3.20 (forgot at ME again)
    5) Exercise 5-6x per week (minimum 4x) ~ mostly walking but include weights/circuit & other x-training
    6) Participate in race events ~ have planned 7 5Ks and 2 10Ks at minimum = Frenzy on the Fox 5K 49:36 ave. pace 15:29 / Seroogy's Valentine 5K 46:26.7 ave. pace 14:47 / Badger State Brewing 10K virtual race w/ dog on 4/2/20 1:44:16 ave. pace 16:33 / Prevention virtual 5K Fun & Fit Team on 5/2/20 I walked 3.48 mi w/ dog in 1:01:10 ave. pace 17:33 / RonaRunOff 5/16/20 virtual walk 5.08 miles with dog in 1:23:15 ave. pace 16:23 / 100 Miles Challenge fundraiser (per fitness tracker) & completed 5/18/20 / Bellin Run 10K virtual race w/ dog on 6/6/20 1:41:03 ave. pace 16:14 dog definitely slows my "race pace" / Hope Isn't Canceled virtual 10K w/ dog 8/29/20 1:43:10 ave. pace 16:36 / Packers 5K virtual race w/ dog 9/26/20 52:23 ave. pace 16:41
    7) Be considerate and loving to hubby and have fun together
    8) Make efforts to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends (most live in other towns or states)
    9) Declutter home office, bedroom and basement = basement (boxes) Jan. / home office desk (some) & more basement boxes Feb. / basement boxes & home office (some more) Mar. / decluttered/cleaned in bedroom & more basement boxes Apr. / basement boxes May ~ very pleased w/ my progress / reorg in basement June & July
    Word for 2020: Persist
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    JFT - Sunday Sept 27
    1L of water - :)
    Log all food - :)
    No chips - >:)
    15 minutes of activity - :)
    Gratitude Journal - >:)

    JFT - Monday Sept 28
    1L of water
    Log all food
    No chips
    15 minutes of activity
    Gratitude Journal

    @bookmeister86 - I have worked straight through as though nothing has been wrong but have lots of friends who have worked from home. It's been interesting to hear how different people have coped, some love it and hope it continues for ever, others like yourself, thrives on the in office atmosphere.

    @ZizzyBumble - Nice to see you back

    @littleblackskirt - In my husband's family Tracey is used as a male name in several instances. I was the first female Tracey. Now that other branch of the tree has a granddaughter with the name since there was no boy born.

    @HEGoddard0928 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you aren't too sick, does that mean you can't go to work since Bronchitis has some symptoms of Covid? Fertility issues are so painful for so many, but there is so much that can be done now that couldn't in the past. Good Luck. Also, DISHWASHER? Are you ignoring it, like you did the dishes?

    @cschmitz110515 - Congratulation for finishing your goal early.

    Everyone have a great day!

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    I hope you all are having an excellent start to your week

    How do you get over a depression/frustration slump when you gain weight back?
    I lost 5.2 lbs my first week, but had a rough time this past week and gained 2.6 of it back. I’m trying to stick to my goals, but my mind is just not in it right now. It seems so easy to pack the weight on and so hard for me to lose it (thanks to PCOS and a crappy metabolism). At least I lost another .5 in at my waist despite the gain...
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    @HEGoddard0928 Happy Birthday, I hope you’re feeling better
  • ZizzyBumble
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    Monday 28 September

    Sorry I’ve been missing for most of the last 3 months. I have been reading some posts and feeling some guilt about my attitude. I’ve just not been motivated and have made too many excuses. Time to change now especially as clothes are getting too tight! Time to return to healthy habits and renew my acquaintance with food and bathroom scales 😀

    Log :)
    Stay in the green :)
    5 fruit and veg >:) - need to go shopping!
    Water :)
    Fitbit exercise goals :)

  • lcharpentier2
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    Best way to get lots of veggies is with a big pot of soup. And it is so good in this chilly weather.
    Fruit is easy just grab one and eat it.

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    🏖🎡💕💕💖 SEPTEMBER💕💖💕🎡⛱
    What am I doing to keep busy? To name a few...
      [*] structuring my day
      [*] morning and evening meditation
      [*] Using the internet to ‘talk’ to family
      [*] crochet, jigsaws, journaling, gardening, reading, writing .......
      [*] HIIT videos off YouTube,
      [*] yoga/Taichi
      [*] Walks with DH
      [*] Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! 😂
      [*] Decluttering
      [*] Stress relievers (search YouTube for Paul McKenna)
      Keep your chin up!
      Turning up is the ultimate success!
      01 Aug 2019: 170.1
      31 Dec 2019: 151.2
      Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
      2020 Personal Weight Challenge
      Name: Terri
      SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
      GW: 150

      Jan: - 2
      Feb: - 1.3
      Mar: - 0.9
      Apri: +1.3 (not too bad, considering lockdown/Easter/Birthday this month)
      May: +0.7(working on upping my strength to tone muscles, so not unexpected. It's a balancing act! 😂)
      Jun: +0.2
      1 Aug: 149.9
      01 Sept: 149.4
      09 Sept: 149.5
      September Daily Goals: Week 4 Planning a relatively restful day. Looking forward to family Skype this afternoon.
      Tues: ✅ Wed: ✅ Thu: ✅ Fri: ✅
      Sat: ✅ Sun: ✅ Mon: ✅
      Weight < 155: 6/7
      1 Aug 2019: 170.1
      1 Sept 149.4
      13 Sept: 152.2 (birthday - DH)
      25 Sept: 151.4
      28 Sept: 150.0
      Reduce Fat%:✅ 29.3; 27.1; 25.2; 25.1; 24.7
      Increase Muscle%: ✅ 28.7->30.1 30.5
      Calories < in the green 🦄 7/7
      Steps > 7500 🏃🏽‍♀️ 7/7
      Intentional exercise > 50 mins daily🦄 7/7
      Active hours > 6 daily🦄 7/7
      Positive intentions:
      🌟Meditation 7/7
      🌟Exercise 7/7
      🌟Family Skype 1/7
      🌟Cut out/sew masks (1/7)
      🌟Gardening: 4/7 🌟Declutter🦄 6//7
      🌟Laundry 6/7 🌟Circuits 7/7
      😜Housework 7/7 🌟Plan shopping (2/7)
      🌟Shopping 2/7
      🌟Write 3 pages or 15 minutes a day 🦄 2/7
      🌟Update Journal🦄 3/7
      🌟Crochet🦄 2/7 🌟Puzzles 🦄 7/7
      🌟Watch TV🦄 7/7 🌟Read 7/7


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      edited September 2020
      @HEGoddard0928 Happy Birthday! I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well on your birthday. Hope you get the fertility situation sorted soon

      @ZizzyBumble Good to see you posting again. (((Hugs)))
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      Just for today, Monday 9/28/20 I will

      •Take some time for self-care and getting back to feeling like ‘me’ again. ✅
      •Be kind to myself and accept the help that is being offered by family.✅
      •Go for a walk✅
      Focus on real foods [/quote]✅

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      Well, yesterday was a bit of a fail. I had online games with colleagues straight after work and that has often been a trigger for overeating as going straight into that means I don't have space to mentally unwind after work. The games were also quite frustrating as they just took forever and weren't very motivating as we were just losing very badly. And as a result I had a bit of a mini binge. Not particularly impressed with myself.

      Today will be better. It hasn't started well. I didn't sleep amazingly so when the alarm went off I did not go for a run as planned (didn't help that it's a lot darker in the mornings now :/). But I am going to persevere and have a good day anyway - eating well, having an alcohol and junk free day and then hopefully having better sleep as a result.

      Yesterday's goals:

      - Be in the green >:)
      - Go for walk at lunch :)
      - Talk to boyfriend in French >:)
      - Do laundry (so much of it to do following holiday!) :/ Completely forgot last night, it's on now!
      - Sort through post :)

      Today's goals:

      - Log everything I eat
      - Be in the green
      - No alcohol
      - Stay positive
      - Read emails at intervals only

      - Go for walk at lunch
      - Pick up new glasses
      - (Dinner) Talk to boyfriend in French
      - Get on top of emails
      - Watch Bake Off!
      - No watching TV in bed
      - Light off by 11
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      Hey everyone, hope y'all are doing well!

      I'm new here, I'm not exactly sure how this works but I've been trying to lose some weight for a long time but with barely any progress. I figured I needed some extra motivation and help and here I am.
      I would really appreciate help in achieving my goals. At this point they seem a mere dream. I've been pretty lazy I think and have procrastinated quite a bit. Maybe this will help me achieve what I wish to.

      My goals for today 29/9/20
      - Clear Mail
      - Cycle around
      - Catch up on Studies
      - Eat healthy
      - Sleep by 11