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5’-5’3” girl success stories before & after



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    Following... 👀

    Well done y’all.
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    Great! Me too. Im short. 155 cms. Must be 5'1 And 67.3 kgs max. After 15 days of logging in at 66.5 kgs. My problem is that I dont know where to cut. Im a healthy eater and dont drink alcohol. I should have lost more weight than this as I do Leslie Sansone every day too for 1.5 hrs.
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    Hi guys I was wondering how many calories do you have in a day ?
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    I am on MFP to drop an unfortunate 20 lbs I’ve gained over the past 3 years or so. (Well, it was 43 but I’m down 23 since getting back on MFP.) I stopped working out after motherhood and did a lot of take out, plus stress, life etc. I just didn’t make myself a priority. 🤦🏻‍♀️ BUT I have an old transformation to share to motivate myself and it’s helpful for me to know that I’ve done it before and can do it again. I dropped 90 lbs in 2004. I actually found that I didn’t like being that tiny (100 lbs) because I lost my curves, and I love my curves! So I put on some weight again and then just toned it up. I’m 5 ft tall. In this last after pic in the white/red dress I’m actually 130 lbs, but I had muscle and curves. THAT is my goal size/weight. 😊

    Yeah the 2008 pic is gorgeous! But the total transformation is amazing!! You're half the size, but your face is like TOTALLY different.

    How did you "tone up" what was your weekly regime?? Any hints or tips?
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    I'm 5'3. The first time I lost weight, I went from 175 lbs to 118 lbs back in 2009. I actually never counted calories but I was aware of what I put in my body. Here's the basic list I followed.
    1. No restaurants/fast food
    2. No white, processed breads must have 5 grams of fiber
    3. No high fructose corn syrup
    4. Never go hungry, eat something small like fat free milk with low calorie healthy cereal
    5. I walked around 3-4 miles a day and practiced yoga.
    6. Lots of beans (great source of protein)
    7. Swapped ground beef for ground turkey
    8. Cut out cheese, ranch, mayo and switched to spices, vinegar dressings or plain salads, and mustard.
    9. Weighed myself morning and night to see my progress, what worked what didn't.

    I lost weight over 11 months at 1 lb a week. I kept off the weight as i lost bad habits and gained these new ones slowly over time. I kept the weight off for 5 years until I stopped eating healthy in a new relationship and started eating fast food again. :)

    You've got this! It's totally possible. :)
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