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    I've never seen a picture. Her music isn't for me.
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    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    This is all so very touchy. JM is blunt and in your face. Has that ever changed anything for anyone? Our relatives can be some our harshest critics and all of their brutally, blunt harsh criticism or even calling ourselves names is all counterproductive to our overall health and well being. Apparently, her style didn't stick because those she coached on the BL didn't have lasting results from brutally strict in-your-face hard talk. They didn't find permanent weight stability. Being completely oblivious to the feelings of others doesn't motivate or inspire others to fit your mold and biased way of thinking about everything.

    I do think that her methods would be ineffective to create lasting inspiration in most people. But I think it is also important to acknowledge that the methods of the show (on which she's just one person) are also apparently ineffective when it comes to creating lasting results -- it's just not sustainable to lose 10-15 pounds a week through eating 1,000 or fewer calories a day while working out for 5-6 hours. In fact, studies have demonstrated that it's actually counter-productive (in that survivors of the show have a very high rate of regaining weight and demonstrate metabolisms that are much slower than they should be).

    Yes, her personality meshes well with the "tough love" of the show, but even the less blunt trainers on the show are still cooperating with the premise and their "clients" aren't more successful than hers.
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