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  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 7,171Member Member Posts: 7,171Member Member
    Wind has arrived. Hope the aerial stays up for the tv tonight. :o

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • SuziQ113SuziQ113 Posts: 692Member Member Posts: 692Member Member
    Lisa, thank you for the perspective. I know the timing wasn't just so in the past which is completely ok and I'm fine with that. And, if I am truthful my boss's hands are probably tied and she is just as frustrated as I am with the current situation. The corporate office is taking more and more control even though they still do not completely understand the division. We all are on borrowed time. I really want the title for better opportunities in the not so distant future.

    Congratulations on finishing the article.
  • Katla49Katla49 Posts: 6,435Member Member Posts: 6,435Member Member
    Kylia: Friday was lovely. Thanks for the good wishes. :smiley:

    SuziQ in SW Florida: DH found a good local plumber who did excellent work and didn’t over charge. We’re happy with his work and feel like we had a fair price. :bigsmile: (HomeAdvisor sent us somebody who drove out to give us a rediculously high bid. We didn't accept his bid.) :noway:

    Karen: Thank you for the map that shows us the location of Terri and Heather’s home-towns. :flowerforyou:

    I just heard from my horseback riding instructor. I have a lesson tomorrow at 1:00. YAYYY!

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 10,482Member Member Posts: 10,482Member Member
    Picked it up, 1st time driving it. It has a touchy gas pedal!!

  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Posts: 1,756Member Member Posts: 1,756Member Member
    Gothchic- Bestest friends do potluck! I always liked that or we’d eat out one person buy big fries 🍟.Another few would buy side dish of veggies . Another few a pitcher of drinks which came with cups. We’d all go in on the meat 🥩 if we wanted some or buy our own but share the rest. Was a great time . Did the same with entertainment like movies big bucket of popcorn we all chipped in got our own drinks. I always had the coupons so 1/2 off a burger 🍔 then we’d share it lol 😂. Sliver each. We walked to exercised as a group so always great jokes.

    Amber Tx
    edited February 15
  • SuziQ113SuziQ113 Posts: 692Member Member Posts: 692Member Member

    I agree with you 100%. When to take SS is a very personal choice and is dependent upon so many factors. The same holds true with some pensions. DH decided he would take a smaller payment in order for me to receive after he passed. We plan and G laughs. He passed before his first pension payment. His plan is a great one and payment goes up 3% per year no matter what happens. I have a few more years to wait.

    The corporate world has changed. I'm glad I don't have to be in it too much longer. If I decide to work it will be a choice not a need. Who knows when I get there my perspective may change. Or my life may change in a way I could never predict.
  • SuziQ113SuziQ113 Posts: 692Member Member Posts: 692Member Member
    Many congrats. Is the gas pedal touchy or do you have a heavy foot? LOL. 🙃
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 5,710Member Member Posts: 5,710Member Member
    i tried taking a bit of a nap, but it wasnt to be, so I am having a cup of tea and checking in..
    today at work.. I get some of it, but the process of this program on all of us except for the doc is just crazy..
    so for right now, I am going to go and enjoy the vacation and not worry about work. put it in the good Lords hands while I am gone.
  • SuziQ113SuziQ113 Posts: 692Member Member Posts: 692Member Member
    Kayla, Hope you have a great lesson tomorrow! One day I may ride again. It was something I enjoyed as a young teen.
  • ginnytezginnytez Posts: 460Member, Premium Member Posts: 460Member, Premium Member
    Karen in VA—love your granddaughter’s focused look!

    SuziQ and LisainAr – promotion frustration can be real. I work in the government so opportunities are more limited than in the private sector. I would be ranting if I had been promised something 6 months ago. My sons have both had that experience. The eldest is fairly good at finding outside opportunities when he has gotten frustrated (after giving them time) and has always had an upward move. My youngest is using it as opportunity to work on his patience. He has already had several promotions where he is and there is another in the works-sometime this year.

    Kylia-pretty sure we live within 30 minutes of each other!

    I can collect social security at 66 (well, could get it now but I am still working, so will hold off til 66). My main retirement is from government retirement system, which will be sufficient. I will get a reduced amount of SS due to windfall provisions, but will take what I can. I think if I am still working at 66 I could draw my full SS until I retire so if I decide to work past this year I may look into it. Am letting husbands 401k fund sit until I have to start withdrawing.

    Been busy around house today. Cleaned out kitchen drawers, got laundry done, shopping, drain clean out and went for 70 minute walk. It is cold out today but quite sunny so I just listened to one of my playlists and had a nice time. Wind started bothering me towards the end, so called it quits.

    Going to go start dinner and continue with some more cleaning.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
  • Katla49Katla49 Posts: 6,435Member Member Posts: 6,435Member Member
    SuziQ: I have loved horses since early childhood. I’ve never actually owned one, and doubt that I ever will. If it happens I’ll be surprised. I go by Katla. It is the first three letters of my first name and the first two letters of my last name. :flowerforyou:

    Tracey in Edmonton: Your advice about our anniversary is good. We’ve postponed the family celebration until summer so that we can have more time with our adult kids and our grandchildren. DDIL is currently embroiled in a serious family medical situation that will take some time to resolve. Waiting for the family celebration will have our grandchildren out of school for the summer and a better shot at good weather on the Oregon Coast. We will have a private celebration with one another on the actual anniversary date and look forward to the family event in July. :heart:

    Have a great day.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • skuehn48skuehn48 Posts: 1,152Member Member Posts: 1,152Member Member
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Posts: 1,756Member Member Posts: 1,756Member Member
    Took a UTI test strip race amounts of leukrates thingys. So drinking water trying to reverse it. I’m at the start of whatever it is so here’s hoping. Hate when bladder wants to act up.

    Amber Tx
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 7,171Member Member Posts: 7,171Member Member
    Tracey - Enjoy your 4 day weekend. :D Nice to spend time with your daughter like that.
    Watched a travelogue this evening featuring western Canada. Beautiful.
    Sorry about the garlic etc problem. :'(
    My DH is really skinny and I have problems getting him to eat enough. He takes a lot of exercise. He doesn't eat much more than me, apart from a few candies and the occasional cookie. He rarely suffers from hunger and often feels too full. ;) He weighs the same as me, but is 6 ft tall.

    Edie is coming to play tomorrow. I have got bagels in and some best, free range bacon. She will love it. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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