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    Carol my condolences..and ugh not a good day for you...
    Right now I'm hanging with Alfie and watching a tv show and relaxing.. working 11-5 today and thinking the antidepressants are finally kicking in...because at this point I will go into work and do my best and not worry about the rest..
    But I will sure as shootin enjoy my vacation..
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    Not late at all newcomers welcome we start a new thread monthly.Put name place at end Amber Tx so we know which person it is

    Carol open garage by hand 🖐 lock it behind the side rails put a screwdriver keeps it from being lifted up by any passer by. Get car fixed well either leave it outside of the garage or be forced to go in unlock open get back I. Every time. Save up for garage car comes first. Spend the day remembering happy thoughts of those who passed on. Take a warm bath or shower with some calming music in your phone or radio 📻 (not near the water tho bathroom amplifies y echos luckily).

    Amber Tx

    Gassy still from the yogurt all that granola lol 😂 gas-x still didn’t finish it off. Ginger doesn’t stay down for me (stomach conditions bucking like a bronco). Watching my weight Yo-yo like usual but having a lowest day always let’s me know it will get there again y stay soon!

    Prep meals for those who hate left overs: 101 (I bought a 3 sectioned tray)

    Can use them for salads the point of a 3-sectioned container is wet ingredients separated from dry y an extra spot for cheese or something to meats tofu etc .

    Yogurts - granola y dry ingredients one section,wet fat free yogurt with honey another, fruit in another spot

    Can put veggies that are cut up y a dip with a spot for cracker or cheese or fruit etc.

    Canned tuna in one spot ,crackers cheese another y fruit another section.

    Bread slice separate,peanut butter , celery or veggie to dip (peanut butter sandwich with dipped veggies)

    Fruits assorted or assorted veggies raw cut up can add honey to fruit if you like. For a quick party treat tray for your munchies.

    Count out a treat so later can quick grab stay in portion control. Example 21-31 Cheetos , granola bar halved , packaged skinny pop popcorn 🍿 in bag still. That be all your allowed for the day so make it last lol 😂.

    Sandwich meat on 1 section, spreads you like in another ,dip spreads in another.Then only grab bread toast it make sandwich everything ready to grab premeasured . If you doubled it make half then half again. Tadaaa 1 days worth.

    Jerky one section, skinny pop popcorn , veggies raw or raw fruit that keeps can have on counter for the day. Grab eat out of it.

    Taco 🌮 fixings . Place in middle of table make fresh tortilla y meats everyone can reach in for the toppings of precut up y washed lettuce to tomatoes 🍅.

    Boiled egg 🥚, salad 🥗, side dish you like carrots perhaps. Then cook meat separately later pop top place meat on top of salad eat.

    Premeasured meats y veggies to cook each section for veggies y meat .Get it out now pop in the frying pan out the container to wash. In one container only meats like beef do not mix fish with beef in containers to avoid cross contamination. Container can be sections of chicken ,onion diced y bell pepper,y seasonings.

    Amber Tx
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    Heather: I’m so sorry that your DH’s back is bothering him. I hope things improve for him long before you leave on your cruise. :star:

    Peachy: I’m so sorry that your day is starting with frustrations. I hope that things get better as the day goes along. :star:

    Rori: I hope that you’re able to find comfortable shoes that will provide the support your foot needs to heal well. :heart:

    Michele: “Went and played canasta. Tomorrow is the pot luck. Someone at canasta was talking about how they got a cake at the local grocery store which she thinks looked good. I just hope everything isn’t from a store." Food from the store might very well be safer than some people’s homemade food. :flowerforyou:

    Kylia: Your weather is so much more challenging than ours. Wow! We have had a very temperate winter—only one noticeable frost so far. I know that part of this is our proximity to the river. We are barely above sea level and have tides here. Nearby people at higher elevations have had more frost than we have. :star:

    MauraTex: Welcome! :flowerforyou:

    I think I’ve already raved about our new kitchen faucet and hot tap, but I’m so happy with them that I’m still feeling wonderful. DH found a local plumber that charged a reasonable fee. Home Advisor was not helpful. The plumber they sent quoted a crazy high fee and we said no thank you. :bigsmile:

    My doctor advised me to drink a glass of red wine nightly. It is NOT sitting well with me and I’m going to stop. I end up with acid reflux and late-night bathroom visits. :grumble:

    :heart: Happy Valentine’s Day!!! :heart:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Welcome Newbies!

    Rebecca Congrats on finding a way to go to the pizza place with your DH. Adorable Athena!

    SuzyQ I am so impressed with your weight loss chart! You have been so dedicated and so successful! Your soup looks delicious!

    Terri and Heather You have been in my prayers with the storms. I am not that familiar with geography on the other side of the Pacific, so it is hard for me to know where the storm is in comparison to where you are! I have seen Ireland and UK mentioned on the news about the storm and, of course, your posts. Prayers you are safe!

    Michele Sounds like you are enjoying the warmth of FL. It is cold here today! 32F when I got up this morning. I could use a day in the FL sun to thaw out…lol!! It’s very pretty outside, but quite chilly!!

    Lisa Love your explanation about husband/BF!

    Katla 7 years on MFP!! So impressive! I am so glad you have stayed so dedicated to your health! I’m also happy for you about to reach your 50th! I am hoping for that…I keep telling DH he must live long enough for us to get there. We will have to make it another 25 years from March. He will be 68, and 63 for me… so I’m counting on him making it to 93!

    Tracey Love the pictures from your brother’s home. Beautiful country!

    Amber I hate that you suffered your grandmother’s racism!! My youngest is mixed race and we live in a racist area. It breaks my heart the how some people are so narrow-minded. I worry for our new granddaughter.

    Luci in WNC - still trying to catch up with the entries on this feed! :s
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Member, Premium Posts: 2,209 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,209 Member
    Happy VD ladies! <3 Oops I mean Valentine's Day! <3

    Carol - oh my, so sorry to hear about your garage door. I get nervous about ours, especially if the electricity goes off. The manual release is on the inside of the garage door and there's no way DH or I can squirrel the 6" between the door and the car to release it. Did you figure out why your car wouldn't start? Battery? Understandable it's not a good day for you. HUGS

    Tracey - really enjoyed the photos of your daughter and granddaughter in the same dress! Twins!

    Rori - what a neat thing to have unexpected $$ coming thru from the sale of your mom's property! Prayers said and unsaid are so often answered. :) Sorry to hear about your foot and crossing fingers your DH likes the daycare.

    Karen in VA - loved that Alzheimer's list. It occurred to me many of the strategies also work on spouses and other family members/friends/co-workers with fairly decent cognition. B)

    Heather - I am getting excited with you about your upcoming cruise!

    Hey UK ladies... I watched the 4th episode of Season 10 of VERA and have watched the latest episodes of "Silent Witness" too. I am hooked on that one - anyone else? Sorry to see Clarissa go and I wouldn't be director of the Lyell Center for anything, these guys seem to get killed off after 2 seasons. Hope Storm Ciara has moved on and your weather is settling down.

    Doing OK with IF - down 8 pounds in 10 weeks, mainly 16/8 but doing a lot of 14/10 too. Seeing so many benefits. Only complaint is the excessive gas and bloating (which apparently affects many who fast) has kicked up my diverticulosis. It's better now thanks to a good probiotic and fennel seeds/tea. Seeing my doc this Tuesday to see if I somehow managed to get something out of whack. :( Elimination is good, no constipation, but I feel a little "stitch" down in the lower left abdomen at times. Might be normal for someone with diverticulosis. Colonoscopy 7 years ago showed no polyps or masses, but severe diverticular disease. I had NO idea since I've been eating tons of fiber for as long as I can remember and no symptoms. I am wondering too if my lack of gallbladder stresses my liver when I eat several large meals instead of when I usually ate from dawn til dusk and even later.

    Get ready, Dr. Lisa!! Here comes the patient with a hundred questions!

    Ok ladies, make it a fabulous day! <3

    Sunny with spotty rain & chilly SW WA State
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    Did a step DVD today. Not sure what time we need to leave tomorrow. If I have time, I’ll do a pilates DVD

    After exercise (boy, I forget how much I sweat down here), went to the gas station by WalMart, then into WM, the to Wynne Dixie to get catfish. Made the catfish for later and pork chops. Got my food ready to take tomorrow

    Vince was saying that when we get back to NC it’ll be time for him to start on Jess’ income taxes

    Allie – Jess has a friend who worked in Reston. She moved to Ohio. She told Jess that even tho she isn’t paid as much, in the end she’s coming out ahead because it isn’t as expensive where she is. So if you were to move to, say, Florida you’d most likely come out ahead even tho your salary isn’t as high. Think about it. Bet you could save up enough to move

    Sometimes I just like to have a bit of candy, and the Dove promises work for me. Just enough to satisfy me. While at WM I checked out their candy. They did have bags of the Dove. But today it was totally sold out. Part of me wondered why they’d purchase things that don’t sell and then they wind up having to sell them at ½ price, but Vince was telling me that many times manufacturers will offer the stores good deals if they purchase certain things. Like they have these peanut butter and chocolate Dove candies. They didn’t sell last year, so why would they expect that they’d sell this year? But maybe the store got a good deal

    Cakes – I used to always make my kids special cakes. I remember making one in the shape of the number 4 for Denise. But she’s so materialistic that she would only want a store bought cake. I did make one for Pete in the shape of a boat, but I never got a “thank you” or anything. Do you have any idea how hard it was to ship? So I’m not even going to be bothered. I’d love to do it, but it wouldn’t be appreciated. I will make a litterbox cake for Jess for her birthday. I forget when she said she was having spring break. I’m going to try to talk Vince into going out there for at least a few days during her break

    mauraTX – welcome. You’ll find lots of things here that you can relate to and you’ll get some great ideas. I know many times I’ve gotten ideas of things that I never would have thought of

    The pot luck tonight. Will put my dish in the serving dish later. I don’t know if it’s at 6 or 6:30. Well, I’ll find out in time

    Katla – you’re right about the safety of food. I don’t know…it’s just me but it feels like someone didn’t put any caring into it when they just go to the store and buy something. I can just go to the store and buy the same thing. Of course, buying something is a totally different story for someone who is disabled. I would certainly understand them buying something

    Luci – today it’s colder. Have pants on.

    Trump is going to be the grand marshall at the Daytona. They’re going to run a Trump/pence car tomorrow. Wonder what it’ll look like?

    Oh, when I went to Belk's yesterday (just bought a fan pull for Pete. He put in a fan when i was there. I thought he'd like it since it's nautical themed) I met a lady who was from boone, NC. She was asking if these condos are ever rented. I know they are, but I have no idea for how much. She said she was going to look into it.

    Michele who probably won’t go in the pool today
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    JR discovered the chimney levers
    What a dead bird to lizard blk soot mess k6bqw39j174w.jpeg

    Luci WNC - true not easy being mixed race but easier with mixed race Dad,hubby ,y kids now . I’m not alone this way. My Mother’s side -My grandma very racist passed on awhile back but my 80yr old Aunts are still racist y kicking. Gets old tell you the truth.

    Cleaning up a mess while hubby texts from work on Valentines Day. Here’s hoping for a bath lol 😂. Nice hot alone one with JR not crying for Mommy would be nice.

    Amber Tx
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  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,217 Member Member Posts: 4,217 Member
    Happy Valentine's Day Friends!
  • LisaInARLisaInAR Member Posts: 2,021 Member Member Posts: 2,021 Member
    Flea - sorry for the cack-handed help! I know you, and should have known you had investigated all the information available.

    Pip - you're right, Yogi is the bomb, and that's an amazing picture of him.

    The hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, and haven't for years... so I bought him some Reese's peanut butter eggs as a treat, since the Easter candy is out already, and let it go at that. We seldom have any form of candy in the house, so he'll enjoy those. Did do a drive-by on the card aisle, but they were all awful. Did I ever tell you that I submitted a bunch of card suggestions to a card company a couple decades ago? The rejection letter said they were a bit too sarcastic for their liking. :wink:

    Still writing like mad, which is incredibly good for my mental state.

    Still on IF, 16/8, and still in stasis weight-wise. Have gently worked the elliptical up to 20 minutes a day, and haven't yet triggered the food brain thing, where I eat everything I can reach. Staying at 20 this week, will work it up to 25, upping it one minute a day the week after. So, in short, still sneaking up on myself. :smiley:

    Allie, if I don't drop back in before you go, have an AMAZING trip to Machu Piccu, and take loads of pics!

    Later y'all,
    Love, Lisa
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