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    Flea Are you going to have your house assessed by an independent assessor? I believe I would do that.

    evie1958 wrote: »
    Have been in a funk and couldn't figure out why til this morning. Saturday, Feb 15 will be the anniversary of my mom's passing. It's been 9 years and I've accepted it, just not quite used to it yet, I guess. Still think of her and my dear friend who passed 16 years ago in March when I see or do things that only they would understand the significance of.

    Evelyn, Vancouver Island where it's raining, again. Sigh. (at least it's a gentle rain, not like the downpours of the last few weeks!)

    Evelyn, I understand this so well…March marks the passing of Dad, my sister Dana, and Mom, in 1981, 2000, and 2001. Some years it sneaks up on me.
    I'm so sorry you lost your mother and your dear friend. What were they like?


    Karen in Virginia who had a lovely Lilliana day.

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    Flea Are you going to have your house assessed by an independent assessor? I believe I would do that.

    I will recommend it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon
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    Flea - Hugs to you it sounds like a true mess.

    Carol - I don’t think that’s cheating, I think it’s smart. Here in Canada we don’t have to worry about those things as much, but my Grandmother signed everything over to my brother and mother years before she passed so the government couldn’t get anything. She even changed her bank account to their names

    Debby - I wouldn’t be able to have the pre packaged meals in my house either, I don’t even care for leftovers. My husband was like yours for years but since I finally got him to a doctor who told him to lose weight he is taking it very seriously.

    Well the week is almost done! Tomorrow is a special lunch for the residents and we as staff are allowed to purchase is we choose. It is pasta and salad. I don’t know if I’ll partake or not.

    I have taken a lunch all week so far and been eating homemade meals at night until tonight when hubby wanted burgers. This is only the 2nd time since December when he used to want them 2 or 3 nights a week. I agreed so I didn’t have to cook. Way over on calories now.

    Tracey in Edmonton
    Where it was light driving to work and home tonight!
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    <3Flea, many hugs to you at this trying time.
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    Took the Power hour class today. The plan for tomorrow is to do a step DVD

    Heather – what an honor

    Allie – I agree with Okie. Remember the job you were offered in Sarasota? Well, sad to say, but at our age we need to go where the job is. That is, IF you are really interested in finding another job. Your experience is a great asset to any dentist. Take advantage of it. You CAN do this. It may mean relocating. Trust me, I know how difficult relocating can be. I moved from PA to NC, didn’t know a soul. Were you only looking at jobs close to where you live right now? Expand your search. Your family and friends can and will come to visit you.

    In a way the recycling down here is really sad. I can understand that when the cans are full, you have to make sure they close because of the high winds they get sometimes. They don’t want garbage all over the parking lot. However, I’m going to bet that they only pick up recyclables every other week (like we have). So it’s like “why bother recycling, it’ll just go in the garbage any way” The residents don’t want a lot of recycling bins because they’re “unsightly”. We can’t really say much because we don’t live here year-round. Oh, the people who just bought the condo down the hall from us are from Asheville!

    Got dinner ready to be microwaved, exercised, made the shrimp orzo salad to take to the pot luck tomorrow (the flavors have to meld so that’s why you make it in advance), went in the pool, I may run to Hobby Lobby to get a diamond dotz to make for my girlfriend, canasta tonight.

    I’m considering going “au natural” with my hair. Only thing is, I don’t know if I want to wait until the hair grows out. It’s long now and it’ll look funny half dark and half whatever. Does anyone know if there is something you can put on your hair to take the color out? I seem to think that I bought something like it at Sally’s, but I’m not sure.

    Amber – you’re making me hungry

    Flea – ((HUG))

    Went and played canasta. Tomorrow is the pot luck. Someone at canasta was talking about how they got a cake at the local grocery store which she thinks looked good. I just hope everything isn’t from a store.

    Michele here in FL where its warmer
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    That leg!💖
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    :) All the paperwork for the income tax is finished and ready to mail to the accountant, It took much longer this year because Jake wanted to see how I did it in case something happens to me and he has to do it. Last year I wrote detailed notes about how to do the taxes,so we went over them as we completed each task. It took extra long but it made him feel better.

    <3 Rori, It was so hard for me when I was waiting for my spine fracture to heal. It took huge exertion of will for me to limit the time I walked and spend many hours a day lying down. I feel for you and your foot. Best wishes.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Thank you for the reminder that we need to get our affairs in order. Y'all are the second reminder this week.

    Sue- it will be great to have hot water again!

    Tracey- I have similar pictures of my oldest grand and her mom. The family resemblances run strong in our line too.

    Amber- great planning!

    Debby- My husband keeps accusing me of shrinking his clothes too! He is just joking though. He is eating better since my diet is so changed. At least he is eating oatmeal instead of oreos for breakfast. When I am having a bad Jean day, he just says that I shrunk them. 😂😂💗

    Grays are gone for a few weeks as well as moustache😉

    Picked up different dry food for Sara which she ate. Husband fed her wet food which she ate as well. She hasn't eaten much in about a week. Happy that she ate well tonight.

    Work was productive. Got price books all up to date for spring. Totalled a few invoices. Cleared out a few folders.

    Heading to bed. The temp has dropped 8 degrees in 3 hrs. It's going to be a cold one! Stay warm wherever you are!

    Kylia in COLD Ohio
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