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    Went to a ceramics place this morning. It's really by appointment. Only got a few things. Why do they have one price on the bisque and then say it's 50% off when you go to pay? I'd rather know what I'm spending. If I knew I wasn't spending as much, I might very well buy more. But that's the way they do it.

    What a place! The marker to let you know where the house is? "When you see the used toilet at the end of the driveway you'll know you're here"

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    SuziQ Can you post link to website with latest statistics on the novel Coronavirus? I know about The WHO dashboard, but wondered if you have a frequently updated source. And I meant to ask you 2 things: How has your work restructuring (or whatever it was) been coming along? I remember thinking that sounded like a cluster in the making. Second question: Are you doing another gleaning? I find it such a wonderful idea.

    Pip Did your bruise completely heal?

    LuciB Your granddaughter is so. darn. cute! A bundle of sweetness. That smile! Reminds me a bit of Athena

    Kelly It's probably going to be a few more weeks until 6-month Miguel pictures, isn't it. Tap Tap Tapping my foot impatiently.

    Beth in Buffalo So glad for you to have some sunshine!

    Missing Yvonne, Meg, VickiGI, Trucker, Penny, and others. Hope you'll drop in soon!


    Leap Day!


    Karen in Virginia

    Took awile but it’s finally gone, thx for asking
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    :) It's time to start the new thread for March. It might still be February on my side of the Pacific Ocean but it's March in Tasmania.

    Here is the link:
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    SuzieQ gorgeous!
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    I got your donation in the mail today,katla thanks!!! I'm up to 403!
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    take care Rebecca!
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    Welcome Newbies!! This is such a great group of women. Keep coming back!

    Allie Wonderful pictures from your trip! Looks like a super time!

    Karen Thinking of you after the passing of your friend. Hope the memorial and all goes smoothly.

    Janetr Glad your daughter is working and doing the best she can. Hope things continue to improve for her!

    Katla I agree with everyone on the alcohol, however, I enjoy a drink occasionally. I feel deprived often enough that I get upset at having to stop everything! A glass of wine or a beer to relax feels good to me. My Dr. and I wish they would legalize marijuana here. I could really use the pain relief and anxiety reduction! I hope I am not cutting years off my life with occasional drinks (I mostly worry about its effect on the brain), but I also think it is when we over-indulge with anything that we find the real problems.

    Rori The violence from Alzheimer’s was probably the hardest part for me while watching my father’s decline. My petite French neighbor ended up as his roommate at one point and my father slugged him. I was horrified! During his lifetime, I don’t think he had ever been in a fight with another man (he liked hitting my Momma and us kids, but no outside fighting). I really feel for you and all the struggles that caregivers go through! I also used to work with profoundly mentally disabled, and we would often have to deal with combative behaviors. Unfortunately, the allowed response did not protect the caregiver, only the patient.

    Kelly I love your mindful eating practice!

    Pip Ahhh…the puppy trio! Great pic of you and DH, too!

    Heather Prayers that DH is not Dx’d with anything serious. Just read that the RBC is off…hope it is not a difficult fix. There are so many things that can cause that.

    Terri I’m with Ginny. Don’t think I’d like surgery without anesthetic and just breathing. I know it is doable…just not by me!!

    Karen Hard to be a musician with wrist trouble!! I’ve had two left shoulder surgeries which played havoc on holding my violin!

    Karen So happy for Josephine! Continued prayers as she completes her chemo tx!

    Lisa The monster truck picture is the BEST! I love the little ear protectors and the adorable expression!

    Still on p. 78. It takes a long time to catch up. <3 Luci in (warmer again) WNC
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,325 Member Member Posts: 5,325 Member
    Ginny How did your brother's vocal cord biopsy turn out? And is Logan doing well with his casted arm?

    Heather I meant to tell you how truly wonderful your Norway trip sounds. Is there any chance Penny will be nearby? It would be neat if she could take the RHIB jaunt with you.

    Luci Love the adorable Iris photos. <3


    Someone asked about my nickname, I think it may have been Barbara who asked. It's taken me some time to remember why I was called Karen-a-wee-wee. Karen-a-wee-wee was my older sister's endearment for me because my middle name was Marie. I guess "a-wee-wee" was "Marie" in sister-talk. My older brother sometimes called me Carrom because of a board game we played. My mother called me "Dolly". In elementary school, a few mean boys called me "horse" and pretended it was because I owned & rode horses. Idiots.
    I matured early at 10 or 11, and was much taller and more developed than other girls my age. The others caught up with me by the time we were 14 or 15, but going through puberty early (for that era) was a humiliating experience.


    Today is the 19th anniversary of my mother's death. This is my mom as a young woman; I believe it was taken around 1950:


    I wanted to post 2 more photos of my friend Lynette's wedding day in 1976 I believe. I love Rod's western dress outfits - probably the only dressy clothes he has ever owned in his life. He is a farmer and never ever dresses up for anything. Rod and Lynette were both in my high school graduating class, as were Shona, Pam, Jodie, and Daylene.

    Karen in Virginia
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,325 Member Member Posts: 5,325 Member
    OOPS I'll repost this in March & unbookmark Feb. :#
  • Samand303Samand303 Member Posts: 123 Member Member Posts: 123 Member
    Is anyone losing weight for an event (wedding, reunion, vacation)?

    Do we do this because of the pictures and we don’t want to be immortalized with that extra weight? Do we have relatives or friends that will be disappointed if we arrive looking larger than we did in college? Other thoughts??
    ~ Samand
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