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    Siberiantaragon:- I sympathise with your recently catching covid, we tested positive over the weekend. Its really not helpful.

    As an aside, but may help others....

    Here in the UK I've heard parts of a radio 4 series titled, "is psychiatry working". Its exploring things psychiatry. In parallel with this, following my interest in all things health, I have come across work relating to the nervous system and how for some CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy, does not always help because it misses or reactivates the persons unique cause.

    Seems trauma, is not necessarily one event, its how the person resolves or stores the effects of that event. The effects are often at a cellular level. Its too complicated for me to give an overview.

    Particularly for females the work of Dr Amie Apigian, "Trauma Healing Accelerated" could be useful.

    The definition of Trauma as against Stress is also developing. Some of us are reluctant if not unable to define our issues as Trauma and hold it as stress, again its complicated.

    Another with an on line presence is, Alex Howard, he came from a cfs, Chronic fatigue syndrome background and has written books relating to "things/actions" he has put to use in his own recovery.

    CFS and other similar health issues can have a basis in trauma. Again the said trauma is specific to that person again how is is resolved or stored by the person.

    As with everything, please do your own research and only try what is right or feels right for you.

    I want everyone as healthy as they can be.
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    I haven't checked in here for awhile but wondering if there are many who haven't had covid yet?
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    lokihen wrote: »
    I haven't checked in here for awhile but wondering if there are many who haven't had covid yet?

    I still haven't gotten it, unless it was fully asymptomatic. (I figure fully asymptomatic is unlikely in a 67-y/o with early COPD, even a fully-vaxed otherwise-healthy one).

    I assume I'll get it eventually.
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    glassyo wrote: »
    lokihen wrote: »
    I haven't checked in here for awhile but wondering if there are many who haven't had covid yet?

    I haven't.

    It helps to be antisocial :)

    Ditto on both counts :lol:

    Plus I started working remotely 9 years before the pandemic.
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    Don't know if I got it. I have had 4 vaxx, so if I got COVID I didn't even notice. Here, in Italy, numbers are so low that all the COVID centers are closed. Intensive care for COVID is almost empty. People only wear masks if they are fragile and maybe couldn't vaxx. Hard to believe after all we went through.

    Oddly enough I heard on the radio this morning that we have 4 Covid patients in ICU which is a sudden jump for us, I think it's been one or none all winter.

    We still mask in any medical facilities... doctors' office, hospital. I'm going to a meeting tonight that is held on a medical site and I'll need a mask to enter the building even though it doesn't operate in the evenings. My dental clinic dropped masking requirements around 6 months ago however. There are maybe a handful of people at work who still mask, out of a staff complement just over 100.
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    DH and I did indeed get it at family wedding last May. But DD's mother and father in law have not gotten it, and her brother and sister in law and their 4 year old have not gotten it. (SIL works in a school and 4 year old, goes to pre-school)

    And strangely, DD's son (3 year old) has not gotten it even though SIL and DD had it serially, so more days of COVID exposure, and nothing. Poor kid was tested daily for at least two weeks. By the end, his morning greeting was "no more COVID".
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    It's still pretty rampant based on what I know from folks who test positive but any type of mitigation has long since been dropped. I continue to mask up because it really doesn't hurt me and I have so far (knock on wood) avoided it. I have 4 vaxes on board but not sure I will continue on with them. I like that there is going to be a home test for both flu A.B and covid but I haven't seen it available for folks to buy yet.
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    Most of our family have had it except gs here & gd in OK. (Of course, she is rarely without a mask…lol)
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    thank you @cmriverside yup, wrong thread. Thanks to you I fixed within the 1 hr edit <3
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    My husband and I have both managed to avoid Covid, so far. As some have stated above, we are pretty reclusive, though we do go out to eat and shopping and have since the stores and restaurants were opened up again. All of my husband's kids and grandkids have had Covid, but managed not to pass it on to us when we were together for family events, though there were a few close calls, (i.e. family funeral where several people got sick). I've never even tested for it, since I've had no symptoms at all in the past 3 years. I don't know if we are just lucky or if we had it and never knew it.
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    The randomness really startles me in who has gotten sick and who hasn't. It's not surprising my parents and I haven't since we still like to stay home and mask in stores. On the other hand, my son is a cop and never had it even when co-workers did.