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How does Covid-19 affect Obesity epidemic?



  • gothchiq
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    I am finding a shortage of healthy foods at the store. We are having to make compromises that I am really unhappy with. I am doing a body weight and dumbbell workout indoors and adding outdoor walking at night when chatty neighbors are not around, to avoid possible germ transmission. For the first time in my life I am in a neighborhood where I can do that without being run down, gunned down or snatched off the street so I should take advantage of that.
  • GaleHawkins
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    No question in time like these it is hard on mental health in general. While we can kind of understand I think it may be having a larger impact to the younger ones perhaps. Those of us who grew up without stuff to eat unless we grew it or raised it and no excess cash beyond the basic needs to survive the future may not be so hard to grasp. My concern is not for food but government stability in all nations for the sake of the kids so they have good food and environment and with better health care.

    Contraction of the economy could lead to more focus on health prevention and actually help the Obesity epidemic longer term. That we are losing so many health care providers and others will be leaving because of the stress that is likely to be long term is not a happy thought. Most in health care today never thought their task could cost them their lives like is the case today.

    Since things will not go back to the old NORMAL over night if ever due to the financial damage world wide only time will tell the effect on the world wide obesity epidemic of the pre COVID-19 era. The sun will rise tomorrow but the world has changed.
  • Katmary71
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    wearefab wrote: »
    There are HEAPS of online workouts to do at home, and yoga classes. Good nutrition, and great sleep, will help the rest. Theres zero point guessing how this will affect other people, we can only be the change we want to see! Focus at home imo.

    I've been doing a lot of these workout videos lately. Luckily because of being in physical therapy for years I have a lot of exercise gear. Things like dumbbells are sold out everywhere or people are price-gouging, a 15lb pair of dumbbells is at least twice higher than normal so I'm having to pass on getting a few sets of higher weights. In a fitness group I'm in her order for resistance bands doesn't come in for another month. I think for those just starting out not being able to get stuff will be a a downfall. I'm actually working out more to "make up" for my harder gym workouts plus keep discovering things I like so I tend to add more instead of swapping. Discovered my foam roller for my back is awesome for legs!

    The health groups I'm in are constantly posting about binging right now, more people are off-track than on at this point. I agree foods that are easier to make being in shorter supply can cause problems though the same is true with healthier stuff. I was only able to get lettuce for salad because it had just been brought out, all the plastic bins of baby greens, spinach, bagged lettuce, and most heads of lettuce were gone. No comment on dried beans and legumes! A lot of people are exploring cooking now as well (and probably having salads with it!).
  • hmhill17
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    I've been working from home for 2+ years anyway. All of my exercise since I started in August has been outside walking/jogging. The occasional dumbbell workouts when I remembered to do it. And I'm a morning exercise person. I used to get the kids up and when my wife took them to school, I was running. Now I have to watch the clock to make sure I get out the door instead of a more relaxed morning.

    We've had a few things in the house we normally don't have, like donuts for the kids to have for breakfast. Luckily, those aren't as tempting as they used to be. We made a sundae bar the other night, which I scheduled to be on the day that I ran 8 miles so I had calories to spare and then some. However, I'm still able to find plenty of produce and frozen vegetables and there are various things I like that the rest of the hoarding world seem to ignore like lentils and quinoa so that helps. It's also funny that people don't seem to realize that when the canned beans are gone in the rice and beans area, there are still plenty in the ethnic food aisle.

    Since it was free, I signed up for Centr. I would eat most of the recipes. The family not so much. But the first workout I did today didn't kill me. Frog squats are a form of torture straight out of The Inquisition though.

    I made some equipment. Kettlebell like weights out of old bleach bottles. Jump rope out of two old PC power cords and duct tape. I already had a variety of dumbbells collecting dust. I had a barbell I made from some bricks and a broom handle, but I needed the bricks for landscaping so looking for a replacement. I have a tree in the backyard that may be sacrificed to the exercise gods.

    I've actually gotten extra cardio getting the kids outside in the afternoon. I'm doing C25K with my son and just trying to get my daughter to walk a mile without asking to be carried. I've discovered they're easier to motivate if I let them play Pokemon on the way home after the halfway point. And both of them are in much better moods after the exercise.

    So, short story long, I think people who were already motivated to exercise and eat right will find a way. I think that people who went out or went to drive thru a lot will eat less of that, but will be eating a lot of microwaved frozen garbage because they don't know how to do anything else.
  • ritzvin
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    ritzvin wrote: »
    Unless in very specific communities, they aren't expecting you to quarantine yourself in your house and sit on your butt. Most are encouraging people to still get outdoors and do stuff (just not in groups or only in small groups with distance between them). At least around here, it seems most people normally entertain themselves by sitting (watching/listening to something/someone) while eating/drinking. With live music/bars/restaurants shut down, we might actually come out ahead healthier in terms of obesity. No gym, but I can still ride/run/hike (with no post-activity group pub stop afterward). Lazy people will still be lazy (but without the crazy-high-calorie restaurant/bar food) and active people (barring an actual quarantine) will still be active (minus the beer and pub snacks afterward). Depression-activated snacking might be the big hurdle, if anything.
    ritzvin wrote: »
    Worth noting I'm cycling even more now in order to keep my sanity, now that dancing is gone. .. so significantly more calories burned and less consumed (usually some drinking and snacking when out dancing)(ETA: and group rides often end with beer).

    Take a wild guess on when NYS closed down bars/restaurants/clubs...
  • LoveyChar
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    I think it depends on the person, as you said. If someone thinks they absolutely must use a gym to exercise, then yes it's going to create issues. I run. I don't own a treadmill. I own nothing other than two sets of dumbbells and a stationary bike as far as exercise equipment goes. I agree with you that some will find a way while others will make excuses, such pertains to all things in life. I use my dumbbells, do planks, and run outside. Basketball is great. I've seen both sides of the spectrum where people are pushing on and through with exercising to the opposite where it's believed that nothing can be done. There are so many ways to stay active now with millions of exercise videos to do and you don't even need equipment!!! Some people are cleaning and scouring their houses, great exercise just being active. There is so much to be done... I will not give this power over me and use it as a reason or excuse to gain weight. To each their own, though... No judgement here.
  • Theoldguy1
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    Does not address the calories in side, but people are moving less and sleeping more:


    Couple of highligts/lowlights:

    The COVID-19 Pulse study, conducted by Evidation Health, found that activity levels in the United States were down 39% on Tuesday, March 24 compared to activity recorded on March 1. In New York City alone, the data shows that physical activity dropped 50% during the week the city ordered residents to stay home.

    Time asleep increased by 20% after President Trump declared a national emergency on March 13. Evidation’s analysis of the data found that people were sleeping 10% more in every state except Hawaii and Alaska during that time period.
  • scarlett_k
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    I'm still getting 15k+ steps in despite only going out once a day (well, technically twice as I have to swap dogs but shh don't tell anyone). I've been keeping myself busy at home as is kind of the norm for me. I've been gardening, doing house work and maintenance/DIY, and working through C25K every other day on the treadmill I bought just before movement restrictions came in here. It only cost £70 which is what I'd have spent on my swimming membership over 3 months anyway.

    I suppose it depends on the person and their means/desires really. A lot of folks who wouldn't normally take a walk for the hell of it are now doing so. People might be cooking better meals at home than they'd normally eat. I think only time will tell really.
  • lukalulka
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    I think we will learn rice and pasta are not the culprits. I am eating healthy home cooked food and walking 10,000 steps. I am finally, eating normally. I am sticking around 1300 - 1400 calories.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Over 10 years of working out, I've gained online friends that are really fit, some of the fittest people in the US and in the world, quite frankly. Most of them are using the time at home to train and get more fit. I used to be a stress eater. I'm not any more. My relationship with food changed years ago. I'm just an old dude trying to stay as fit as I can now (my performance days might be behind me at 55 and some back issues), but I'm at my lowest Body fat and weight in some time (187 or so, around 17 percent BF).

    I think if you're newer to eating healthy and working out, you're going to regress some. If this is not new to you, you'll know how to handle it.

    The unfortunate thing is obesity is one of the preexisting conditions that can dramatically increase chances of death from COVID-19. Though they haven't scientifically proven it, you can see it in the stories of those that have passed that it's pretty clear most aren't in great shape or are older. There are exceptions and everyone is at risk (so social distance, for sure), but the combination concerns me.
  • ritzvin
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    I think we'll have two camps.

    Group #1: One is that population of folks who now have more time (since they don't need to commute) to go outside for long walks, hikes, runs.

    I normally ride or run (road) everyday after work, but yesterday evening, I got a 7 mile trail run in before twilight somewhere I never would have been able to normally, especially not this early in spring... Kind of loving the new rush hour (lack of) traffic.

    (defense sector manufacturing falls under the NYS order's essential list, and lab equipment can't be operated from home; but it looks like most everyone else in my city is either "non-essential" or computer jobs).
  • eminater
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    I have a lot more time for myself, and at home workouts are a big priority. I am always saying I'm too busy to go to the gym - well, I don't have that problem anymore. And as someone mentioned above, with restaurants and bars closed, I am eating more home-cooked meals and that is also helping. And I guess for me the third aspect is that the priority right now is all about health. So I am more focused on purchasing healthy ingredients and finding it much easier to leave the 'processed'/unhealthier options out of the trolley.

    I would like to hope that many other people are also focused on personal health right now as a consequence of this.
  • charlieandme932
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    I live in a tiny flat with no outdoor space. I've just had the virus so don't feel like exercising yet. I also don't feel like eating but once I do I have no room to do anything except run on the spot asI have to have my bed in the living room due to lack of space. Pre lockdown I walked at least 15 miles every other day and 5-6 on the day inbetween. I had a strenous job too. That's suspended for now. We can still go out for short walks but it's not the same. I've cut calories to allow for lack of exercise. My tips are:-

    Do not baked. You will think the family will eat it but in my experience mine don't. I end up eating it.
    Only cook enough for the meal you are having. Leftovers are just as wasted in our bodies as the bin.
    Don't buy food or drink treats to cheer yourself up.
    Get dressed each day in fitted clothes. It's too easy to slob around in nightwear and not notice the waistline is getting tighter. Done that lol.
    Easter is coming. I have only bought eggs for my kids and told them to take them to their rooms.
    If you still have a fruit market open take advantage of it. I buy fruit snacks and plenty of fresh veg to go with staples like pasta and pototoes on my essential shop trip. Our market also delivers.
    Exercise if you can.
    Spend time on indoor hobbies to take your mind off food.
  • SummerSkier
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    I see a LOT more people out jogging and walking in my neighborhood since the stay at home order. I can pretty much tell which ones are normally at the gym by the fact I have never seen them out before and how good a shape they appear to be in. So I suspect folks who are dedicated will find a way!
  • kshama2001
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    I see a LOT more people out jogging and walking in my neighborhood since the stay at home order. I can pretty much tell which ones are normally at the gym by the fact I have never seen them out before and how good a shape they appear to be in. So I suspect folks who are dedicated will find a way!

    Yes, I see a lot more people walking and running on the streets as well.
  • kshama2001
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    This is what happens for us who want to stay busy when they close the gyms...

    Of course, my mind immediately went elsewhere. :Do:)

    Where? :innocent::devil:

    Well, he's clearly right-handed for starters. :D

    Uhh.... if we are going where I think we are going, I wouldn't have any callouses...🤣

    We thought you got busy enough to get callouses :lol:o:)