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30lbs to lose... Started AGAIN yesterday (Darn Lockdown Snacking)



  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,116 Member Member Posts: 2,116 Member
    Mommagemz- I’m always focused on my family and somehow I have such a poor insight on myself. I’m so impressed that not only you recognized the hunger coming from being extra tired and underfed, but you made future plans for each-Indian food, and day off. My rewards are if not instantaneous than later in the same day. No wonder they worked so good for you, since they were so spot on, you needed them, you earned them and you were in control the entire time.
    Clutterqueen- I relate at what you said, that at times just the thought of putting down here what I did, prevented me from doing it. Your last 6 lb will come off, a touch slower than before, but they are coming off. Your trend is impeccable, so what if the scale is a little stubborn?
    Thelastnightingale- hurrays on catching up on sleep and on walking so good.
    Really glad your father’s surgery went well- it’s super stressful to act all brave for them while you are worried sick. My own waits until he can barely walk before going to the doctor and then I get the phone call “ you shouldn’t worry but....”
    You are right, I need to start writing down lots of things to start figuring out some trends. I’m definitely not acting right when I’m tired.
    Kcd394- great weight loss ! This is the ideal we are all looking for, to see it on scale right after refraining from the a big temptation. I like your walking while watching football, it’s a nice multitasking.
    I enjoy so much reading all the posts, it’s a good break in a busy day, a reward at night, and I’m learning so much from all of you!

    We have a church function today and I volunteered to bring the bread. I’ve been baking for 2 days (15 loaves) and my house smelled delicious. My husband worked afternoons and he said he was fine parking the car but as soon as walked in the house was ravenous 😁. No sleeping in for me unfortunately, and the scale had a small bump, but since I stayed in calories and walked, I’m not worried.
    Eating ✅
    Walking ✅
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,116 Member Member Posts: 2,116 Member
    This is my almost 2 yo Puggle, Fritz. He is sweet, very cuddly, always hungry and has a very deep bark for a 25 lb dog. The cat punches him daily but always with the claws in, so he thinks is a tickle.
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    Yesterday i still had that migraine and i tried to help work on some stuff around the house, but after lunch i laid down about 230 and napped... managed to find some more migraine meds tucked in my bag (thought i used the rest friday) so i was able to get it under control before dinnertime. Hoping i don't have it again today because the rest of my meds are at home 1.5 hours away.

    I think i did ok on sensible portions of moms cooking... hard to log when you didnt make it. Had sloppy jos for lunch with salad, half an apple, and cottage cheese... odd mix but was good actually. Dinner she made venison stew and cornbread. I also did finally eat that fun sized snickers. Plus i didnt feel as hungry despite wishing i could fill my plate again... though i really didnt move much yesterday. TOM and migraine and rainy weekend made me pretty sedentary.

    I am down to 186 on the scale I had been using Sundays from 188.2 two weeks ago. So apparently still on track despite labor day weekend. Was 197 july 22 when i started really trying this time.
    @GabiV125 cute puggle! Great that he gets to walk with you! I cant wait to buy a home so i can finally have a dog... also I'd probably have a tough time not eating half the bread i baked... lol

  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 604 Member Member, Premium Posts: 604 Member
    Ugh, I have to go back for repeat tests. I got tested for loads of things which came back normal (so good news overall), but one test suggested I was recovering from some kind of infection or trauma that I know I haven't had. So, still very much in the dark. If the re-test comes back normal, I guess we're back to the theory that it's just stress that is interfering with my sleep and there's no magic pill to correct it.

    No one's asked my weight so far, but at least they can't blame it on obesity anymore.

    I feel really heavy at the moment - heavier than the scales say. I can only assume my body is in shock over all the walking I've done this week and is clinging to water. I have a more restful week coming up, so will see if that calms down. At least if my weight is stuck in a rut, it's stuck at the right side of 30. As long as my BMI stays below 29.9, I'm willing to not panic and just be patient.

    @kcd394 I googled Sloppy Joe out of curiosity - it's something I've heard referenced a lot in US programmes but never bothered to look up. We definitely don't have an equivalent in the UK... Sounds good though.

    Well done for staying on track!

    @GabiV125 Fritz is ADORABLE! I am so envious, what a cutie.

    I would have struggled to make bread for other people - bread is my major weakness. I could live without meat, without chocolate - but never without bread. It's been my favourite food since I was a little girl.

    @MommaGemz I love eggs on toast! Scrambled, poached, fried... you name it. I'm so pleased your family took care of you and you had a lovely rest for once!
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  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 1,161 Member Member Posts: 1,161 Member
    @GabiV125 Your house must’ve smelled amazing from all that bread baking! My bread machine is currently inaccessible in storage. Otherwise I’d be baking herb bread with oregano, basil and rosemary. It makes the house smell SO GOOD!

    @thelastnightingale I know it’s frustrating to go back for more tests, but hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing your terrible fatigue!

    @kcd394 So sorry you are contending with migraines. Definitely not fun!

    My day was frustrating. My husband and I decided to walk away from a house we had a contract on. So we forfeit our deposit. But at least we won’t have to sink more money into the house than we initially planned on! We’ve rented for just over a year since moving to TN and just cannot find the right house. We had a contract on a brand new construction house last November. But an inspection revealed 7 broken trusses in the roof and a radon level nearly twice the legal limit. I’m done. I deleted all my real estate apps today and unsubscribed from Zillow etc emails. Just done.

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    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    @thelastnightingale that is super frustrating... hopefully the more restful week upcoming will help. Its definitely stressfull what you've been handling lately. Sloppy joes are pretty good... this time i put pickles on mine too.

    @clutterqueen that sounds so frustrating... we've been doing a ton of work on mats house to get it ready to sell. I feel like he's putting money into things that aren't going to matter too much for sell price etc. But right now there's also no properties popping up that fit what we're looking for in the right area anyway. They've certainly been working hard on things. We haven't even looked at a property yet. I don't want to move in the Minnesota winter... so perhaps we wont be til spring... sigh.

    Migraine was back for round 3 today but i think the excedrine worked ok today so i mostly got rid of it. We kinda ate a smorgasboard of leftovers tonight and i didn't log lunch or dinner. I do want the recipe for that zucchini soup though, cause that stuff is yummy. Don't have a lunch for tomorrow so i guess ill have to go grab something from the gas station tomorrow. Didn't plan ahead for that. Back at the steps and calories this week.
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    @GabiV125 Awwwww Fritz, what a cutie!!! 😍

    @kcd394 It's sounds like you're having great awareness over your eating and portion sizes, because you're making great progress! I'm so sorry you're having migraines. It's hard to focus or enjoy anything with a migraine. I like your new profile pic!

    @thelastnightingale Wishing you well (and some definitive results) during your next round of testing! Don't worry, your body will adjust to the walking and you'll have that Whoosh when it releases all that water!

    @clutterqueen Dang! I am so sorry you've had such a horrible time with house hunting! It sounds like you made the right decisions, though, because you may have ended up over your head in repairs and costs :o
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    Day 95 (Sunday)

    Even though I had some work do to today, I got it finished pretty swiftly and spent the rest of the day relaxing with the family. This weekend has been much more recuperative than the ones I've had the last few months.

    A week or two ago (time is blurring together) we decided to take a family trip. We're going to a nice secluded beach during the work week, so all the other school kids will be in session. The beach should be nice and empty! The kids have been struggling with the seclusion of this pandemic, and we had home schooling all through the summer, so we felt the kids deserved a couple of days to get away from our house and just play, play, play. We rented a house really close to the beach to be able to walk there whenever we want. No work for the grown ups. It will be our intention to focus only on the kids. Renting a house means I can bring all of our normal foods and stick to my diet plan while I'm there. Vacation doesn't necessarily mean gorging at restaurants. We may pick up take-out one night, but I haven't decided yet.

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    Steps - ✅
    Water - ✅

  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,116 Member Member Posts: 2,116 Member
    @kcd394 - sorry to hear about the returning migraines. It’s impossible to function at times like that. Nice weight loss, especially when having meals hard to measure/log.
    @thelastnightingale - repeat tests are nightmares, and am glad that most came back positive. Stress affects everything in our lives: more weight, wrinkles, anxieties; worse mood, TOM; less sleep, patience; makes us spend more money, less time with friends and on and on. If it turns out to be your answer, it’s a big one.
    @clutterqueen - I feel your pain over house hunting . We also looked for many years, and did not make the move until a year ago, for about 1000 reasons. You’ll find the one meant to be yours, and you’ll know when you found it- it might just not be ready yet.
    @MommaGemz - cool beach vacation plans. It sounds dreamy, and your family definitely earned it this summer.

    The church function turned out well and I got to finally see one of our dear friends that we didn’t see since March.
    Last night we went to a neighborhood happy hour : 3-6 families, most Sundays , 6 ft apart, bring your own drink and chair. Now that is fun, we are different ages, backgrounds, occupations, so can never anticipate the stories that come out. We skipped plenty meetings , but when we make it, it’s a truly relaxing hour.
    Oh, and the weight is not budging. I ate good this last week and only had couple long talks with my parents- see the stress paragraph.

    Fritz said thank you to all the compliments 😁

  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 1,161 Member Member Posts: 1,161 Member
    @MommaGemz Have a great time with your family at the beach! You deserve time to kick back and relax too!

    I’m tired so I’m going to stop here.

    Exercise: ✅
    Tracked: ✅
    Under: ✅ ( too many treats to be healthy but still under calories. Was feeling very blah today.)
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    @mammagemz beach vacation sounds nice. The pic is from our trip up to the cabin in northern minnesota. Its a waterfall of sorts off to the side of a dam that holds back a river which dumps into a humongous lake that the cabin is on. I guess i can kinda see I'm skinnier in that photo too so i updated it.

    @GabiV125 the neighbors on mats block used to have a potluck on his street every year. This year they aren't, but i did go last fall. Interesting stories for sure. With a mix of folks. Glad your church function turned out well.

    Today i ended up eating a chicken burrito from the gas station for lunch. Not really sure what calories were in it. Had a frappuccino later from walmart when i finished grocery shopping (they were out of zucchini... kinda need that for the soup dangit). I did eat a little chocolate earlier but ive honestly not been hungry since the frappuccino so i didn't bother eating more calories for dinner. Tomorrow I'll make better choices but i sorta skipped dinner since i probably ate extra lunch and then drank extra calories. I did find zucchini at the other store on my way home so I'm making that soup tomorrow. I did hit almost 7k steps today without the treadmill as i was busy trying to clean fish tanks when i finally got home. Better get to bed. Goodnight all.
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  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    Day 96 (Monday)

    Wow, I was in a BAD, BAD mood all day. Why are my kids such early birds? They are constantly getting up way early, getting bored of being the only one awake in the house, then waking other people up. This time BOTH kids did it and woke me up at 6am and 6:30am. They both got a HUGE "talking to" about respecting other people's need for sleep. Needless to say, I wanted to drink coffee and eat comfort foods all day. The fact that our clothes washer died this week, my husband couldn't manage to fix it himself, the replacement was supposed to be here today and it got delayed. Stress, stress, stress. Good thing there is meditation, but that's still not a cure-all.

    I just want some sleeeeeppppp 😭😭😭

    Daily Goals:

    Calories - ✅
    Steps - ✅
    Water - ✅

  • IronIsMyTherapyIronIsMyTherapy Member Posts: 504 Member Member Posts: 504 Member
    It helps me to think of your weight being an ever fluctuating thing, not something that starts and stops. It varies our whole lives so you're not starting again, you're just making a correction. "Starting again" feels depressing, but maybe that's just me.
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    It helps me to think of your weight being an ever fluctuating thing, not something that starts and stops. It varies our whole lives so you're not starting again, you're just making a correction. "Starting again" feels depressing, but maybe that's just me.

    You're about 3 months and 23 pages too late for the "starting again" part of this thread. :D But "starting again" as I defined it, meant starting to consciously eat at a deficit again....
  • clutterqueenclutterqueen Member Posts: 1,161 Member Member Posts: 1,161 Member
    @MommaGemz It’s not surprising you had a meltdown with all you’ve got going on. What IS surprising is that it took this long! You’ve been wearing so many hats, keeping too many balls in the air, whatever phrase you choose. Hopefully, your family will realize they need to help lighten your load, or at least not fight you on the home schooling!
    I actually talked to a nutrition professional several months ago and she said it’s good to go over on your calories quite a bit once every couple weeks or so, that it actually can boost your metabolism. So maybe you should consider eating at maintenance a few days a month or eating back more of your exercise calories.

    I too had a frustrating day. I’m just kind of tired of being everyone else’s cheerleader in life ( not on MFP, in my family and friends)all the time. When is it my turn for someone to be my cheerleader? It sounds selfish even saying that after people are losing their lives and homes in the fires out west, people are still dying of this stupid virus, and our country is just a mess! Anyway, I ate 4 servings of sugary cereal today. No dinner, that instead! It fit in my calories ( barely) but was really bad for me! I had chicken and salad fixings ready to make, but I didn’t. I just wallowed instead and then told my husband to figure out his own dinner. Pathetic I know! I guess that was my own version of a meltdown!
    So even though I can check all the boxes today, I did not make healthy decisions. I think I need new goals!
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,116 Member Member Posts: 2,116 Member
    @MommaGemz - it sounds like your body told you to slow down a bit, or a lot , for a while. It’s a good thing, although it doesn’t feel good in the moment , it’s a very good thing. Over 3 months of continuous strict diet and 100 things added on your plate, would break just about anybody.
    Each person is different but I read that is advised to lose some weight (25% of the desired amount for example), than maintain for a while to give your body time to catch up, before going on the next round.
    You do have a great way to see what’s going on with you and it sounds like so is your husband, and your plan is spot on. Give your body the break it craves, and be proud of your accomplishments. Once you recharge, you can tackle the challenges so much better.
    My kids act out when I’m most stressed, either trying to get my attention, or out of misplaced worry (both have anxiety), so maybe your vacation will take care of the bickering.
    Lastly, thank you for the very real and honest post. I wish I could have your insight - it takes me years to formulate something that profound (stayed 4 years in a job that made me absolutely miserable, not nearly the biggest example I could provide).
    Glad you’re taking care of yourself and your family, and even more happy to hear you’re going to stick around with us.
  • GabiV125GabiV125 Member Posts: 2,116 Member Member Posts: 2,116 Member
    @clutterqueen - families sometimes can be exhausting. I suggest take the break and when you’re all rested reevaluate everything. Maybe some boundaries are needed, or some visits may get cut short, or some other ways to make yourself heard.
    Eating “wrong” foods within calories is preferred to eating clean over calories. Some days are like that. It’s another Green Day for you!

    I’m seriously considering looking for another job and fully aware that it may take more than a year to find it (very specific and quite limited options). I’m planning how to survive that time while working with people that have an opposite work ethic from mine. In the past I used to bring the stress home, now I work from home and racking my brains how to leave it outside . So I walk the dog more and I sleep less.
  • kcd394kcd394 Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    @mammagemz Sleep deprivation has a way of bringing out the emotions I suppress. Not that i actively suppress things, but rather push them aside for another time since I'm too busy with other things. Any and every worry and stress is multiplied when I'm deprived of sleep. Partly why 2 weeks ago I was letting everyday stressors hit me so hard. The lack of sleep makes it that much easier for the next stressor to tip the bucket and all my emotions spill out in one big ugly mess. Its nice to have loved ones who recognize what just happened, and help you pick up the pieces and address the previously hidden stressors rather than look at you like you're loco. Happy to say I fell apart a couple months ago and mat helped me put it all back together instead of bowing out and deciding i was too much a mess to stick around. Its tough to admit you fell apart for a hot minute, but with all you've had on your plate, something had to give. And yes eating this way IS stressful and i am so glad its not always gonna be this way... anyway glad you were able to get things in the open to work on them. That part alone always helps me feel loads lighter.

    Today i took soup for lunch, was too lazy to cook last night. Tonight i got home late. Called at lunch to get my migraine meds refilled at the pharmacy but was stuck at work til late catching up on records so i didn't make it to the pharmacy before closing. And actually i completely forgot til i drove by it. My migraine returned again this afternoon and it was kicking my butt. Had meds with me today but im dangerously low so i hope i get out in time to go get my meds refilled tomorrow. I did make a big salad for dinner and some Asparagus. Better choices today but didnt hit step goals cause my migraine made me feel wiped out by the time i sat down to eat my salad. Goodnight all I'm tired.
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    Thank you so much for your support! What an amazing group! <3<3

    While we still need to figure out real solutions for some of these stressors - we have talked about them as a family and we can actively work to shift priorities.
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