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Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 118



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    Tesha231 wrote: »
    7/2 - 174.4 1st day back at the gym yesterday. IF hours meant working out during the fast (which I've read mixed reviews about.)
    Hi Tesha! I've been doing IF for awhile now, and @ least 12/12 is pretty much the norm. I prefer exercising fasted. I'm lighter on my feet, have more endurance, and its easier to work up a good sweat. Alternatively; the body is using energy digesting and I definitely feel heavier, stiffer and have to work 2x as hard. So I go much easier whatever I'm doing. Obviously everyone's different, but working out fasted works for me! Like most things, we just have to test it long enough for our body to tell us what's what. :
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