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Women 200lb+, Let's Jump For Joy This July!!!

RavenStCloudRavenStCloud Member Posts: 171 Member Member Posts: 171 Member
🌺Hello, Ladies, and Happy July!!! This month, let's jump, run, lift weights, eat healthy, and just generally be good to ourselves with an open heart.

🌸 How is the summer going for you so far? Any bright spots to celebrate or any hurdles you've had to overcome?

🌺Do you have any July-specific goals or maybe a three month summer plan? Or are you just trying to make it through?

🌸Also, is there anything you'd like to share that you're grateful for? Things are still unsettled all over the world and sometimes it helps to remind ourselves, and others, about the things that we are still thankful for.

💗 If you've never been here before, please know you are welcome to join at any point in the month. All you have to do is post something, and then BAM! you're one of us.

💗 In this group, we post our weekly and monthly goals and provide support and motivation to each other as we share our triumphs and our struggles. This group is all about accountability.

💗All are welcome and, if you think you belong here, you do! No matter how much you currently weigh or how you measure (or don't measure) your weight, we'd love to hear from you.

💗Victories, both scale and non-scale, are great to hear about, but, conversely, we know that weight loss isn't all sunshine and roses. If you're going through a rough patch, please feel free to be honest and vent your heart out. The struggle is real and we're all here to support each other!

🌺Let's be joyful, jubliant, and count our blessings this July!🌺
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  • KeriAKeriA Member Posts: 3,640 Member Member Posts: 3,640 Member

    Things I'm grateful for: we just moved to the Hill Country in TX (from Atlanta) and although it's sooo different from the city, I'm really loving it. We're on 3 acres and some of my favorite things are: hanging my laundry on the line, watching the birds (there's a nest of little baby birds actually living in our old truck!), sitting outside and reading the New Yorker and eating frozen grapes while the deer come to visit, and being around my dad.

    💜 Thank you for starting this thread. I'm so happy to be here! 💜

    The Hill Country in TX is one of the most beautiful places in the country. This is from someone who is really a beach person and who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We lived in Austin when my husband went back to school in Civil Engineering so for a couple of years we lived on the edge of the Hill Country. Enjoy!
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