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  • speyerjspeyerj Member Posts: 781 Member Member Posts: 781 Member
    @KeriA - have you tried looking at replacement bands for your Versa? If you type in "Fitbit Versa bands" in Amazon you will get lots of options that are made of leather, metal and fabric - may are more attractive than the ones that FitBit makes. If you don't like to use Amazon, I am sure you can also find ones on Etsy.
  • planktonbyeplanktonbye Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    a friend reminded me to check Hoopla (a Canadian/American website and app that you sign into with your library card) and they actually have a bunch of workout dvds. I'm super excited to try them because one is JM's shred for beginners and there are some other dance inspired workouts from other people!

    I never thought of Hoopla--thanks! With this in mind, I'm going to see what health material is on Overdrive (for books) and rbDigital (magazines). Gentle readers, be sure to check out the electronic resources at your local library. It takes a little bit to download the apps and enter your library card number, but it's really no big deal. The apps seem optimized to work with all machines since they work on my ancient phone and tablet.

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  • wanderinglightwanderinglight Member Posts: 1,291 Member Member Posts: 1,291 Member
    Finished with our mulching project this morning after spreading the last 45 bags (for a grand total of 83 bags).

    A lawn care company truck drove by a few times and finally stopped in front of our house. Guy gets out and says “We just want to give you our business card if you ever need any help”. I said “you guys work for free because we’ve not had to pay anyone yet would be great😂😂😂”. Hubby and I were cracking up laughing...them...not so much😂😂😂!


    In that Georgia humidity too!! I lived in Atlanta for 7 years and never got used to it (moved from California).
  • wanderinglightwanderinglight Member Posts: 1,291 Member Member Posts: 1,291 Member
    MuttiNM wrote: »
    Wednesday weigh in

    Speaking of trails and steps, my son and I went on a trail at a state park early Sunday morning before the heat was in full force. It was supposedly an "easy" trail. For me, it was the hardest I've done so far and some of the others were rated "moderate". It started out downhill, then continued downhill, then more downhill... I started wondering if we should keep going because downhill means later there will be uphill and, with as much downhill as we had been doing, I wasn't sure I would be able to do the uphill. Eventually the trail leveled out and was a nice walk for a while. Then the dreaded uphill started. It wasn't too bad at first. It even leveled out again for a short while. Then the uphill got much steeper. Finally it got very steep and they had built steps up the hill. A. LOT. OF. STEPS! I should have counted them but I was too tired. There were a couple curves in these steps so you couldn't see to the top of the hill. Probably was a good thing because I might have decided to just stay on the trail and not try to get back to the car. :) And of course there was no handrail for these "millions" of steps. I guess I did make it to the top eventually and set a new record for walking without a rest stop of 61 minutes. I know that's not much for many of you but it's a big change for me from a year ago. Once the stairs ended and the trail leveled out again, there was a bench at a beautiful scenic overlook. That bench could not have come at a better time and the scenery made it all the more enjoyable!

    Hope you are all doing well. Have a great day!

    I always dread it when I'm hiking and it's nothing but downhill for ages!! You just know you're going to pay the price! I love the ones that are uphill in the beginning and then a nice glorious downhill to the car :) That's incredible that you were able to go for 60+ minutes without a break. I only recently started hiking again and take many, many breaks along the way. My legs and my lungs aren't what they used to be!

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