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Women 200lb+, Let's Jump For Joy This July!!!



  • tamarastrahantamarastrahan Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    Hi, I am pretty new to MFP, so I just found the boards!

    SW: 250
    CW: 222.4
    1st Goal: 219 (out of the 20s)
    Next goal 205 (weight last summer)
    Next goal: under 200

    I have been doing HIIT 35 min, or walking 60-90 min a day. I have PCOS which causes slower metabolisms, so I keep my calories to 1200 a day. My doctor says its 400-700 calories less, so I am thrilled I am actually even able to lose.
  • orangequiltorangequilt Member Posts: 782 Member Member Posts: 782 Member
    @wanderinglight thanks for that post, that was really helpful. i'm going to have a go with those lists, need a reboot!
  • orangequiltorangequilt Member Posts: 782 Member Member Posts: 782 Member

    Age 51
    Highest weight 105.5kg (aug 2018)
    Lowest weight 94.7kg (march 2020)
    Goal weight 80kg
    start weight 99.2kg start of month
    Goal weight 98.0 kg end of month
    actual weight 100.2kg

    July goals

    💛 To plan my meals in advance for the week have just started this

    💛 To keep snacks under 25% of cals wk 1 - 35%, wk 2 - 25%, nearly there! wk 3 - 24%, yay!

    💛 To keep average for the week under 2000 cals gross wk 1 - 2381, wk 2 - 2133, wk 3 - 2044, heading in right direction, slowly!

    have gained this week, the battle continues!

  • orangequiltorangequilt Member Posts: 782 Member Member Posts: 782 Member
    Congrats on the loss @KeriA and fingers crossed for the meeting with management x
  • jm216jm216 Member Posts: 1,581 Member Member Posts: 1,581 Member
    KeriA wrote: »
    I check in when I lose.

    Name: Keri
    67 years old, Height: 5'6"
    SW: 266 lbs (Dec 2019)
    2/1: 263.6
    3/1: 261.8
    4/1: 258
    Lowest May weight: 251.4
    6/30 251.6
    Lowest June weight:6/25: 250.4
    July 1 SW:250.4
    7/16: 250.2 ()
    CW: 250 (7/21)

    1st GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    2nd GW: 150 lbs. Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    July Goal weight: 246 hmmm

    My July Goals are:
    1. Continue to get enough sleep and water intake :)struggle a few days with reaching my water intake goal.
    2. Continue to log weight, food and exercise and stay under calorie goal :) I seem to have a few higher days but my calorie goal is low right now and I usually stay significantly under.
    5. Continue to make healthy meals at home.:)
    3. Get some exercise 5-6 days a week and up NEAT. Try to exceed 150 min. of exercise/week. :/ I got only 5 days last week but was over 150 minutes. Need to keep working on this.
    4. Get into the 240s and lose an average of a pound a week at least.:/I am on a downward trend this week.

    I am having a busy week so I am not sure about exercise until I hit the beach where there will be lots of walking and splashing in the waves. I have been asked to come in tomorrow and meet with someone in upper management at work (not my boss) so either they will be laying me off or changing my position. So I will be focusing on that and preparing to get off to the beach the rest of this week. Yesterday I didn't really have a chance to exercise.

    I want to come back and read post since yesterday. We'll see.

    Congratulations on your loss... and good luck tomorrow. 🤞🍀
  • changeforeverljchangeforeverlj Member Posts: 129 Member Member Posts: 129 Member
    @wanderinglight Yes! I bought a funky pair of leggings to walk in and feel faster in them, lol! Love your skins!
    @KeriA You must be looking forward to your beach trip! Hope you get to relax and have fun in the waves! Thinking of you in your meeting at work x
  • cesse47cesse47 Member Posts: 925 Member Member Posts: 925 Member
    @KeriA -- your beach trip sounds so relaxing! Enjoy. What's the scoop on your meeting with the boss?
    .... when I worked we created SMART goals and action plans, converted into to-do lists that included other more mundane tasks as well. We did all of it online including the tracking and reporting. After I retired I tried to do similar plans on the computer ... but found they were too easy to ignore. It's working better for me to have a set of 5 goals, a list of the action steps needed to achieve those goals, and a master to-do list that incorporates tasks for the goals as well as all the mundane household and living stuff needed for day to day. It's the master To-Do List that I keep on the frig. I do love checking them off! LOL

    @wanderinglight -- Lookin' Good!!

    @tamarastrahan -- Welcome!!

    @cupcakecrusoe -- Thanks for the podcast recommendations! I actually like all of the areas you covered so will listen to each and see what appeals. Thank You!!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 -- Great Loss!!

    @SquidVonBob -- So sorry for your loss. Take care of that knee. Maybe you could check out some chair exercises for a few days and give you knee a rest. One of my favorites is --

    Chair Yoga to Loosen up your Back! Stretching the Diamond with Sherry Zak Morris
  • speyerjspeyerj Member Posts: 886 Member Member Posts: 886 Member
    @chupacabragumbo - Yes, it is both a blessing and a curse when coworkers ask you about weight loss. It's great people are noticing, but then, they are co-workers - they shouldn't be commenting about your body!!

    You are doing great and good for you for getting into running. I started running when I was about your weight. I hated it at first - at least the first mile. Now I only hate the first minute or so. But throughout, I always love how I feel when I finished. One phrase I tell myself as I start each run - start with determination, finish with satisfaction.
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