Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



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    @Lasmartchika I like this couple also....but use their weight training video.
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    @4Phoenix Oh yes!! I love to do their workouts. It's what I'm doing everyday!! :smile:
  • So far the way I can get the calories in is to eat all the time, and that feels really really weird.
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    Age 52, 5'6" tall
    Highest weight 105.5kg (aug 2018)
    Lowest weight 94.7kg (Mar 2020)
    Goal for end of month 98.0kg
    Starting month 100.2kg

    💛 To keep average cals for the week under 2000
    💛 To keep snacks under 25% of cals
    💛 To plan meals in advance for the week
    💛 16:8 - intermittent fasting
    💛 Mediterranean eating
    💛 Using non food ways to manage my emotions

    Still trying to do the same things, hoping they will become 'the new normal'! Didn't stick to any of them very well in September but aiming to do better in October. It's going to be a quiet month so no excuses!

    Good luck all
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    Age: 41
    Height: 5'3"
    SW (8/10): 208.6
    Aug end: 205.6
    Sept end (9/25): 204.6
    10/2: 206.4
    1st GW: 200!!
    UGW: 140

    Ok, I'm starting to go back down. It's TOM week and I went all the way up to 207. It was nice to see how weight just changes so randomly during this week. NOW.... to bring it back down to where I was last week and continue losing!! :)

    My TOM week too! But I've dropped and then gained and dropped again so I hope I don't gain once it's finished in a few days! ❤
  • It was really cold this morning and so I stepped on the scale in pajamas and weighed what I did two days ago nude. Not that I count that, but it's a nice thing to see.

    I so far haven't been able to eat enough to hit the calories I "should" be eating at maintenance, but I'm doing my best. I really don't like eating all this sugar and simple carbs; I feel sluggish and sleepy all the time.
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    Two words @AlexandraFindsHerself1971: Peanut butter. So yummy and calories dense. Personally I never have difficulty eating at maintenance level. My problem is staying under.
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    roz0810 wrote: »

    My TOM week too! But I've dropped and then gained and dropped again so I hope I don't gain once it's finished in a few days! ❤

    @roz0810 Don't worry, most likely you'll whoosh and drop the weight!! :smile: I'm definitely dropping after just gaining and gaining each day this week. I weighed myself again this morning and went down two more pounds. So happy! Hopefully I can keep this up (or down, actually lol) for my next official weigh in. I have learned not to really pay attention to my weight during TOM, I usually don't even weigh myself. This week I got curious and wanted to see the numbers climb and drop.
  • When I actually start maintenance for real I won't, because I'll expand my stomach a little bit by drinking with my meals and eating bigger portions. It's just that that's not worth doing for two weeks.

    I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I just can't snack on peanut butter and apples or celery, so that makes it tough. (I really don't like the mouthfeel of raw celery.)