Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



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    Nice to see new members working hard to get fitter and healthier.
    @Riddikulus89 That is the way to not give up and getting back on ttrack before gaining!
    @torih941 That is what I did with exercise yesterday. I had to get a lot done and then it was later and I just blew it off. Nice to look forward to this wedding looking good!

    Today is my one day this week except for maybe Friday that I do not have a bunch to do so I plan to get in my strength training workout especially since it is sunny and the rains are a coming. I do one section outside to get some Vitamin D etc. I haven’t done much food planning since I will be too busy to cook some days this week but my husband went to COSCO and got a few things. He even found TP which is where we usually get it but they are always out. I might make some soup tonight since I have the ingredients. Consequently I haven’t done the weekly food order. I know I won’t get exercise on Thursday. I plan to keep my calories low this week, and drink my water. I have not been quite up to my water goal but close. I slept in today because I had to get up earlier yesterday and probably on Thursday. I can get a good night sleep tonight too. Maybe what I will do is after the exercise do some planning for the next 2 weeks and make a shopping list for my husband and daughter so that it will be done by the time things settle down again. I hope to slip in a long walk with some running intervals this week too. I am not going to count on more than that but hope to keep my physical activity level.
  • I gave up on the diet break. I was too miserable physically and mentally to keep it going past six days. Hopefully that's enough to have reworked my leptin levels, and I return with relief to sensible portions today.

    Boyfriend had nightmares last night and kept waking up to pee (medication side effect) so he ate his breakfast and went back to bed. I don't blame him at all. So I'll work on the house today, clean out the fridge, and generally get ready for the big shopping trip tomorrow.
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    Hi! (waves)

    I've been off and on MFP for a couple of years now but I need to buckle down and get healthier after the last doctor's visit. I dont want to have to go on meds for my cholesterol.

    SW end of sept 230
    CW 227
    first GW 199 by year end
    final GW 175

    Ive been tracking and exercising for 10 days now which is more than ever before. I KNOW food tracking is a huge part of getting healthier. My biggest struggles are sugar/snacking and portion control. I dont drink sodas or very much alcohol (maybe one or two drinks a month?) I try to let myself have one cheat day a week - I still track but dont freak out about what I eat. In general I am a healthy eater just too much cheeeeeeeeese and high fat foods. I'm trying to cut down on meats (easier than cheeeeese) and have at least one day a week thats all veggies.

    I bought a treadmill 2 weekends ago since with Covid Im not ok going tot he gym and thats helped. I get up at 5 every morning and walk for an hour (2.5 miles) before work. My work is VERY sedentary and I have plantar fasciitis so this works for me for exercise. twice a week I play doubles tennis which is more calorie burn but I cant really do more due to PF. I do need to NOT EAT all the extra calories though! haha

    Anyway, here I am!

    Hap in VA
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    Nice to see you back here @shorepine! You got this. And you are right - it's primarily about food. Exercise is just extra. You will get back to Onederland in no time.
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    Congrats on making it to onederland @MuttiNM! What an amazing loss this week for you!

    And thanks for the encouragement @speyerj . You have been a source of inspiration to me on here, so I appreciate that. And yes- I've been way too focused on exercise which is generally not a problem for me, and not nearly focused enough on managing my portions and food choices. For Oct I'm going to really focus on my food and let the exercise come naturally as it can.

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    Congratulations @MuttiNM! So happy for you. Yes, I understand the fear that all of your accomplishments could be erased by sliding down a long slippery slope. I went through a period where I feared maintenance. Worried that I'd fall back into old habits and regain. I still worry.

    I agree that we have to take it one day at a time. And remember that you are an active agent here, not a victim. You get to make the choice about how you will respond when bad things happen or depression sets in. If an injury or illness that stops us from exercising, that doesn't have to mean we will gain weight. It just means we have to make some adjustments. Depression is serious illness, but there are tools that can help you manage it. Who knows, perhaps the bike riding and yoga you do can help prevent your next bout. We are free agents who get to decide how to manage our health every day and each day we can make an important decision to keep at it.
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    Congratulations @MuttiNM on onderland!!!!! I dont even know you but am beaming with pride!! It is quite an accomplishment and I hope you take time to really celebrate it!!
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    Well done muttiM!!! Hope it feels fantastic!!
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    Thank you, @shorepine, @speyerj, @iloveeggnog, and @orangequilt. It feels both wonderful and surreal!
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    @RavenStCloud how do you cook your tofu? I've been trying recepies but it's barely edible when I do...